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Thread started 30 Jun 2015 (Tuesday) 15:45
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Couple Shoot (C&C request)

Thinks it's irresponsible
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Post edited over 4 years ago by elrey2375.
Jul 11, 2015 02:13 as a reply to  @ post 17616173 |  #16

Completely agree. Very good start. Agree about number 6 too. I know you might be tempted to put them off center because we always hear don't center things, but this is the one instance where breaking the rule would have paid off with complete symmetry in the whole scene. Hopefully you have one where they are centered?

2, 6 and 7 are great. In 2, you might want him on the outside and her up against the plane. It's just a bit emasculating to have her pinning him up against the plane. It's just a thought, but I noticed it when looking at the photo. Other than that, great stuff.​m/ (external link)​tografi (external link)

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Post edited over 4 years ago by jefzor. (2 edits in all)
Jul 13, 2015 15:32 |  #17

ElTigreBlanco wrote in post #17627432 (external link)
Well first, good job on the shoot! Did you ask the paid photog if they minded you shooting or just stay out of the way and get shots while they were shooting something else? I always (I don't shoot at events that often) make an effort to stay out of the way of the paid people and if it's cramped or I think I might impose I'll ask them if they mind and that they can shove me out of the way if needed LOL

Now for C&C- there are usually good reasons for not getting the perfect shot so take this as advice for perfect conditions or what to look to capture when you shoot next.

#1 Possibly a higher angle to get more of her face, stepping closer might help to frame them better/make the shot more personal, and something with those lights or maybe exposure/white balance. I realize the last part is a tough one to deal with and it looks like there are multiple temp lights plus it's the least important critique on this shot.

#2 Not much to say on this one, it's a great shot but of course there's always room to improve! This shot could look better with a wider lens and shot closer to the couple and a bit to your right...I think...using a wider lens while keeping lower to the ground might improve the dramatic effect of that ceiling. Just something to try, as I said the shot is great already!

#3 For posing, maybe try the shot with her as the subject by shooting from the other side. Without the shot in this series I'm not sure how many would notice that they are in a plane, a step or so back might show enough of the plane to get that across. In a B&W I've seen criticism for being too...I'll coin the term for photos "fifty shades of grey", meaning there aren't enough pure blacks or bright whites. The low contrast can be a look and can work but this shot seems in-between to me. I would raise contrast or clip the blacks and whites to get a more vibrant and engaging photo. This is preference.

#4 I don't like this shot for reasons. The hug looks like a hug between friends or family maybe- not a passionate embrace from my perspective. The image seems soft even though I don't think it actually is, the lighting might be it. Finally the background is just meh, not terrible but adds no story to the image. This one is just alright for me, change a few things and it could be better but overall I think you just missed the mark. It's not bad but it seems like you can do better and this happens to all of us :-|

#5 This is a great shot again! The pose should probably be reversed, with him on the inside of the frame and her to the outside facing in. It looks like the light is nice and would hit her face to make her more of a focal point. I think a few steps back might help composition by giving more space up top while still leaving the same amount of the field in the foreground.

#6 Agree with others on centering. Alternatively you could keep them slightly off- cropping the left side a bit might make this work by intriguing your viewer to the couple's offset placing in such a symmetrical setting while fixing the photo's currently heavy right side. You could also move slightly lower and to the left to bring viewer's eyes through the photo and being lower you should get a bit better blur on the foreground. The first thing I noticed on this one is that his feet are on a different section of the patio, it almost looks like he is standing on his toes- a small detail but something to look for as you continue shooting.

#7 Composition here seems just enough off that it was the first thing I noticed, crop some of the left and maybe a bit of the bottom to my eyes. The lighting is great, this shot is very well done! The posing looks a bit awkward, his butt seems to be sticking out like when you hug someone you're not that comfortable with LOL His hands are also wrapped around her like he's about to pick up a barrel or something. He might lose the butt by spreading his feet a bit for stability and so he can stand closer to lean on his front leg while dipping her back a bit. For the arm I think his hand would look better lower around the small of her back, maybe out closer to her hip, or both.

#8 I can see where you struggled with this one. On one hand it's a well done image but on the other it seems a bit awkward. I don't have experience with this type of shot but perhaps including more or less of the actual couple? I think if I were to shoot this, I would get closer to the water but high enough to still clearly see the reflection, focus on the reflection and include the full couple in the frame...

#9 This is a good shot. The lighting might be my main issue here, it seems a bit harsh but this could be something that's fixable in post. For composition I would take a few steps back to include more on top of the frame, include more of the steps leading your eye through the frame, and aim to the left a bit more to cut some from the right. I guess the pose (more the looking off into the distance and up) does look a little awkward but then I have a hard time with those type of shots and it's more of a personal weirdness LOL

#10 Another good shot. The cropping bugs me with where the shoulder gets cut off but otherwise I like how it's a nice tight frame so I'm not sure if you could take a step back to get the shoulder while maintaining framing. I would also like the pillar to be straight, even if you have to have them lean a bit if it's a leaning pillar. Some less important (to me) issues are her hand on the pillar, It's not the worst floating hand ever and you can tell she's bracing herself so not a big deal for me. The bride's hair could be facing the camera but if it's fixed to that side the only option is to shoot from the other side if that's an option. The last comment is that their facial expressions are not ideal for such a tight shot like this, I think it would be so much better with two smiling and in love people here and they just don't convey that happiness to my eyes.

Again, these are just points that I noticed while looking very critically at your set. I'm no expert and we all have different styles so I hope that some of this helps you in future! Overall, this is a great set and I would be happy with the results if they were mine!

Thanks, it's always good to keep in mind what stands between a photo and perfection (even though perfection is always out of reach) It helps to deliver better results next time.
The "paid" was a friend of theirs, I don't even know if she was actually paid, but I made sure not to be in her way.

Thank you too, elrey

EDTI: Didn't sound very modest, I'm not implying these are anywhere near perfection :p (external link)

George ­ Zip
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Aug 15, 2015 16:53 |  #18

FWIW as a guy who just likes looking at pictures, I really liked them.

The aeroplane picture is outstanding I think.

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Dec 27, 2015 10:06 |  #19

Great Photos! Thanks!

Avi Meshulam

IronWolf ­ Printz
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Dec 28, 2015 01:38 |  #20

My opinions on these are only my opinions and these may well differ from what has been said or some maybe the same.
Photo One I really don't like the strong red glow over their shoulder, and it seems a little too noisy.
Photo Two a shot I like but I don't like the metal arm thing on the ground. It minor but it could have been moved in photoshop.
Photo Three is the one I don't like as I think the screen could and should have been cleaned before the shot was taken.
Photo Four has a great feeling of pure love so I like it.
Photo from here on are ones I think you have done a great job and I am a sucker for full water reflections and you nailed it.
Well done.

I am willing to learn and will listen to what other have to say.
But if I don't like it, never take offense to it.
It is just something that I may not like.

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Dec 28, 2015 02:01 |  #21

I like them but it is such a shame you didn't shoot #8 in portrait orientation to include the couple as well as the reflection.... I think it would have been a lovely shot..

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Couple Shoot (C&C request)
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