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Thread started 17 Jul 2015 (Friday) 19:13
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12 bit or 14 bit raw?

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Jul 17, 2015 19:13 |  #1

Hello folks,
My first digital DSLR was a Canon, so I did not have a choice between 12 bit or 14 bit raw files. What is the difference? Which do you shoot? DO you shoot some things in one and some others in the other? Any input would be appreciated.




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Jul 17, 2015 19:46 |  #2

I only shoot 14 bit, but from what I've read, it is a waste ;-)a.

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Jul 17, 2015 19:52 |  #3

Me too. Card space is pretty cheap. I've got 64gb in cards for my primary card slot on a 16mp camera so not worried about the extra 5% or so memory space usage

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Oct 28, 2015 14:52 |  #4

I choose 14 bit, does it a make a huge difference in what i'm shooting? I really dont' think so. Does it really hurt anything now? So I just always use 14 bit, since I normally don't feel up a memory card too quickly anyway.

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Oct 29, 2015 09:42 |  #5

Generally, the earliest digital cameras stored their RAW data with 12-bit representation, and the later ones (for the past 10 years or so) use 14-bit representation. All of that gobbledigook simply means that the camera can grab 4096 'levels' vs. 16384 'levels' of brightness for each sensel (i.e. light sensitive area) of the sensor. But then the camera (or your RAW conversion software) has to convert that RAW data into a JPG file to print it, and JPG files only have EIGHT-bit representation, or 256 levels. So there is a lot of 'compression' of the 12-bit (or 14-bit) to fit within the narrow 8-bit range!

For the purist who dabbles in trying to grab the most dynamic range from the camera RAW data, recovering the maximum of 'shadow detail' with the lowest amount of circuit noise, 12 vs. 12 bits matters. In short, for most folks who simply store JPG in camera, the 12- vs. 14-bit 'debate' is a 'does not really matter a lot' difference.

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Nov 18, 2015 18:16 |  #6

I don't know about most other folks, however I engage in an extremely wide variety of types of photography. My full-time job is wedding and portrait photography, but also include commercial and editorial work sometimes. My hobby, though, is landscape photography, astro-landscape photography, and timelapse photography.

I therefore have good reason to use both 14-bit and 12-bit NEF, depending on what I'm shooting.

I can fit 2500-3000 raw images on a 64 GB card if I use 12-bit and compressed RAW on my D750, which is highly convenient for getting through a 15-16+ hour Hindu wedding day!

I also use 12-bit and lossy compression when shooting 10,000+ images on major adventures for timelapse photography, since each raw frame is only going to wind up being 1/30 of a second in a single timelapse clip.

For many other things, including serious landscape photography of course, I use 14-bit lossless NEF.

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Dec 29, 2015 15:45 |  #7

I shoot the highest possible quality settings no matter what. Always large RAW and 14 bit. I can always through the extra data away later.
Doesn't matter to me if it is a waste of disk space or not. If it ain't there to begin with it ain't gonna be there ever.

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12 bit or 14 bit raw?
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