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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Wildlife Talk 
Thread started 27 Mar 2016 (Sunday) 09:05
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7D2 and 100-400 dust pump: do they play well together?

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Mar 27, 2016 09:05 |  #1

Was thinking of getting the 7D2 (although I'm worried about focus much hype!).

How will my old dust pump play with this uber-fast focusing body?

Or do I need to also upgrade to Version II of the lens?

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Mar 27, 2016 09:24 |  #2

It works fine. I was using it for about a year without any issues prior to the Mark II coming out.

Steven Lewis
Western Skies Photography (external link)

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Apr 01, 2016 07:37 |  #3

I have that combination and it seems to work fine.

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Apr 09, 2016 20:27 |  #4

I have the 7DII - don't let the noted focus issues spook you. The "hype is from those complaining. Those without issues are not going to write about the virtues of its great focusing - they are too busy taking photos.

I had the original version of the lens and it was a good combination. Full disclosure, I did upgrade and simply, well, - WOW! But, the old version is no slouch with this camera, either. I would get the camera and you won't be disappointed which ever version you use.

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Apr 29, 2016 23:01 |  #5

I have this combo, and it works great. I recommend doing the micro focus adjustments, which on the 7D2 is nice because you can adjust the focus for the short end of the zoom range as well as the long. It's fine without adjustment, but with MFA you can just squeeze that little extra bit of performance out of the setup.

I read about the focus issues on the 7D2 before buying one. It was a little concerning. Bought one anyway and it hasn't been a problem at all. Must be a small % of bodies that are exhibiting the problem. It's a popular camera, and I can't imagine Canon not fixing the issue if a large portion of them were having trouble focusing.

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my very own Lightrules moment
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Apr 29, 2016 23:26 |  #6

Definitely do micro-adjust to wring the best out of it, but that's been my workehorse combo since the MkII was released; they are a phenomenal combo.

- Eric S.: My Birds/Wildlife (external link) (7D MkII/5D IV, Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5, Canon 24-105L f/4 IS, Canon 70-200L f/2.8 IS MkII, Canon 100-400L f/4.5-5.6 IS I/II)
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May 02, 2016 09:36 |  #7

I agree with the above comments. For an "old" lens it certainly still does a great job, and the 7D2 will focus more accurately than its predecessors with most lenses. For half the cost of the new 100-400 (at the time I bought mine) I'm quite happy.

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Jun 16, 2016 13:57 |  #8

Not to pimp my own pics, but I used the 7dii/100-400i for my Africa trip last year. …/albums/7215765​7561825129 (external link) bunch of samples here. I really liked the combo, but I had only been using a dslr for about 3 months when I took this trip. I just got the 100-400ii today and am looking forward to comparing and contrasting the two lenses.

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7D2 and 100-400 dust pump: do they play well together?
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