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FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
Thread started 08 May 2016 (Sunday) 20:09
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Recommendation for inexpensive ~38" softbox for outdoor use?

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May 11, 2016 07:19 |  #16

MalVeauX wrote in post #18002408 (external link)

I just looked on amazon (searched: grid brolly box) and they are available apparently (I don't have grids). (LINK) (external link).

I probably should sell my Fotodiox. It's bowen's mount. Great shape. I just have to find a way to box & ship it, because I'm sure the shipping would cost more than what it's worth to truly buy it used. It's on Amazon for $100 new basically. It would no doubt cost way too much to ship to be worth it to someone, which is why it just collects dust with me. Unless you know a better way to ship something that doesn't cost $60+ for something that big, since I don't have contracts with UPS, etc, like these companies do.

Very best,

The only problem is that's a 31" grid and we're talking 46" here. I'm not even sure if I would need one but I'd like the option and was just making sure that the Neweer had velcro on the inside rim to hold a grid and I guess it does.

And yeah shipping costs can cause a problem with buying certain items but I figured I'd just throw the offer out there if you were ever thinking of selling it. I can see by recent posts though how it looks like that Fotodiox can put some stress on the strobe at certain angles which I don't really like. However it does have an available grid which is a plus. Now if the 46" just becomes available on Amazon is a different story. I really don't need either but I'd just like to have a big octo just in case.

Kevin​anything (external link)

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May 11, 2016 11:12 |  #17

MalVeauX wrote in post #18002786 (external link)
I do. It's good.

But it's also heavy, hangs on the end of the light, introduces a lot of torque and weight, and I work with it primarily outside in the wind. It puts a lot of weight and torque on the boom stand too, and I cannot reliably put it as high as I would like--I don't have an assistant, I work solo. Very well made modifier. Great output light. But, it's just the lack of portability, weight, and being front mounted makes it a lot harder to use reliably the way I work. I found the brolly boxes to be way, way lighter weight, centered on the light and boom, so no torque added, which puts less strain on the mount & boom arm, and I can get it higher, reliably, and get similar enough light output that I'm happy enough with the portability and light weight benefits that I'm willing to use a "lesser" product instead. Just my experience so far.

Ah that makes sense. I use the 48 Fotodiox currently and was thinking of getting a boom arm to get better angles but after reading your post makes me re-think my option. Thanks for the input!​shintarodesign (external link) (external link)
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Masa ­ Yume
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May 13, 2016 00:22 as a reply to  @ post 18002857 |  #18

Hi david, I read the article that you linked to, and I was thinking of buying the ad600/cheetah 600x with a fotodiox box, but I had a question.

You wrote "One word of caution, if you get the EZ-Pro boxes, get the Bowens S mount adapter from Cheetahstand. The EZ-Pro adapter ring places the flash tube about a 1/2 inch farther back in the box. Which I think is detrimental to good light from the modifier."

Are you saying that you use the AD600 Extension Head with the Cheetah Speed Pro S bracket? Or are you saying that you use the Cheetah Bowens Speedring in your Fotodiox box?

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Recommendation for inexpensive ~38" softbox for outdoor use?
FORUMS General Gear Talk Flash and Studio Lighting 
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