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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Critique Corner 
Thread started 04 Aug 2016 (Thursday) 13:54
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Girlfriends #7 - Juxtaposition at Stanford University

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Aug 10, 2016 21:11 as a reply to  @ post 18090773 |  #31

I saw his Christmas card. YES SIR!:-P

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Aug 10, 2016 21:51 |  #32

Qbx wrote in post #18092253 (external link)
I'll try to make it clearer and more palatable for you. I doubt that all 4 women are part of the same socio-economic class due to all the various juxtapositions seen in the photo given the stated location at a high-class university campus. I see tension in the expression of the woman on the left who is engaged in conversation with the woman on the right. I see tension in the forced smile of the woman on the right. I see tension in the middle coed with eyes closed (like she can't be bothered anymore) as she had just turned her head away from the women on the right. The juxtaposition of dress alone should be enough of a clue. The photographer always has the advantage; but the photo was not intended to test whether you could deduce that the woman on the right was part of the catering staff - that is just the backstory. Perhaps you have never strolled the campus of Stanford U. Although it is rated as one of the most diverse campuses in the country, most of the diversity calculation counts wealthy Asians - not blacks. The San Francisco/Silicon Valley metroplex is rapidly becoming an upper-class society. Rent for a bedroom (just one room) in a shared house in SF will cost you $1,000 per month. A filthy small one-bedroom apartment in a high-crime neighborhood will cost $2,000 per month. Tuition at Stanford about $45,000 per year. don't need to make things clearer and more palatable for me.

This is a critique of the photo that you posted. The purpose of a critique is to make things more clearer and more palatable to the person who is asking for the critique.

What is clear is that you have made assumptions about the people in this image based on the clothes that they wear and the colour of their skin. But to the casual observer of this image: all they see is a poorly composed, poorly exposed photo of four people hanging out by a food truck. You can try to pretend that you are stimulating a discussion about society and political correctness: but you aren't doing that at all. Because all you've done is take a picture of four people hanging out by a food truck.

I'm not being politically correct in stating I see no reason at all why the woman on the right dressed as she is couldn't be a Stanford co-ed. Can you explain why she can't? What defines the women on the left as Stanford co-eds? What exactly is it you think you are saying about "political correctness?"

Over 5000 posts - good for you buddy! What's your take on it? Should women be persecuted for doing what men can freely do?

This discussion isn't about me and it isn't about that other thread. If I felt that I wanted to add my commentary to the other thread I'll go and post in it. And I'm not your buddy. link

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Aug 11, 2016 00:58 |  #33

It's a bit tight, but the composition is okay - showing 2 balancing subjects (group of 3 on the left, single on the right). It's generally a bit overexposed and (on my monitor) a little undersaturated, perhaps. The skin tones don't seem quite even, but I'm guessing there was some kind of coloured shade that caused the yellowish tinge (again, on my monitor). There is some context (the catering truck), but without having read the thread, I wouldn't have known or guessed any of the other context. I didn't realise that anyone still used the term "coed" to mean a female student.

As to subject matter, the differing expressions on the 3 young women are mixed, but seem to be in reaction to the lady on the right. She has the kind of forced smile that said, to me, at first glance, "would you just hurry up and order, already!". The left hand young woman's expression is a bit tense, but she could just be caught between other expressions, as the other 2 appear to be.

Cheers, Damien

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Aug 11, 2016 07:19 |  #34

Wow, I left this for awhile and it changed a bit.
I see three young woman at a food truck. I would be astounded if they were Stanford undergrads b.ut that is my bias. I've met a lot of people from Stanford over the years and none of them would ever have dressed like that but I readily admit that I am older and times may have changed. They may be responding to the woman on the right who may or may not be a Stanford undergrad, nothing she is doing or wearing would make me think she was or wasn't. I've been the person in line behind three idiots taking forever and I have made the same face she has. Have those idiots ever turned around and called me out on my expression? Maybe once and I just didn't respond. Maybe that's what is happening here maybe not.

When I first saw the thread I thought the OP was hoping people would say that the three on the left were Stanford undergrads and then the OP would point our our bias and say no the woman on the right was.

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Aug 11, 2016 10:03 |  #35

I'd have guessed person on right exasperated at people on left for taking so long to order. Maybe a bit of 'you kids get off my lawn' and 'eff da police', respectively. I wouldn't have been surprised if they were high school students skipping class, and the right person one of their teachers. I don't consider their clothes to be different enough $$-wise to say either way regarding economic status. Also, there's a whole lot of frumpy rich people/brand-name dressed poor people in the Bay Area.

Had to Google 'co-ed' as I actually thought it just meant living in mixed sex rooms in dorms, and how was I supposed to be able to guess which one? Though, I don't know if that says more about the photographer or myself. :-P

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twists ­ n ­ turns
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Post edited over 4 years ago by twists n turns. (3 edits in all)
Aug 11, 2016 11:54 |  #36

Is it normal to open a critique with a question? (unless ofc it is in regards to improving on. Which goes without saying in CC anyway)

It seems you may have chose to ask that to try make the scene more interesting or 'controversial' I think.

there simply isn't anything there to begin with.

Also dont see any 'tension' on the faces. One you've caught in mid conversation. One in mid turn. And another just looking a bit blank.
And i personally don't even think there is eye contact with her and the woman on the right btw.
Who also, I think is just squinting because of the sun. Not because she's agitated.

Boring pic where your choice of words and title have stirred up more debate than the pixels themselves.

Cream of the Crop
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Aug 11, 2016 12:16 |  #37

T'would appear that we are so hung-up on political correctness that we are refusing to label the image for what it is...garbage.
Is it simply because we have an overweight black women wearing tights and three white ditzes wearing undersized shorts with the
appropriate out-to-lunch expressions on their faces, probably living on Daddy's credit card.

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I feel like I'm in danger
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Aug 11, 2016 12:44 |  #38

From a photography standpoint,
I dislike that the 2nd girl from the left has
4 or 5 things coming out of her head
and a blue word balloon that I can't read. :twisted:

my head is usually in the way
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Aug 11, 2016 12:59 |  #39

I can't believe this thread. It went the gamut from insensitivity to outright stereotyping within a very short period of time. So many wrong assumptions from so many people I couldn't stomach it. Even after all that, I am still left clueless as to what the OP's intentions with this image were. There is nothing in this image that would warrant some form of social commentary. All it did was open it for name calling, body shaming, stereotyping and all kinds of negative interaction.

Such a waste.

"If you didn't learn something new today, you wasted a day."
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Post edited over 4 years ago by jobv2.
Aug 11, 2016 13:15 |  #40

OP how did you reach the conclusion that she is poor?
how is the juxtaposition of dress and only dress a clue that they're not in the same class, or i.e. she's poor?

-Duck- raises some good points

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Aug 11, 2016 14:22 |  #41

As a prompt for virtue signaling, the image is clearly a success.

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Post edited over 3 years ago by Tom Reichner.
Mar 25, 2017 17:40 |  #42

My eye goes right to the faces of the two young women in the middle - they go back and forth from the face of the one to the face of the other, then they travel briefly down over the bodies of these two women, and return back to their two faces. When my eyes wander over the rest of the photo, seeking something to capture their interest, they find nothing, and hence return back to the faces of the two women in the middle.

I don't know anything about the socio-economic class of the people depicted, and I don't know anything about their educational status. I don't care, either.

When I look at a photo, my eyes seek to find beauty - something that they enjoy looking at - and my eyes have certainly found such beauty in the faces of these two subjects in the center of the frame.

To me, the photo has merit simply because it has shown me something that I enjoy looking at. If a photographer can show me something truly beautiful, the technical aspects of the image and the dynamics of composition don't mean quite so much.


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Girlfriends #7 - Juxtaposition at Stanford University
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