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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings Talk 
Thread started 01 Jun 2016 (Wednesday) 11:51
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Real Estate photography

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Post edited over 2 years ago by joooowan.
Jul 02, 2016 11:34 |  #16

RE agents typically will ask you to do all sorts of stuff besides just photos sometimes, it's hard to sell "just photos" these days I find, the agents always want you to have things like video making, virtual tours.. etc. I offer a package deal where I do photos, matterport tour, and a single listing website. When I have all these things on a flyer it definitely gets the attention of realtors that I attempt to talk to than handing them a card and having a "pitch". I used to goto open houses with an iPad full of my photos but more often than not they were not that thrilled to meet me, now I just say hello, tell them I'm new in town and hand them a flyer. Currently, I market myself in the 1m+ market in Los Angeles, which is basically any house or condo in a decent area. I market to big name and high end agencies which is really tough because 1, I ain't the only "aspiring photographer" in LA, 2, they usually have a preferred list of vendors already around the office. However, agents in LA pretty much all understand that hiring a professional photographer is a must, so I figure if I knock down enough doors I'll eventually get one, and I eventually did after passing out over 200 cards and about 50 flyers. It's very rare that I'd see anything listed above 1m here without professional photos, so the goal for me is that I have to stand out among the pros. This might not be the case in your area and you might simply be able to sell yourself based on redfin stats about professional photography. One thing I don't do though, I DON'T typically process an entire shoot in 90 mins or less unless the property was small and vacant, I don't aim to do the job as fast as I can either. Like other said though, agents do want to get in and out as fast as possible, so you gotta be reasonably fast. Other than that I give myself 24 hours per property, 48 hours if the property/client is super high profile. My goal is to eventually transition to interior design and commercial advertising, real estate is great imo because to me you kind of climb a ladder in terms of prestige in the houses you shoot (here in LA anyway). You do a good job on a 2m property, someone in the office will want you for a 3m property with a view, do a good job on that.. well you get the idea. I'm starting to get professionally staged properties which I think is awesome, so far in less than 10 properties I managed to shoot a penthouse in Santa Monica, and a couple of penthouses in Long Beach. I'm not getting paid as much as you'd think for them, but I managed to retain a very high profile client. ..annnd thats how far I've gotten in about 4 months of doing this, it's been really slow, have I broke even? not even close, but the quality of my product has come a long way and I think moving forward I should be alright.

Thats uh.. my experience with RE so far.

CC welcome.

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Jul 02, 2016 12:31 as a reply to  @ joooowan's post |  #17

You're hustling for sure. It just takes time. Be patient and continue honing your process.

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Aug 28, 2016 21:38 |  #18

Pricing is going to vary greatly on your area and the type of work and quality you're putting out. Most of my listings are within 20 miles, 45-75 minutes on site depending on property size and 45-75 minutes processing. My packages are based on sq/ft & number of images. My base package (25 images/under 3k sq/ft) is $140. I do very well with this set up and I should end the year around 220 listings part-time.

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Sep 01, 2016 15:15 as a reply to  @ post 18053089 |  #19

Thank you very much for all the detailed info!

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Real Estate photography
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Architecture, Real-Estate & Buildings Talk 
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