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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Vs. Camera 
Thread started 09 Apr 2017 (Sunday) 14:01
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5D Mark 3 VS Mark 4

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Apr 09, 2017 14:01 |  #1

Hi guys/gals..

So I've had my faithful 5D Mark 3 for 3 years. Love it.. such a great camera. I was excited for the Mark 4 to come out - but I felt that it got a lukewarm reaction at best and that tempered my excitement - so I haven't rushed out to buy one to replace my Mark 3. I have noticed some photographers upgrade to the Mark 4 from the Mark 3.. so I would like to hear form anyone here who's upgraded from a Mark 3 to a Mark 4. Do you like the Mark 4 more? Any advantages? Is it worth the investment to upgrade?

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Apr 09, 2017 18:47 |  #2

The only lukewarm receptions I have heard of is from people who just looked at the specs and never tried it. I upgraded from the mark III, and it is a huge difference. More MP to work with without being over the top (in my opinion) Much better focusing ability, especially in bad lighting. High ISO improvement, and a big dynamic range improvement. The DPAF is really good. When shooting static subjects, I can't tell a difference in focusing speed. Not to mention you don't have to worry about MFA adjustments when using DPAF. I have zero regrets from upgrading.


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Apr 09, 2017 19:59 |  #3

It is a great upgrade. It is better in every way over the 5D3, and the 5D3 was a great camera to begin with. Better high ISO, better shadow recovery, better AF, wifi, touchscreen that rocks, DPAF, great low light AF, a fast SD card slot over the slow 5D3 slot, and 30Mpx. I agree with the above, those that didn't think it was a good upgrade only looked at specs, they never shot with both. You get that alot with armchair quarterbacks... :)

It is a FF and an APS-H replacement to the 1D4 all wrapped in one body, other than lack of 10fps.

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Apr 12, 2017 06:55 |  #4

At first I did grumble about the early first prices of the iv & that the specs weren't as good as hoped for..... (Yes I know, You don't need to say it) however I have since gone and bought one. Main reasons I changed was actually to end the depreciation on the mark 3 that I'd had for 3.5 years, I traded it in, got what I thought it was worth and now have a new camera with a new warranty.

However, there is a great familiarity between the two cameras, muscle memory for things like AF shift, ISO buttons etc are where you would be with the 3. The low light focusing is just so much better, the Images at higher ISO's look (to me anyway) just that little cleaner SOOC.

Well worth the upgrade (if like I did, and you are trading in)

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Apr 12, 2017 07:15 |  #5

I agree with the other posters, I have both cameras & the 5Div is a very worthwhile upgrade from the 5Diii.

I also have the 1Dxii but in some situations I prefer the 5Div: studio type settings where I'm not focusing on fast-moving subjects, & where the extra pixels & thus crop-ability are useful; and where the much smaller form factor is easier to deal with (eg when travelling).

Upgrade to the 5Div if you can, I think you'll be blown away. Truly.

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5D Mark 3 VS Mark 4
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