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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Glamour & Nude Talk 
Thread started 10 Sep 2016 (Saturday) 05:43
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Newbies with models

Blackey ­ Cole
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Sep 10, 2016 05:43 |  #1

I'm new to using models to get my images. I ve been shooting since I was in high school back in the 70s. I shot travel photos in the summer as I traveled between grandparents and other relatives for the summer. During the stool year I worked for the school paper and year book as needed shooting sports and other thing as needed. After HS went to college for a while but that didn't workout and I signed up for the USAF. The summer between college terms I was called by one of the weekly papers to provide them with sports images as I had my own darkroom and basic equipment for both color and B&W film development and the later printing. After joining the Air Force I went to basic and tech school without a camera. I took my canon 35 mm with me to England where I shot some local stuff from time to time as I had time I also took a trip to Paris and shot the usual places there, then back to the state where I mainly shot bull riding at a local place then to Alaska where I shot several types of stuff from the local animals to landscapes back to rodeo photos then I get married and have a daughter and move to nm where most of my free time was split between my family and riding motorcycles except when deployed then it was typical travel photos. I retired in 2002 from the military and about a year later bought my first dslr. I took beautiful sunset photos and then the ballon fiesta came to Albuqurque while I was there for therapy and I got some marvelous ballon shots and really fell in love shooting the special shape balloons and every chance I get I try to top my previous work. This year I'll be there next month but for the first time I'm shooting the field and activities there as long with the flying balloons hoping to receive a media pass for this years event. I also join up to take the Nyip photography course and that is where I'll need the models for as I live alone my daughter has married and moved away I got divorced back I. The 90s so except for one or two friends that might do it once or twice for the simple stuff I'm limited in my people photography. So I'll need to find a few models that will work in kind they get images for their portfolio and I get the same plus photos for school and if I work it right I might be able to sell the better images if I find a source.

But how do you find models in a small town that will work in trade or for a few bucks?

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Sep 10, 2016 11:18 |  #2

Blackey Cole wrote in post #18123117 (external link)
. . . But how do you find models in a small town that will work in trade or for a few bucks?

Assuming you are wanting people for portraits including glamour portraits rather than nude shots I've found it's mostly a matter of asking. If you look further within your social circles (friends, family, friends of friends) you will, if my experience is any guide, find many willing subjects. If your small town has a hair salon building relationships there would be excellent. In shooting female glam having the services of a hair and makeup artist, though not necessary, a huge help.

If your interest is in nude or boudoir, building a portrait and glam portfolio is still the right step.

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Sep 11, 2016 01:03 |  #3

I'm not sure how small your town is or where there might be some population to draw from for you, but here are a few ideas:
- have a business card printed, these are inexpensive
- don't hesitate to ask anyone who looks like a viable model - get used to "no" or no reply but if you approach in a positive plain-speaking manner, this works pretty well
- write up a brief flyer to be able to leave with someone who expresses some interest; indicate what you are looking for and what they will get from the collaboration
- if your portrait photography is only in the beginning stages, you have to address the "pay the model" question; it might not have to be a lot and if you can provide them with some good images, they might shoot TF going forward
- hunt wisely and politely for models: retail stores, stylists, manicurists, dress shops (I quickly jumped out of a Costco self-checkout line when I spotted this checker


I gave her my pitch as she checked me out of the store and photographed her the following week. She had never modeled before.)

- my personal approach is to never suggest nudes; I can easily suggest implieds because I love the tease. From the hundreds I've photographed, probably a third to half like implieds also

Hope this helps...

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Blackey ­ Cole
Senior Member
480 posts
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Joined Feb 2007
Location: Alamogordo New Mexico
Sep 11, 2016 02:47 |  #4

Town is real small and I'm not out that much to begin with. I not sure I would want to do nudes as im really not wanting to risk the things plus not having a place be a real problem.

Size of town on high school, usually if we have a name brand store we only have one the exception is Taco Bell and sonic got two of them, have a applebees, chillis and Carinos for the upper end of chain eateries. We had a buffet. Place but it went out of buisness.

My need of the model is for a subject for my school projects making the concept easier a lot of times I think I may have some time to figure it out as I'm still in the first unit and the three photos for things unit involve speed using the correct shutter speed , dof using the correct apauture and a landscape photo except for the dof image I'm not needing any models. The landscape is going to be hard to decide on as they're many possibilities in my area the mountains to the east the desert to the west different mountains past the desert to the south. Or head to white sands me nument and you the dunes at sun set, or drive up the road and get a wonderful view of the otero basin from the tunnel on 82 and maybe get tricky and shoot it through the tunnel, plus I'm going to Albuqurque in a week and I got the great view west at sunset from nine mile hill, or the SanDisk to the east. I'll be back around the beginning of next month for their ballon fiesta and I might incorporate the balloons in the skyline with the sunset in the background or the city in the background. So except for the one dof image I will not need a model and even then I can use and inanimate object as the subject. The speed image we are going to use my friend and neighbor s rc car to get several shots depicting speed.

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Dec 04, 2016 23:23 |  #5

Facebook groups and other social media platforms are really helpful in these situations

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Jan 01, 2017 01:00 |  #6

Are there any larger metropolitan areas relatively close by? If so, try Model Mayhem or Craig's List (be careful with Craig's List though), or find a Model/Photographers group on Facebook to join. When I was first starting out shooting models some years ago, I had some basic business cards printed with my contact info on them and offered them to people I thought would be likely models. I think business cards are less useful these days, but they still might be a good option in your situation.

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Jan 01, 2017 01:47 |  #7

Doesn't really matter how small your town is if you've got a budget. Modelmayhem is full of travelling girls who will fly to you from Europe if you want. NM is a big enough state that I'm sure there's models within the state that'd drive to you from an hour or two away if they could get paid for it. Craigslist is an option as well, as would be facebook or instagram. $$$ would be the easiest way to get a model for someone with no portfolio. Shooting for trade and working your way up the totem pole of "meh" models to good ones would take time, and is probably easier in a larger market.

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Mar 08, 2017 11:58 |  #8

I was going to suggest too.

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May 07, 2017 20:11 |  #9

very nice


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Newbies with models
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