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FORUMS General Gear Talk DIY & Customizing 
Thread started 23 Feb 2017 (Thursday) 20:42
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Chromecasting Video

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Feb 23, 2017 20:42 |  #1

Items I currently have or will have in the arsenal shortly to apply to the problem at hand:

Nikon D3300 or D5300
Nikon D7200
Nikon 35mm 1.8 or Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 android tablet or Motorola E android cellphone
qty 2 - 20,000maH battery pack for cell and tablet charging
USB OTG cables
A handful of old spare routers that are collecting dust.
Google Chromecast
Spare HD large screen (32" and 40")

Problem at hand: Every year my daughters' dance studio puts on a spring recital using a local university stage. The majority of the parents (my wife included) spend a ridiculous amount of time backstage even if their child is in only 1 dance - my oldest daughter is in 6 dances and there are many dancers who are in more than that! Because these dance moms are always backstage helping to keep things in order, assisting in wardrobe changes and running small tasks behind the scene they never get the opportunity to see the show from the front of the house, only an odd angle from the wings. Last year there was a videographer that recorded the recital and all the parents were given a copy... but the dvd's were not delivered until way way way late (recital was in June dvd's were delivered in November...yes I do understand processing takes a while but not sure what occurred here).

Understanding all that I currently serve as the studio's performance photographer and am given fair license to do many photographic things on site. I want to try and setup a camera to chromecast the live video feed to a TV in the dressing room and waiting areas - this way the little ones and volunteers in the dressing room can get to see the show as it occurs, versus missing large chunks and not getting to see any of it until months later. This is especially key because I have a little one that when she is sent back to prepare for her single dance of the night ends up missing out on watching 4 to 6 different dance routines... and she loves watching the other dancers.

Has anyone ever Chromecasted from their DSLR to a TV using Nikon equipment? I don't even need to record the video, but since Live View seemingly goes to sleep after a set interval (I assume this cannot be changed or is it a part of the sleep timer?) I will probably set the camera to record the video just so it does not fall asleep... (if I can force live view to remain on without recording that might be the best option for the chromecast)

Do I need to buy something like this …+wireless+porta​ble+router (external link) in order to improve the transmission strength to the Chromecast?
I know the location where I would set up the tripod/camera/tablet combo would not have access to AC powerplugs so I would need everything to function off it's own batteries... so wondering if having the portable router there at the camera location would improve the chromecast.

The TV with chromecast would be a fair distance away and down one level (well within a 100 meter straight line distance but obviously there are structural features between the dressing room area and the proposed setup). Or could I conceivably just get away with setting up a router near the chromecast and TV alone. Or would a situation where a main router is near the TV and the above linked TPLink router is at the camera/tablet/tripod setup to connect with the main router function better?

Obviously, tossing all this out there just because I am hoping someone has done similar before... I will probably end up testing it out on my own time between now and recital time but was hoping to get some comments together to help me pick apart issues I might not have thought about...

Also I do need to find an android app that actually properly functions with live view and one of the three given cameras... as it stands right now, if I can get the above to function I would at worst be coming out of pocket $30ish dollars or free :)

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Jul 01, 2017 08:40 |  #2

Hope you found something by now. First Google link showed this:

https://www.videomaker​.com …-from-camcorder-or-camera (external link)
and mentions following: …&tag=videomaker​22forum-20 (external link)

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Chromecasting Video
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