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Thread started 19 May 2017 (Friday) 23:43
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Can't believe the X-Pro2 has gotten so cheap already (on the used market)!

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Post edited over 2 years ago by EverydayGetaway.
May 19, 2017 23:43 |  #1

I was just browsing around on the FM classifieds (trying to find a solid deal on a 60mm f2.4 or 50mm f2) and saw a couple of X-Pro2's for right around $1000... I'm shocked to see them so cheap already considering the cheapest X-T2's are still fetching around $1400. I'm tempted to get a second X-Pro2 at those prices even though I definitely don't need one! :lol:

It got me wondering why they're so much less sought after than the X-T2, then I realized that I initially bought my X-Pro2 as a placeholder while I waited for the X-T2 to launch and come down a bit in price... but I fell in love with my X-Pro2. Now that I own an X-T1 as well I can safely say that I greatly prefer the design and ergonomics of the X-Pro bodies... makes me wonder how many others would come to the same conclusion if they gave them a thorough try-out like I have.

So I started the thread to appease my own curiosity... what's the community here on the forum think of the X-Pro bodies VS the X-T/X-E bodies? Have you ever had any interest in the X-Pros? Which features of the X-T2/X-T20 draw you away from the X-Pro?

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May 20, 2017 07:45 |  #2

I owned an X T1 and loved it - I sold it to acquire an X T2 ( with high video capability hopes ) - great camera ... but I began to realize I didn't care for the "DSLR" feel/look any longer. I have owned an x100 s/t and now F. I sold the Xt2 and went back to the 100 series ... ahhh back home.
However, I purchased a Sony a6500 to fill the video gap I was looking for and ... that thing takes a damn good photo. I know it has been compared to the X T2 a lot and I had only really seen poor examples of photos from the camera. In fact, in my opinion it really does rival the X T2 for RAW file quality. I've quite enjoyed the experience of having Fuji files and Sony files ... each with their own nuances. Plus it has the form factor and ergonomics I prefer.
Long story short ... had I purchased an X Pro 2 ... I may have stuck with it just because of the form factor but I'm happy with my current setup. If I return to Fuji for interchangeable lens .. I would definitely go with the X Pro 2.

Cream of the Crop
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May 20, 2017 12:15 |  #3

The X-T2 video capability is actually decent for the average consumer wanting excellent video sooc.

The add on booster pack for the X-T2 is something of a potential product for me to buy as I'm not really happy with the single battery capacity of the fuji bodies when shooting casual video or stills. I'm just so use to shooting Canon and seldom ever worry about battery life with the LP-E6N with 1865mah of juice. I'll have to admit the Upstart battery 3rd party fuji batteries are actually decent (at the moment of this post). I've found these 3rd party batteries to last maybe 75-80% of the capacity of the original NP-W126S battery.

The XPro2 body is something I've not considered as I just didn't fully appreciate the X-E2 little brother body. This is purely subjective personal preference and this is where others careless of the X-t2 body style. No booster pack for extra battery capacity. The lack of this battery pack is really why I prefer X-T2 over Xpro2.

I'm assuming both Xpro2 and X-T2 all share similar AF capabilities and predictive algorithm's for AF-C. I'd appreciate pairing the X-T2 with an Xpro2 for a "b" camera mounted with a different focal length lens. If I was able to buy a Fuji Xpro2 for a cheap $1000 CDN I'd own one right now but $1000 USD equals $1400 CDN :(

A new X-T2 in Canada is $2099 so that's still a lot of money. Even X-E2s bodies go for $650CDN used. I'd jump on an X-Pro2 for a $1000 CDN :)

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May 20, 2017 12:57 |  #4

EverydayGetaway wrote in post #18358900 (external link)
I'm shocked to see them so cheap already considering the cheapest X-T2's are still fetching around $1400.

X-T2 will start dropping in price soon as well. Now that new ones are available without much wait the competitive nature of the market will encourage discounts. Amazon US has already been dropping X-T2 down to $1515 (current). Once availability improves or demand levels off the prices will come down further I presume.

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May 20, 2017 13:42 |  #5

Yea I was fully planning on changing out the X-PRO2 for an X-T2 and even ordered on but then said no when I was asked if I wanted it, not enough funds at the time, I regretted it as when I did have the funds there were none in stock, 17 months after I first shot an X-PRO2 I still have my one, I do really like it. Things I do miss are the oversized viewfinder and the layout of the dials + a few little set up things that are, lets say different. Still have my eye on one but probably not till next year at this stage and a second XPRO2 at ~€1000 is a nice proposition alright. Was shooting with an X-T20 today, that is a great little camera & smaller than an x100.

I think the X-E2 was partly responsible for my like of the Fuji rangy cameras & the more I use the X-tT1 and X-PRO2 side by side the more I feel to difference in speed.

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Post edited over 2 years ago by Osa713.
May 28, 2017 23:26 |  #6

I almost bought the X-Pro 2 during my switch to fuji.

For me the ergonomics of the X-T2 was the deciding factor coming from a DSLR. I still think the X-Pro's look way better than the X-T lines.


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Jun 04, 2017 09:04 as a reply to  @ Osa713's post |  #7

Me too, I love love the XT-1 for it's focusing and the access to the settings via the top buttons, but, every time I get the X Pro1 out of my bag, I stare at it for it's beauty............... Sad I know :lol:

There's no fool like an old skool fool :D
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Jul 01, 2017 21:54 |  #8

A difference in feel and philosophy both.
X-Pro2 does not have a moving screen on the back - more consistent with rangefinder/handheld and street shooting.
X-Pro 2 is a good idea that many try and, just like Leica - realize they prefer something else no matter the quality of the body.
Deciding factor is how it feels to you in use.
Both work well. Many prefer the features of the X-T2 and that has pushed used prices down for the X-Pro2. Same thing with the X-Pro1 when the X-T1 came out.

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Can't believe the X-Pro2 has gotten so cheap already (on the used market)!
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