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Thread started 15 Jul 2017 (Saturday) 05:00
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AMASS 2.0 development status and changelog

El General Moderator
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Jul 15, 2017 05:00 |  #1


Just to let you know, AMASS 2.0 has been in the works for a long time now :)

I am now pretty much in the last phase before updating this version to 2.0. I'll try to get it done by the end of this month.

Majority of problems, bugs, issues and wishes have been catered for, this has been an enormous job but I'm eager to let you finally see it running here - it is a big improvement to current version for sure.

AMASS 2.0 what will be new

The goal has been to make AMASS better and more usable/capable, but at the same time minimize forced changes to a current way of usage. There is a plethora of new features and at the same time most of them are very "low key", and there is very little (if nothing) you have to re-learn in this version.



Marketplace rating and feedback system, very comprehensive with all the bells and whistles. A big and complete feature set, easy to use.

Follow forums (two modes). Autofollow mode means that each new thread in that forum is automatically added to your followed thread lists, with notifications on. Other mode is "simple", which is for display only (labels).

Likes: Doing a like has now the same procedure in desktop and mobile (two clicks/taps needed). This reduces errors to zero and enables like to have more features (like now the "undo", and later maybe emoticons and other kind of gestures) and also room for help and info.

Likes: you can now undo your like (no time limit). You can redo the like, too.

Likes: button command + counter display improved.

Likes: hover-peeking the likers is now fast and popup layout improved. With the new two step like, you can also see likers list before liking.

Likes: thread listings show like counts for each thread, click that and you see the TOP 100 liked posts list.

Likes: there is now page for TOP 500 like stats. Separate lists for TOP 500 members and TOP 500 threads. Index page has short like stats, too.

Likes: member page shows like ranking (if under 500), given likes count, and a link to a page with all liked posts by the member.

NEW TAG "SEARCH": Search bbcode tag: build the tag from a current search in search UI, command "Share". From the resulting dialog copy the tag and paste to any post. Tag looks like

(search tag not rendered, error: invalid search id, no such id)
and renders to view as a box with search parameters shown (click the box to do the search). Filtered by permissions available. Tags are re-usable by all.

Search automation: when an automated search is done, parameters are not added to search history, unless you change a result page or click the search command manually.

Hiding "three times reported" spammers (which are not banned yet) works now better. Thread titles are effected by this incident in thread listings, too.

Search history has a "clear history" command.

Quote length limiter (visual cut in thread pages) has been improved.

Search history has now 100 slots.

Heads up history shows now 250 last items.

Forum filtering: a global on/off switch for filtered forums (shown on all relevant pages). The switch is shown only if there are filtered forums set.

FYEO: Post editor settings (enable/disable all new features etc.)

FYEO: notifications: you can clear each forum's notifications individually.

Post editor: toolbox position automation: save/restore/'call to view'. Now you can get tools opened automatically when you open the post editor (reply) and if you change window size the tools are brought inside screen if they do not fit fully. Save tool positions is manually done, stored separately for each horizontal browser window width (device orientation).

Post editor: preview zoom (25/50/75/100%). Just for convenience.

Post editor: icons or plain text buttons selectable in settings.

Post editor: post editor stays in window top after orientation and window size changes.

Post editor: tools follow text area's when you scroll the window vertically, only if you like it so, selectable in settings.

Post editor: autopreview is now more stable.

Thread pages: that small reply info on top of a post is shown in full also in mobile screens.

Thread page: on the post's side, member info is show always in full with items that have content: post count, gallery count (as a link, if over zero), best of count (if some), likes count (if over zero), joined, location (if filled).

Image load checker and "live" load error display: stability revamped, image loader counter seen on thread pages. Optional thread page image mini-browser with CTRL+SPACE key command for jumping to the next image on page. This is a good tool for those who want to quickly browse images in a page, and for mods check an overview for broken images on page (checked images that are tagged as broken are not included in thumb list, it only includes broken images that are marked good but do not respond or return a 404)

Styling and layout: a big job done here: revamped/improved in everywhere, in subtle ways. Better screen estate usage, readability improved, less bumpy page loads, better mobile experience. Selectable themes. Galleries have more thumbs per page, login form fits small screens well etc. Thread page side info follows page scroll within a post. Lots and lots of small things fixed. Html source validity verified, page rendering and CSS vastly improved.

Margin rendering totally revamped. Fully manually customized page margins with 14 page types separately (or globally) adjustable to taste if needed, using a graphical adjustment tool with visual feedback. Default settings work, too.

Scrolling to post/image in pages with broken images improved (always finds the correct position).

Member gallery browser in thread pages: you can close the bottom browser if needed. There is a "next photo" command. Best ofs are shown in gallery browser thumbs.

Notifications: you can now close notification popup by clicking/tapping outside of it.

Member listing page: search and sort UI revamped. Guest can see member the listing page now.

Report: the report command is now a "direct" command in the post side info: you'll get a list of reasons which then lead to report form. So essentially it is now "click Report -> pick a reason -> write/submit". The old method works, too, (open member info, click Report there) but that report command button has been moved from the left side to top right position and made an actual command button.

Visual themes: Two (color) styles: "darker" and "paper white". Darker is the new default for new members and guests. Paper white is the legacy white page theme. I personally prefer the darker theme :)

Personal gear list: you can now sort your gear in each category (drag items to sort).

Tons of reported bugs and errors fixed. Like system is now accurate, editing posts with uploaded images is now stable, locked threads can be liked, several metadata related bugs resolved, literally hundreds of fixes and improvements.

Gear database/EXIF: Lens detection is now more accurate when there are EXIF ID conflicts and no manufacturer info. Other improvements in that area, too. Fastest available shutter speed is now 1/32000.

Ignored member: you can now peek a post. Ignored posts are reduced in height and masked, they reveal content in full without a reload if needed.

Best of image browsing: there is now a mini (prev/current/next) browser if you click the trophy. The mini browser honors the parameters of last best of page load (i.e. by camera, lens).

Heads up popup: shows now a new items count, and always a scrollbar.

Search: Guests can now use the search system. Seach history is not available to guests, and last search is remembered only during that guest session. Guests can not change default UI settings.

Gallery pages contain now automated search links for cameras and lenses, if filtered by either/both.

Search: date selector revamped.

Lots of mod tools improved (no public info of that of course).

Banning: When banned, any page shows it clearly withing the next 30 seconds even without a page reload.

Banning: Several types of informative (for members) "over avatar" ban icons which can be set by mods.

Prev/Next: The list shows now more threads, and automatically centers on the current thread.

All scrollable lists are now very fluid/smooth which natural inertia in iOS devices.

Thread listings: YOURS:# label can be clicked for an automated search for your posts in that thread.

Followed threads: FOLLOWED label can now be clicked for a dialog to stop following that thread. If the follow start was a product of followed forum autofollow, it is shown as FOLLOWED (FF).

Followed thread notifications are now emailed. Marketplace forums get a special "speedy email" treatment. Settings are in FYEO.

Notifications: notification lists show your filtered forums, too.

Member page: best of trophy count shown, leading to member gallery with best ofs only.

Current top 50 Best of'ed members are listed in best of page 1.

FYEO: all applicable settings are now done with radio buttons. When selected they are automatically saved with a clear message close by. Default values are clearly indicated.

Forum filtering: when G&N forum is first enabled to be shown (either by SHOW command or setting global forum filtering OFF), you'll need to accept an agreement for viewing it. The view agreement is saved in member profile.

Image Upload tool: image quality improved, now has four HQ and tasteful unsharp mask presets (default is between low and medium) and has less re-compression.

Flickr EXIF reading: speed of Flickr EXIF reading is vastly improved, now each image's EXIF data retrieval takes about 2 seconds.

Gear listing: the long gear listing (search/by manufacturer/all) has been made a tree-like output where you can open/close branches.

And a lot more.


After 2.0 is up I'll concentrate on some more mod tools and also to make POTN SSL secured (https), move to a brand new server perhaps. Also, there is a plan to move some forums inside the main areas for a clearer structure, and add/remove some forums.

The Forum Boss, El General Moderator
AMASS 2.1 Changelog (installed here now)

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Senior Member
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Jul 15, 2017 05:24 |  #2

Eagerly awaiting! Thanks for these continuous improvements and making this forum a great user friendly experience.

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01010100 01010011
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Post edited over 1 year ago by TeamSpeed.
Jul 15, 2017 06:33 |  #3

Holy moly, that is a list! So this is AMASS MKII?

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Picture ­ North ­ Carolina
Gaaaaa! DOH!! Oops!
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Jul 15, 2017 11:15 |  #4

Where the heck to you find the time? Like you used to say: put down the keyboard and go out and shoot some pics !

Website (external link) |

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Location: Middle of Michigan
Jul 15, 2017 11:30 |  #5

These look great! We should crowdfund a paid vacation for you when it's up & running!

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Senior Member
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Joined Jul 2010
Jul 15, 2017 16:25 |  #6

PhotosGuy wrote in post #18402655 (external link)
These look great! We should crowdfund a paid vacation for you when it's up & running!

I am in...

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You must be quackers!
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Jul 15, 2017 16:37 |  #7

Amazing work.

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Jul 15, 2017 21:00 |  #8

Wow, very cool improvements to what is already the best forum experience on the Internet. Thanks for all the hard work Pekka.


my very own Lightrules moment
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Jul 15, 2017 23:56 |  #9

Crap on a cracker, you sleep?! :)

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Jul 16, 2017 16:18 |  #10

Good work, Pekka.

Not sure about some Like related items though. Like the Likes ranking lists? Isn't that turning getting Likes into a kind of contest? I don't know, I don't like the idea of such ranking lists because it shows how popular some people are but it also shows how others are not. I just don't think it's a good idea.

Also, no time slot on undoing Likes could turn it into a weapon. Alliances change, friends become enemies. With the ability to undo previous Likes at any time, Like/undoing-Like will be used in ways it was not meant for.

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I brought this thread back to LIFE
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Aug 27, 2017 15:19 |  #11

I am late to the party, just now found this!

Thank you Pekka for your hard work. I agree you do deserve a paid vacation!

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Cream of the Crop
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Aug 27, 2017 16:05 |  #12

I hadn't seen the list. Very impressive list. Thanks

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AMASS 2.0 development status and changelog
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