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Thread started 15 Apr 2016 (Friday) 04:13
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List all reviews of Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D, reviewed by fotografnuntabrasov

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Mar 15, 2017 20:31 as a reply to  @ post 18301504 |  #16

How would you say it rates against the 80D in low light performance and AF?

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Mar 16, 2017 07:13 as a reply to  @ blulight's post |  #17

If you are asking me, I'm afraid I can't speak to that as I have never used an 80D.

What I can tell you is when I am in a low light situation I think nothing of simply running up the ISO to get the shutter speed I want. This one was taken at you can see it's pretty clean.


With regard to the AF....probably the most maligned AF system Canon ever made. Most maligned by people that don't own a 6D. Most of what I read about the 'poor AF' on this camera is simply regurgitation of what others have said in the internet. Please know too that I have always been a center point user on all of my cameras. I want the camera to focus on what I tell it to, not what it thinks it should focus on. What seems to get the most press is that the 6D's AF system cannot track moving targets. To that I would say horse hockey. If you look around POTN I have many pictures of birds in flight that I've posted here that were tracked quite well with the 6D.

I own one and I use it for whatever I want, moving, static, low light, makes no difference to me. I get great results with it for whatever I use it for. I will tell you too that I had a 500D and a 600D and then I went to the 6D and the 6D did take some getting used to as it responded differently in different situations than my other two Canons. But once we got used to each other I have zero desire for another camera. A 6D II?.....who cares....I don't need or want one regardless of what the new one will offer as improvements.

I'm certainly not going to tell you to run out and buy a 6D. But I will tell you I am very happy with mine.

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Mar 20, 2017 14:58 |  #18

^^ Exactly this.

I've bought and sold two so far, thinking both times that the 5DIII and 5DIV were better cameras. They are, but it depends. In low light situations when I must shoot at 6400 or 12,800 ISO I really miss the 6D.

Back in film days focus and recompose was the norm. For some, using the center point feels natural, for others it's a hindrance. Until (unless?) Canon provides us with metering at multiple focus points I still only use center focus point in most situations, even with advanced focus bodies.

The 6D is a great camera, don't let anyone tell you it isn't. That said, understanding benefits and faults across all models is necessary.

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Jul 30, 2017 04:16 |  #19

blulight wrote in post #18302100 (external link)
How would you say it rates against the 80D in low light performance and AF?

I have both but where I've had the 6D for over two years, I've only had the 80D for a couple of months, so I'm still new to the latter. I do a lot of wildlife photography, at dawn or in woodland so often in low light and in using the centre point focusing, it hasn't come out and struck me massively that there is a great difference between the two cameras, though maybe over time with more experience this might change.

In regards to the focusing in general, I agree with what others have said that the focusing has been blown out of proportion for its 'poor' performance, including the outer points. But then it's going to depend on what you shoot with it. Even when I shot with 1D series cameras, I would use the centre point most of the time unless for birds in flight. When shooting landscapes, I would manually focus.

A couple of examples of what the 6D CAN do. The first, a Robin in low light (ISO6400) centre point. Small birds like this don't stay in one place long and had less than a couple of seconds to frame and focus on it before it was off! The second, again centre focus, this Fox was sprinting across my field of view and again the camera only had a very brief time to focus. I shot four images with only one out of focus. Although this one was in taken bright daylight which helped, the focus point was on the Fox which was in shadow so lacking the contrast usually needed for best focusing results.

Another thumbs up then for the 6D. I got it to replace my ageing 5D for landscapes but it ended up replacing my !D MkIII for much of my wildlife too for all but the most demanding action shots.

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Canon EOS 6D, reviewed by fotografnuntabrasov
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