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Thread started 13 Jul 2017 (Thursday) 11:21
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Europe Trip 2018 Questions

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Jul 17, 2017 12:33 |  #16

mattmiller03 wrote in post #18404125 (external link)
SO my main question is, should I just upgrade the glass or should I upgrade the glass and the body? Thoughts?

There is no reason why the current set up should not be able to create great pictures. However, if you're going to get new body and glass sometime after the trip you always will ask yourself if the picture wouldn't have been better. It's BS and I know it, but this is still how I look at the pictures taken with older cameras. Therefore: Save yourself this hassle and get both, new body (quite some improvement in IQ) and glass to match your needs and the capability of the new body for your exciting trip to Europe.

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Jul 17, 2017 20:40 |  #17

My first reaction is that you're trying to see too much of Europe in the 3 weeks you are there. We just got back from spending 3 weeks just in Spain, and there are still areas that we didn't get a chance to hit that I'd love to visit. You'll be wasting several days just traveling by train/air instead of spending that extra time exploring one of the cities you are visiting. Cut your location list in half and plan to go back for round 2 later.

To answer your question though, it sounds like you already have plans to buy a full frame camera at some point. The 17-55 is an amazing crop sensor lens, and I love it for travel, but if you buy it now it won't do you any good when you eventually move to a full frame body. That being said, if you end up wanting the cheapest upgrade that will make the biggest improvement in your photos, get the 17-55 to pair with your T3i and be done with it.

If you decide to go full frame before the trip though, you have a lot of options. Before choosing full frame though, realize that you are adding a lot of weight to your kit by doing so. Full frame cameras are heavier, and full frame lenses are a lot heavier. The lightest full frame setup would be a 6D with either a 24-70 f4 or 16-35 f4 zoom, or a couple of shorter length primes (24, 35, 40, 50, 85 are all good options, but not as versatile as a zoom).

If I had to pick just one travel lens for a full frame camera (definitely not a crop), it would be the 24-105. It's just a very broad focal length, and while the lens isn't perfect, it does the job very well. Version 2 of the 24-105 is quite a bit heavier while not offering much better image quality, so if weight is important to you try to find a version 1. You can still get them new pretty cheap on

For Europe though, you will want to go ultra wide for anything indoors. On our trip I mentioned above, I took a 5D Mark II with a 24-105 and a 16-35 f4. 70% of my photos were taken with the 16-35, and only 30% with the 24-105. While there, I would carry the 24-105 if most of the time was going to be spent touring a city or countryside. But if we planned to visit a castle or cathedral, I would take the 16-35 instead because having that wider focal length is incredibly useful indoors.

A 70-200 wouldn't be a bad way to go either, especially for the Alps. Get the f4 IS model to save some weight. You'll be walking a lot, and carrying too much glass can make a trip miserable. If you end up with a 24-105, keep in mind that on your T3i that's a 38-168mm equivalent. So you can get most of the focal length of a 70-200 by bringing your T3i along and using the 24-105.

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Jul 19, 2017 10:03 as a reply to  @ post 18404125 |  #18

camera equipment is a bottom less hole. Personally I think you should work on the basics at this point I could take a good picture with a point and shoot. Learn iso, framing shutter speed. I would buy and use photoshop and shoot in raw that can make a huge difference in your photos. The 18-55 is a great lens in fact I just bought one. I have a 17-55 if you are interested( it is great lens just heavy). the 10-18 wide angle stm is very good as well inexpensive and light. I sometimes lug my 70-200 around it is superb lens and as some said can pick out nice details. two lenses same body and a monthly rental of ps cc will cost less then the full frame body. For most of us the full frame is nice. I think I get nice pictures with my 7d mrk ii check out my gallery

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Post edited 11 months ago by backn4th. (2 edits in all)
Aug 04, 2017 18:26 as a reply to  @ post 18401270 |  #19

Levina's post of July 14 contains very good advice. I see the most recent reply was 3 weeks ago, if you haven't travelled yet .. here's mine. I travelled through some of your listed cities in August 2014 with a Canon 550D (T2i) 18-55 and nifty 50. I should have taken my 55-250, was trying to save weight ... a mistake. I found in Europe I needed both shorter and longer lenses. Have recently upgraded to an 80D and added a 10-20 lens. Am sure you'll enjoy hiking around Grindelwald, we stayed at Lauterbrunnen for a few nights. Rail trip to Jungfraujoch was fantastic, received good advice in buying ticket on the morning of travel in case mountain was clouded in. Were lucky to have a perfect morning up there. Having stayed in a few of the other delightful cities in your plan, If you take your T3i, I think you'll be disappointed if you don't have a shorter lens with you. I also carried a point & shoot for times a 'short walk' for a meal without 550D didn't become a missed photo opportunity.

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Aug 04, 2017 19:16 |  #20

mattmiller03 wrote in post #18404125 (external link)
SO my main question is, should I just upgrade the glass or should I upgrade the glass and the body? Thoughts?

that all depends on how much you want to spend...the cheaper route is just to add lenses to your current body...adding a FF body, and then getting corresponding lenses will be quite a bit more money

if i were you i'd grab the 17-55f2.8IS you were thinking of, a 10-18IS, 55-250STM, and a prime of some sort, 35f2, or 50mm...i think that is all small enough to fit into a messenger bag and could be done relatively cheap:

total would be $1230-$1530

say you grab a used 6D for $1,000


total with new body $2550-$3150

i'm not sure if you could fit the FF set up into a messenger bag, and you'd come up shorter on the long end

so, how much do you want to spend?

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Aug 04, 2017 19:25 |  #21

After spending 3 weeks in Italy, the only advice I can give you is - Go Wide. As wide as you can afford to go. I loved my 16-35 F4, but 16mm on full frame was not wide enough for a lot of inside shots.

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Aug 07, 2017 09:05 as a reply to  @ backn4th's post |  #22

thank you!! I haven't traveled yet. We are leaving in May 19th 2018.

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Europe Trip 2018 Questions
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