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Thread started 07 Mar 2007 (Wednesday) 19:56
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STICKY: Slimming Posing Techniques (by popular demand)

Carol ­ at ­ Carol's ­ Photography
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Location: Regina, SK, Canada
Mar 31, 2015 20:26 |  #166

Some really good idea's. Thanks for sharing.

Carol - Wedding & Fashion Photographer
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Joined Apr 2015
Apr 15, 2015 04:50 |  #167

I love the techniques, it really does make a difference!

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Jun 11, 2015 08:44 |  #168

Thanks for the tips. Had a bride we met 6 months before the wedding and we had known for many years and she looked great and ready to go. 3 days before the big day we get together again to go over any last minute details. She gained 25 pounds. Went on a nervous eating binge. Surprised she was able to get into the dress but she had it adjusted last minute to accommodate.

Had never done it before with the weight gain and she asked if we could thin her up in the photos because she knew she would lose it after getting married. We took the 25 off in photoshop using mostly puppet warp and liquify to do so. We did not hide her or position her to hide the weight which I think is also a nice idea for larger brides as shown in this thread. She did lose the weight after her wedding.

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Sep 08, 2015 03:16 |  #169

Thanks for sharing some of your techniques!

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Location: Romania, Bucharest
Oct 07, 2015 04:27 |  #170

I've seen these techniques before at Jerry Ghionis and Roberto Valenzuela, they are great and for sure the brides & grooms will be extremely happy with the result. Great reminder for me :)

Cristian Dascalu
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Location: Frisco, TX
Feb 19, 2016 19:42 |  #171

Will put these ideas in my upcoming shoot. Great ideas!. Thanks!

Taposy ­ Rabeya
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Apr 04, 2016 01:14 |  #172

Well explained technique and a very cute couple. Thanks to share with us.

http://www.adeptclippi​ (external link)

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Sep 06, 2016 23:16 |  #173

paul33 wrote in post #14945408 (external link)
I'm going to be a little cynical here but don't flame me as its just an honest opinion.

The thread is labelled "slimming posing techniques" but the main technique appears to be either "hide the bride away" or "crop high so that you can't see her body". I like and agree with the high shooting positions and arm presentations but surely avoiding shooting full length shots is more avoidance of the challenge rather than dealing with it.

There are also other issues untouched here relating to body image and whether the bride and/or groom actually like her body shape. Personally, I think she's a very attractive young lady who looks just as stunning in the "bad shot" as she does in the other shots and I'd want to concentrate far more on capturing her personality and good looks than hiding her "non-supermodel" figure.

Like I say - just an honest, initial reaction.

Yes, this is a dated post, but in the interest of future readers, especially given this is a sticky thread....

I appreciate the honesty of this response and I think the conversation is worth having...

Photographs are believed to "tell the truth," but they are all fictions (lies?) of a sort. Reality as we directly experience it, if we are paying attention, is not frozen as a split second of time nor it it two dimensional nor is it normally, in daylight anyway, limited to the range of tones a sensor is capable of capturing.

I don't mean to get overly metaphysical. If you point a camera from 50 randomly selected positions and take 50 images of a man who weighs more than average, the vast majority of those images will make him appear to be heavier than he actually is. Why? Because the camera maps his three-dimensional self onto a two dimensional image and in most of them, his girth will look larger than he is. A few will look like he really looks with respect to girth and, if he is lucky, there might be some where he appears slimmer.

We haven't even begun to discuss light. Out eyes perceive a greater tonal range and can manage a dress and keeping it in its proper three-dimensional shape. But light colors look bigger, especially when the tonal range is not properly captured, and this further exaggerates girth. And then we convert that white space into two dimensions and it just gets worse.

As paid photographers for events, especially weddings, I think we should be trying to create images which capture our subjects in their best light, looking as those who love them see them, not making them look like their flaws are exaggerated, which unskilled camera use is more likely to do.

C&C always welcomed...
On my images, of course, and on my words as well--as long as it's constructive :).
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I still don't see it
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Aug 13, 2017 04:52 |  #174

Links are broken

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Aug 13, 2017 13:10 |  #175

Pics are gone!

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Nov 06, 2017 17:32 |  #176

I can't see any photos, it has a placeholder that says you need to increase your that me or you?

Adelaide wedding photographer (external link)

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Slimming Posing Techniques (by popular demand)
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