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FORUMS General Gear Talk Tripods, Monopods & Other Camera Support 
Thread started 03 Sep 2017 (Sunday) 10:03
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In the market to buy a reliable ballhead

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Nov 15, 2017 19:37 |  #31

Talley wrote in post #18443821 (external link)
You can tell I'm not a fan of Sirui lol. My P-424 monopod will arrive later this week.
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forum: Tripods, Monopods & Other Camera Support

Yoiks! What are you looking to support?

I have the P424 and it is MORE than needed for my Canon 800 F5.6 L IS + a 1DX!

Still it is not too heavy and makes a great brush buster/walking pole etc, and you can put cameras on it too!

Seriously though it is a great piece of kit - just use it, abuse it - you won't damage it.

Life is for living, cameras are to capture it (one day I will learn how!).

Robinson ­ Crusoe
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Post edited 8 months ago by Robinson Crusoe. (7 edits in all)
Nov 20, 2017 10:52 as a reply to  @ post 18497472 |  #32

Unfortunately when the friend came last month there was a problem with the shipping so she brought many things but not the ballhead.

Luckily another friend had to fly Guangzhou so today he brought my ballhead with some other things I bought before.

With my Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod it's a perfect match looking to the size, I'm glad I went for the 30X, not smaller or bigger ones. The TY-60X plate has the screw I showed on the previous page, and feels like it'll keep safe any camera-lens I connect it to, quick release mechanism also feels good. The ballhead overall feels sturdy as well.

I didn't try it yet, I'll update this post after I find the time to play with it. In the last few months as my Manfrotto 498RC2 Midi Ball Head & 200PL-14 QR Plate started to feel like a toy I was using my RRS MH-02 LR: Head with B2 LR II lever release clamp on my tripod. I don't know if my expectations were too high or as the nature it's a monopod head I wasn't satisfied by how stable it was. When I try the Sirui it maybe easier to make a more fair comparison.

Edit: Tried the Sirui with a few shots.

I can say that all the ballheads-monopod heads I mentioned above move a little after I lock, or when I am locking on the last part. I guess we can't beat the physics rules, it's normal. How I test is shooting the moon with 100-400 at 400 mm, with 1.4 extender. Tonight there was no moon as there are clouds where I live so I tried with some other shots.

Manfrotto, you must be really familiar with it to know where it'll move when you lock it. Also after locking you'll find out that it makes random moves. Did the job for years, I really respect the product. It maybe the most user friendly setup, and feels safe enough for a lot of combinations. Would suggest it to any beginner hobbyist, but it was time for me to retire it.

RSS, I don' think that it's fair to compare a monopod head with a tripod head but I'll write anyway to give an idea. It was hard to lock it to a point in the first hand, and after locking it was making negligible random moves. Feels sturdy and quality, I would put anything on it without any doubt. It was a bit hard to adjust the direction for me, I was most times ending up moving and adjusting the tripod legs to arrange direction(which also proves that it's a monopod head I guess :-P). It's not user friendly as a tripod head. It's best to use it as what it's built for, a monopod head when there are affordable tripod heads in the market like Sirui.

Sirui, it also moves at that last part of locking. But it has the minimum move. After locking I didn't see any movement. But I didn't try it on the moon like I did to with others. It feels as sturdy as the RSS. User friendly. If they asked for double the price I don't know if they could compete with the more reputable brands but I think no one would think that they were overpriced. Overall I'm %100 satisfied with this purchase.

Thank you guys for the help.

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In the market to buy a reliable ballhead
FORUMS General Gear Talk Tripods, Monopods & Other Camera Support 
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