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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Still Life, B/W & Experimental 
Thread started 10 Nov 2017 (Friday) 15:53
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Thought Provoking Image

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Dec 11, 2017 13:03 |  #16

Well I for one appreciate the effort, and the sentiment, that went into this photo. It's photo's like this that resonate the most with me, so in lieu of the original, this'll more than do for me....

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Michael ­ Bartlett
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Dec 11, 2017 19:32 |  #17

Powerful. I can certainly see how that would leave an impact.

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Dec 29, 2017 05:29 |  #18

Thanks for sharing this photo. This, IMHO, is a very context sensitive photo.

The person who created it was trying to recreate a powerful image of an emotional memory. The main context of this is the Vietnam War. It works. In other contexts, it can also work. When I saw it, without reading the post and understanding the context, I placed it in the context of a young photojournalist being shot at a school or other public venue. I know, not a nice context, but that's where my brain went.

Regardless, to me, this is a great 'fragmentary' photo. It doesn't tell a complete story but targets a specific feeling or memory within a larger story.

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a mere speck
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Dec 29, 2017 08:59 |  #19

saea501 wrote in post #18493575 (external link)
Along about 1968 the Vietnam War was what occupied every aspect of the news media. There were hundreds of photojournalists that were embedded with the troops, many of which were killed. I remember seeing a picture at the time that just left me dumbstruck. It's one of those images that takes a second or two for you to realize what it's saying. I never saw it again.

I remember that picture very clearly so I tried to recreate it.


OK.... the very first thing that came to mind from the photograph itself was: how did you create the hole?

As far as the re-creation part, I grew up in the Vietnam era. I graduated from HS in 1971 and had a lottery number of 148. In our county, they were only drafting up to and including 90, so I didn't go to Vietnam. I had many friends who did and my wife's brother was killed over there in 1970. For that reason, the photograph had an impact on me, causing me to remember a troubled time in our nation's history. Back then, you could hardly find a family that wasn't directly impacted by that "conflict". When we learned the generals had decided in 1968 that we couldn't win in Vietnam, yet we stayed engaged and lost another 35,000 soldiers as a result, it changed how many Americans viewed their government. At least, for some of us who were around back then.

There were quite a few photo journalists who lost their lives in Vietnam, bringing the battlegrounds into our living rooms. These brave men and women were from various nations, not just America.

Interesting read: https://www.vanityfair​.com …r-napalm-girl-photo-today (external link)

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Thought Provoking Image
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Still Life, B/W & Experimental 
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