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FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos Presentation & Building Galleries 
Thread started 02 Jan 2018 (Tuesday) 08:59
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Seeking Wordpress website recommendations

Cream of the Crop
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Post edited 7 months ago by photoguy6405.
Jan 02, 2018 08:59 |  #1

I'm wanting to revamp my website. Presently, it is html based and looks 2002-ish. Personally, I like it, but I know that it looks dated and other people like to see something more modern.

My current blog is Wordpress, and tied to my website via an external link. (Both website and blog links are below, if you want to take a look.)

I want to go all-Wordpress, but am feeling 1) overwhelmed by the options, and 2) not finding exactly what I want in a theme.

What I do and don't want:
- Gallery-oriented. Kind of similar to what I have now, though doesn't have to be identical. Photos broken down into categories, then people can click one, and use an arrow to scroll through as they desire. I prefer manual scrolling as opposed to timed slideshows, as I know that I as a customer hate it when I'm looking at something and it changes on me too fast.

- I want a blog, but not the site to be primarily blog-based, as so many themes seem to be now. I'm not adamantly opposed to the blog being on the home page, but I'd prefer it be a separate page. Either way, I do not want to have to write a blog post for every single photo just to get the photo properly categorized.

- I'd prefer a "static" home page, but with random rotating featured photos. Doesn't have to be automatic rotation, can be just a new one every time someone visits.

- I would like either sidebar or topbar navigation available at all times on all pages.

- When photos are expanded to full size, I want some information included, similar to what my Slimbox does now... reference number, brief information. (It just now occurred to me that there may be a Slimbox plug-in for Wordpress, I'll check that out later when I get home.)

- I really don't want the site to be so slick that it's annoying. No flying graphics getting in the way, no long load times, etc. Keep it simple. The image that I want to portray is a simple and respectable web presence so people can view and easily (hopefully) purchase some photos. Impressing people with my online prowess isn't important to me.

I wrote my html site myself, using trial-and-error and TextPad, many years ago, so I'm not wholly ignorant of how these things work, but at the same time I don't want to get so far into somebody else's Wordpress coding that I screw it up. I know what *I* did, let's put it that way.

I tried a couple and ended up discouraged. I liked the look of Portfolio Lite, but it was a serious pain in the read end to configure, so I gave up.

I then found Infinite Photography, and I really like it, but it seems more blog-centric and not gallery-friendly, and I'm now getting frustrated over that.

Note that I am perfectly fine with purchasing a theme, Infinite Photography Pro looks good, but I want to make sure I will like it before I purchase. My only hard criteria on purchase is that it be a one-time payment. I am not willing to pay a fee every year to get upgrades.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be most appreciated. Thanks.

Side note: I am not interested in Zenfolio, or anything similar. Tried that for three years a few years ago and I absolutely hated it.

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Dan ­ Marchant
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Jan 03, 2018 02:47 |  #2

At least part of what you want is included as standard in the WP core. Your WP install is currently a blog but it can easily have a static front page simply by selecting one in Settings > Reading.

Likewise most of the Menu control is in the WP core Appearance > Menu. There are several different menus and you can edit them to inc different items and select which ones are used (Edit Menues & Manage Locations tabs).

As for Galleries - have you looked at any of the stand alone Gallery plugins. May be easier to find a theme you like and then add the gallery you like via a plugin, rather than hoping to find a theme that includes the gallery style you want.

Dan Marchant
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Feb 05, 2018 12:24 |  #3

I'm re-evaluating my wordpress website now, I'm not getting the performance or features I want from Photocrati (theme) and Nextgen Pro (gallery). Theme is less important, there's a ton of them out there, both free and for fee but none seem to be perfect. If you know html you may adapt well to customizing a theme to your liking. As for gallery plugin I'm now re-doing my site with Envira, which is very versatile. One premium feature that's very nice is Standalone galleries which can be directly linked to, eliminating the need to embed a gallery into a post. Envira has a wealth of addons as well that are quite nice.

I don't have much to share for you to see at the moment, I'm right in the middle of sweating out a strategy for migration. Soon maybe.

Good luck.

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Feb 05, 2018 23:15 |  #4

Ever try squarespace? What you have described can be done in SS. You can get a site up fairly quickly. Customization can be a pain though.


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Seeking Wordpress website recommendations
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos Presentation & Building Galleries 
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