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FORUMS General Gear Talk Data Storage, Memory Cards & Backup 
Thread started 29 Apr 2018 (Sunday) 15:16
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Data Storage During Month Long Trip

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May 01, 2018 21:32 |  #16

While my laptops have solid state HDs, I've collected quite a few external portable drives from WD, Toshiba, and Seagate. I've never had a mechanical failure: HDs continue to improve. They still offer size/price point advantages. When I have the drive connected to my laptop, I have it on a relatively flat surface. It's still safer to "eject" the USB drive from Windows taskbar to prevent any potential corruption. Once unplugged, there are safeguards for parking the drive's heads and I don't mind if my portable drive(s) get jostled in my carrying case.

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May 02, 2018 17:33 |  #17

Recently I came back from a 5 week trip (NZealand/Australia). 5 16 Gb cards across 3 cameras (the 5D3 I was shooting, the 60D my wife was shooting and a P&S).

I backed up to a 15" Dell each night, but did not erase the SD cards. I went through 2 cards, wife barely spilled over to her second, and the P&S was hardly filled.

Transferring 1500+ RAWs from the laptop to the desktop took an overnighter, but better than waiting on the cards.

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May 07, 2018 15:17 |  #18

SYS wrote in post #18616036 (external link)
SanDisk 32 GB Ultra PLUS Class 10 UHS-1 SDHC Memory Card with 80 MB/s for $12.99 each. 80 MB/s should be plenty for HD video, right?

I have repeatly said this. Sandisk Ultra SD card can only read at 80MB/s. It only write at 11-12MB/s. If you read carefully, it is the transfer rate = 80MB/s, it is the read. For HD video, since all you need is class-10, Ultra is just fine. The only thing I don't like about Ultra is that there is a high chance that the Ultra you get uses 16nm TLC NAND, which I really don't like. But you have equal chance of getting the newer 3D TLC NAND, which is far more reliable.

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May 28, 2018 23:17 |  #19

If you are already bringing a laptop, then an external 500GB or 1TB portable drive is something to consider. They're cheap and small, just make sure they are truly portable (no external plug-in adapter) and that they are 7200 RPM (most are the slower 5400)
My camera back pack can easily carry a spare body, lens or 2, a thin laptop, iPad, and an external drive.
Instead of buying a dozen affordable (read: not as fast) cards, you can buy a $75 1TB G-Drive and couple of really fast, 128gb cards.
The best part is, I can name the folders for each day and I don't have to play the "is this card empty or full" game.
My .02

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Data Storage During Month Long Trip
FORUMS General Gear Talk Data Storage, Memory Cards & Backup 
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