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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Vs. Camera 
Thread started 05 Aug 2018 (Sunday) 21:22
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Does mirrorless do anything for you?

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Post edited 5 months ago by CyberDyneSystems.
Sep 19, 2018 10:57 |  #841

We used to have reverse races, and I used to race people going backwards in my 1969 hearse, and win. Even in a car with a 22 foot wheelbase, I had no problem with reverse using mirrors and over the shoulder.
We did have some spectacular crashes when someone would lose track of left and right! In hindsight I can't believe I risked my "baby" that way.
But on the whole, it's a wonder I survived my early years of driving at all.

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Oct 08, 2018 17:40 |  #842

JeffreyG wrote in post #18710175 (external link)
Backing out of parking spaces is one of the most common causes of low speed collisions. If you have a backup camera on your car, you can avoid this risk by taking advantage of it to quite easily back into parking spaces.

The backup camera + overhead 360 deg view implementation on Mercedes Benz vehicles is quite excellent. I back into spaces almost exclusively now.

Charlie wrote in post #18710190 (external link)
I’m the same way, love the backup camera to get into a spot rather than get out. Learned at an early age that you always want to back into parking spots in case a scene gets harry like bad neighborhoods.

In that case, it really helps. Unfortunately,the Prius doesn’t have proximity sensors. I make due as I’m happy with the vehicle, only one fill up every 40 days, and a small tank that keeps costs down.

Reversing into parking spaces is something that's been pretty much impossible for me for years now. You realise very quickly when you have to use a wheelchair that you really need a decent amount of distance behind the car to remove/load the chair. My daughters boyfriend sometimes drives me, but it's really hard to get him to not reverse into a space!

I really liked the 360° cameras on my last Nissan Qashqai. Very effective for parking, as long as they didn't get too dirty on a long drive. Unfortunatly I had to stop driving about 18 months ago due to health problems.


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Post edited 4 months ago by RPCrowe.
Oct 20, 2018 09:32 |  #843

No, I would not dump my Canon DSLR cameras (6D2 and 7D2) for a "CANON" or "NIKON" full frame mirrorless camera but, I am seriously considering switching to the Sony mirrorless system.

I have been severely disappointed with the Canon 6D Mark-2 and the full frame Canon and Nikon mirrorless offerings are, IMO, a big joke for top-line 21st century cameras.

I have recently purchased a Sony A6500 and have fallen in love with this little camera. IT IS EXCITING AND FUN TO SHOOT!

I love many things about the A6500! In fact, I like shooting portraits with my Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens and the A6500 with an MC-11 adapter better than shooting with the 85mm f/1.8 on the Canon 6D Mark-2 simply because it is easier to focus.

The 6D2 has its AF array crammed into the center of the frame which makes it impossible to place a focus point over the subjects eye/eyes during head and shoulders portraiture when using the eye level viewfinder.

Sure I can focus and recompose just like I could use cut film in my Graphic cameras but, IMO, technology has passed the focus and recompose point.

Sure, I can use Live-View and face detect on the 6D2 which works just fine and I can place the focus anywhere in the frame but AND THIS IS A GREAT BIG BUTvmad:-(, since I can only use face detect with live-view, I have to frame my subject on the camera's LCD which (for me anyway) is impossible in bright sunny conditions.

I can use face detect with the 85mm lens on my A6500 while still using the eye-level viewfinder! It works great but, what works even better is using a native Sony lens with Eye-Focus. IMO, this is the way to focus on people in the 21st Century.

I have also been shooting a lot of portraits with the Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens on my A6500 and it works brilliantly! However, I can also focus on portraits very easily using a manual focus lens with my A6500 with a combination of Focus Assist and focus peaking. This allows me to use a large variety of manual focus lenses. I presently have a 58mm Russian Helios f/2 and a unique 75mm f/1.7 Night Owl lens designed for security cameras. Both of these lenses bring a very unique took to their images at an exceptionally low price. I have just a little over $100 dollars invested in these two lenses and their adapters.

I am seriously considering getting an A7iii with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART in a Sony mount!

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Tom ­ Reichner
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Oct 20, 2018 10:38 |  #844


mystik610 wrote in post #18708375 (external link)
so yeah no need for the condescending attitude because not all of our circumstances are the same.

He wasn't condescending whatsoever. . Seems like maybe you read something(s) into his comments that weren't really there.

Condescending would be if he spoke of your position and put it down. . He didn't do that. . In fact, in that post he didn't even mention your position - he simply declared his own perspective and explained the rationale behind it.


"Your" and "you're" are different words with completely different meanings - please use the correct one.
"They're", "their", and "there" are different words with completely different meanings - please use the correct one.
"Fare" and "fair" are different words with completely different meanings - please use the correct one. The proper expression is "moot point", NOT "mute point".

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Does mirrorless do anything for you?
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