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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Vs. Camera 
Thread started 21 Feb 2019 (Thursday) 11:17
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Nikon D750 vs Sony A7 III

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Post edited 8 months ago by BB70Chevelle.
Feb 21, 2019 11:17 |  #1

Trying to decide which of these cameras to go with, they will be used primarily for indoor and outdoor portraits and event (birthdays, baby showers, etc). Of these two which is going to give me better low light capabilities? Which is going to auto focus better? For times when flash can't be use which handles high ISO better? I also have two year old twins who in not much time will be playing sports and they dont like to sit still for long so auto focus tracking is very important as well. Which of these two would you go with?

I already own an ad200 strobe and will be purchasing a godox xpro trigger and v860ii flash for either camera and I plan to start with either the Nikon 85 F1.4G or Sony 85 F1.8 as my primary portrait lens. My next lens will be a 70-200 F2.8 for chasing my twins around with.

Panasonic G9, O12-40 F2.8 Pro, S56 F1.4, Godox V1, Godox XproO, Godox X2T-O, (2) Godox AD200, Godox AD600pro

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Feb 21, 2019 12:47 |  #2

I would say the Sony A7 III would be better in most respects (slightly better DR, quite a bit better AF (and the amazing Eye AF), and even high ISO shooting). The D750 isn't a slouch by any means, but the A7 III is almost a whole generation ahead in overall tech specs. Even the battery life on the A7 III is pretty decent.

That said, you might find the lens selection better (and cheaper) on the Nikon. Body controls on the Nikon are also pretty darn good, and even though the Sony controls have come a long way, I still feel the Nikon has the edge there.

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Feb 23, 2019 09:22 |  #3

Well after much debate I've decided to go with the canon eos r. It should be here next week!

Panasonic G9, O12-40 F2.8 Pro, S56 F1.4, Godox V1, Godox XproO, Godox X2T-O, (2) Godox AD200, Godox AD600pro

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Feb 28, 2019 00:30 |  #4

What made you go with canon

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Post edited 6 months ago by Agamemnon.
Apr 03, 2019 22:28 |  #5

As someone who owns both cameras, let me share my opinions on both. I really liked the D750, but it wasn't perfect. The flash system (Admittedly I'm using Godox) never seemed to be fully reliable for TTL, and I could never wrestle with FEC the same way I did when I shot Canon

++ Great IQ
++ Fast focus
+ Wireless (3rd party software is the way to go, though)
+ Excellent battery life
+ Feels fast
+ Customizable
+ Lots of smart extra bits, like auto-ISO being able to be enabled/disabled independently of the ISO value, and auto ISO disabling when flashes are firing (Smart!)
+ 3D focus is awesome
-- Narrow AF area - not easy to compose action shots properly - this was what attracted me to the A7III or mirrorless in general
- Phase detect focus need calibration for fast lenses with narrow DOF - frustrating to see people's heads out of focus when reviewing shots afterwards.

++ Focusing points out to the edge of the frame!
++ Eye-AF is amazing, and even works (in low burst, 1fps) with adapted glass!
++ Face detect with linked AE is exactly how photo taking should work
+ Great IQ
+ EVF lets you pre-chimp
+ Amazing video capability - Phase detect on sensor!
+ 1080P 120fps is awesome, with AF and sound capture!
+ Good battery life
+ Touchscreen
+ Focus peaking...though
- Focus peaking isn't sensitive enough - I often look at manually focused footage and say "Well that wasn't focused"
-- Flash work is a little frustrating - EVF hides ambient exposure when using flash, and there's another menu setting you need to enable to see what your actual ambient exposure.
-- Switching from different modes feels like rebooting a really fast computer. Doesn't take too long (seconds), but that's ages when you are trying to get a photo.
-- Touchscreen is only useful for selecting the AF point - doesn't work in menus
-- Feels slow - My GH4 from 2014 flips through the menus really quickly, and also lets me use the touchscreen for them!
-- Still can't do much when buffer is clearing. I thought this was over when I heard that you don't see the "Can't operate - writing to card", but this still happens. It's just that you can change settings while writing now. <sigh>
-- Camera plays "Simon says" - if you tell it to write to two cards, and don't have a card in slot #2, it'll say "Can't write, no card in slot 2"! Wow! I don't care, shoot the damn photo. Something else I only noticed about my Nikon when it was taken away. Nikon will shoot RAW+JPG to one card if it's all you have inserted.
-- So many options will disable other options (Proxy recording for Video disables Eye-AF, HDMI out disables Eye-AF, HDR disables RAW shooting, etc.), though it requires so much menu flipping in order to figure out how to turn off the blocking feature that it's more frustrating. At least they tell you where the conflict lies (A little)
-- Menus are terrible, and many of the options shouldn't be necessary. USB connection mode - how about you figure that out automatically?
-- Camera requires a database to use your cards. This kind of freaked me out when I first started using them. Why do you need to set up a database before shooting? Just write the photos. What happens if the database gets corrupted? Several times I've had to rebuild a database, and this makes me nervous, because it feels like I've lost data
- Buttons are a little mushy - no satisfying click
- Cards go in backwards - label is away from you

In general, the A7III feels like a really fast computer that has a lot of stuff to do before you're able to take a photo with it. It happens really quickly, but it's that latency that's really distracting, and frustrating.
The D750 feels like a purpose built camera (Like every other DSLR before it), that has some smarts in the back end that you can turn on without them affecting anything.

EDIT: I should point out what I shoot - most of what I shoot for money is BMX racing, so need fast focus (I really didn't think the A7II would've cut it), and the rest of the time I'm shooting either people in the studio for fun (Godox flashes), or bands playing at bars - low light.

For the BMX, the D750 is great, though does struggle focusing when subjects are backlit. I think the A7III struggles even more with this (Haven't yet taken it to the BMX track)
The main problem I had with the D750 is that I couldn't frame a rider's head at the top of the frame and have the AF system track them (Head was out of the AF area). 3D tracking works really damn well, but not when the subject is outside of the AF area!
One of the other big problems I have with Sony is that there's no used market, so lens prices are very high. Nikon has 3 generations of 70-200 lenses that you can "cheap out" on (VR1 is totally fine for me), but Sony only has the $3200CAD 70-200 FE GM

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Apr 24, 2019 08:00 |  #6

If you have not done so, handle both bodies and see which feels better in your hands.
Sony is not comfortable for many friends who have tried them. Somehow they don't seem to have it down like Canon and Nikon do.

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Apr 24, 2019 15:06 as a reply to  @ Agamemnon's post |  #7

Good point on the used market side for lenses. GM lenses are extremely expensive, but also extremely good. But yes, if your trying to keep on a budget, Sony can be hard. Thats why I still shoot a ton of EF L glass on my Sonys.

Its by knowing and mastering all the rules that you learn which ones you can break.

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Apr 26, 2019 09:05 as a reply to  @ Croasdail's post |  #8

I'm currently shooting Nikon glass on my Sony (I do have a couple of native lenses), but yeah, the used market for both Canon and Nikon makes me not want to spend $3300CAD on a Sony 70-200 2.8.
I can get the 1st gen Canon Nikon versions for ~$1000, and the second gen versions for ~$1600.

How do you find the AF performance works, and with which Canon lenses? Do you use the MC11, Fotodiox, or Metabones?

Website: http://www.ryanlindsey​ (external link)
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Nikon D750 vs Sony A7 III
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