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Thread started 09 Oct 2006 (Monday) 13:46
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RC1 vs RC5 - what's the difference?

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Joined Feb 2004
Oct 09, 2006 13:46 |  #1

Hi all,

Bit of advice please. For my EOS 400D/XTi I'd like a remote control principally to trigger the shutter for long exposure (to avoid vibration). The RC1 has a two second trigger interval and according to will also control bulb exposures - 1st press to open shutter and 2nd to close. I think this is all I need but is there anything extra the the RC5, which is more expensive, offers.



PS if anybody can suggest a cheap place to buy one of these whilst I'm in Naples, Florida in 2 weeks time even better. UK price is about 20GBP / 38USD.

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Cream of the Crop
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Oct 09, 2006 15:38 |  #2

Apparently, the only difference between RC1 and RC5 is the shape and styling. I don't think they're ideal for what you want though, as you have to be in front of the camera to use them (the IR sensor is on the front of the camera body). You really want the remote switch RS-60 E3, which plugs into your camera. That certainly does enable you to take long exposures without moving the camera, though I think it costs a bit more.


Cream of the Crop
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Oct 09, 2006 15:55 as a reply to  @ Madweasel's post |  #3

Have a look also on ebay for Adidt remotes, they are made in China, are incredibly good value and a fraction of the Canon price. they work great too.

I got mine from hudsonriverphoto, he shipped to the UK from the US in 4 days over a holiday weekend (Easter) so I was extra impressed

It cost about £10 including postage.

I wouldn't go for the RC1 as it only works if you are in front of the camera.

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Curtis ­ N
Master Flasher
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Oct 09, 2006 16:09 |  #4

The RC-1 has the advantage of being able to select "instant" shutter release rather than a 2 second delay. This is very useful for standing in front of the camera and taking a picture of yourself with your arm outstretched, pointing the remote at the camera. :rolleyes: It's also $3.00 more expensive than the RC-5, according to B&H.

I'm with the others - a wired remote is much more user-friendly.

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Oct 09, 2006 20:05 as a reply to  @ Curtis N's post |  #5

You can be off to the side to use the RC-1 Remote. I usually stand behind the camera and press the button off to the side, if I don't want to be in the pic. I like the RC-1. I like the Instant - 2 Sec. and the Bulb function on the camera, 1 press on the remote to open and another press of the button to close.

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7 posts
Joined Feb 2004
Oct 10, 2006 12:45 as a reply to  @ RWK's post |  #6

Thanks everybody for your comments. I now feel the urge to go for both the RC1 and the wired version (probably the adidt clone though - thanks steved). So much for saving money!


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RC1 vs RC5 - what's the difference?
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