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Thread started 17 Dec 2008 (Wednesday) 17:39
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Shutter button getting soft..?

47 posts
Joined Jul 2008
Dec 17, 2008 17:39 |  #1

I have a 40D, and of late i notice when i press the shutter button it doesnt always fire. Even when the lens is set to manual it wont always fire immediately.

Imagine being at a wedding or something and u totally missed the action?!?

Long story short the button isnt as sensitive as it used to be.. can i do anything to it? or should it be sent back to the factory? is it normal?

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James ­ Salenger
1,649 posts
Joined May 2008
Location: Virginia
Dec 18, 2008 00:55 |  #2

Very strange problem, I will try to answer. The shutter actuation is a combination
of mechanical and electronic function. I would send it back as more than likely your
problem is a faulty shutter release button. I doubt you have worn out the shutter and
are having some sort of glitch, (manufacturing) problem. sorry, $750+ US, just doesn't
buy what is used to.

I may not be the village idiot, but I'll do until
he gets here.

Ad ­ B
Mostly Lurking
18 posts
Joined Dec 2008
Location: Netherlands
Dec 18, 2008 02:22 as a reply to  @ James Salenger's post |  #3

Hi Virus,
I (and others) have that problem to.:(
Read this tread: …php?p=6901111#p​ost6901111
Try the solution I've posted there or let the shutterbutton unit be replaced.

By the way, when you have a remote control or a battery grip on the camera,
these shutterbuttons will work perfectly.:cool:

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Captain Chaos loves his 40 d with a few quite (light)sensitive lenses + one L walk-around (24-105), Canon 580 external flash and other stuff...

Senior Member
355 posts
Joined Dec 2008
Location: Western Wisconsin
Dec 18, 2008 11:35 |  #4

I had same problem with my 40D after about 40,000 exposures. Sometimes the button worked, sometimes not.

Was just out of warranty and Canon wanted basically the cost of a new 40D body. Luckily, and for some reason not clear to me yet....I have never done it before or since, I bought the full coverage extended warranty from Circuit City....yeah I know, Circuit CIty.

I sent the camera in and about 3 weeks later I had a Circuit CIty gift card for the full amount...only drawback was that I had to spend it at Circuit City so I bought something else there and bought a new 40D body at Costco for around $800...

So yes, the condition does exist...


47 posts
Joined Jul 2008
Dec 19, 2008 11:23 |  #5

I tried the twisting and turning thing, and it sorta worked..
i need to conduct some more test tho, but thanks for the help

discount on value meals
3,457 posts
Likes: 2
Joined Apr 2003
Location: Idaho!
Dec 19, 2008 12:53 |  #6

I picked up some electrical contact cleaner at Radio Shack - held the camera upside down and worked a small amount of it in and around my 20D shutter button and it works as good as new. The contacts can just get dirty.

The contact cleaner dries quickly and cleanly and does not leave any residue on the camera or the outside of the shutter button.

DC ­ Fan
Cream of the Crop
5,879 posts
Gallery: 3 photos
Likes: 49
Joined Oct 2005
Dec 19, 2008 13:30 |  #7

Shutter buttons wear out or shift with use. Had the same problem, sent the camera to Canon, they fixed it under warranty. Took about a week.

1,850 posts
Joined Mar 2008
Dec 19, 2008 14:19 |  #8

I think you need to send your shutter finger in for servicing. Obviously, it has lost


Senior Member
475 posts
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Joined Dec 2008
Location: Toronto
Dec 21, 2008 00:08 |  #9

Arrrrghh - not ONE day after reading this thread - my trusty 300D Dig Rebel shutter button starts to go!!! The twisty thing works fro one or two shots then - NADA - and here I was gonna sell it last week cause i saw a great deal on a 50D!!!! I'm quite sure the replacement cost is MUCH more than this body is worth unfortunately - oh well, will have to take a lot of protrait shots (which I do anyway) until I can afford a new body - now I may have to wait on getting the 70-200L - no point having a lens with no body!!!

I have a photographic memory, just wish I'd remember to take the lens cap off more often! :oops:
7DII - Canon 70-200 2.8 II - Sigma 10-20 - Sigma 17-50/2.8OS - F-Stop Lotus Backpack - ThinkTank Speed Racer V2 - Tamrac Velocity 8x - Peak Design Slide & Capture Pro
Flickr Collection (external link)

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Shutter button getting soft..?
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