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Thread started 15 Apr 2009 (Wednesday) 05:53
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Could you live w/o the UWA?

Cream of the Crop
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Joined Sep 2005
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Apr 15, 2009 14:23 |  #31

Although the 10-22 is a great lens and fun to use, I replaced mine with the 16-35 and am very happy with it. It all depends what your primary use is going to be.


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Location: Europe
Apr 15, 2009 14:25 |  #32

I thouhgt I could - my whole rig consisted of the 135L for a yr...then I had the 85L... telling myself that I could use the P/S for other stuff..since most of my work covers the longer range... sooner or later I ended up getting the 17-40L..which was replaced by the 24L

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Apr 15, 2009 14:27 |  #33

I've lived without one for awhile, but I realized I need one for tight forested valleys. I checked my focal plot software, and I am slamming up against 17mm quite often in tight areas, almost always bunched up river valleys in treed settings. That said, there's no way it will be my most used lens, just nice to have.

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Rick "who is not suited for any one title" Denney
2,400 posts
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Joined Jun 2003
Apr 15, 2009 14:28 |  #34

cdifoto wrote in post #7735785 (external link)
I have an ultra-wide but seldom use it.

I have lots of lenses I seldom use. But when I need them, nothing else will do.

For the OP: If you want to dabble with a wide field of view, I have found that it is actually easier to understand a fisheye than a rectilinear ultra-wide. The reason is that the rectilinear projection is actually rather unnatural, and works best when rendering unnatural subjects (such as buildings). For natural subjects, including people (but notably not including trees), the spherical projection of a fisheye is actually more natural and pleasing.

The horizon and perhaps trees are the only lines in a landscape that really must be straight to maintain realism. If you compose the image so that the necessarily straight lines go through the center of the frame, they will render as straight with a fisheye. For example, I usually compose so that the horizon runs through the center of the frame, but then crop it to move it off-center if I need to for the composition. Or, I choose a composition that doesn't depend on a straight horizon, such as this one:


In this image, the logs on the ground all point through the center of the image, and thus remain straight. The horizon is above the center and therefore bows upward, but that bow follows the shape of the mountain and so it's not noticeable.

My vision of landscapes usually requires some relationship between the extreme foreground and the background, and making that work usually requires a very wide lens or some other tool, such as lens movements. So, I do a lot of work with ultra-wides and fisheyes.

My point in bringing up the whole fisheye thing? A Zenitar 16/2.8 fisheye (which is full-frame on a 24x36 sensor) is under $200, even with a chipped EF-compatible mount permanently installed. The above image was made with a Zenitar. Stopped down a bit, it's plenty sharp. That's a fairly small price to pay to see if your viewpoint can make use of it. It's cheap enough to have around even if the mood only strikes infrequently.

My first ultra-wide in medium format was a 30mm Arsat fisheye. It took me a while to finally get it, but when I did I started to understand how useful it was.

Rick "who could not live without ultra-wides, both rectilinear and fisheye" Denney

The List

"Meow! Bark! Honk! Hiss! Grrr! Tweet!"
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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Apr 15, 2009 14:34 |  #35

I could live without it, but its super, super helpful in a lot of situations.

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Roy ­ Webber
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Location: Corralejo, Fuerteventura....Canary Islands Spain
Apr 15, 2009 14:43 |  #36

Never, my 10-22 is the tool of my business.

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4,628 posts
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Joined Jan 2007
Location: Sweden/France
Apr 15, 2009 14:47 |  #37

I could live without UWA.
I have a 10-22. It is not that I don't like it and I don't really want to give it away, but it is not my primary lens for what I shoot.

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Senior Member
392 posts
Joined Nov 2008
Location: Belgium
Apr 15, 2009 15:16 as a reply to  @ post 7736570 |  #38

I recently sold my 17-40, had a bit of a remorse on a shoot, but I think I used it for 5% of the time. The cash I got from it has been spend wel! :D

Camera • lenses

"Holy crap its long!"
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Apr 15, 2009 15:49 |  #39

DL.Photography wrote in post #7736529 (external link)
Off topic, joemama, your avatar is hilarious.

To not waste a post.....I completely agree with you, UWA rocks.

It took me a moment to see that

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Senior Member
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Joined Apr 2008
Apr 15, 2009 16:04 |  #40

I picked the 16-35 II over the 24-70 as my fist lens moving to full frame. That's my vote.

Yohan ­ Pamudji
2,994 posts
Joined Jun 2007
Location: Mississippi
Apr 15, 2009 16:04 |  #41

rdenney wrote in post #7736631 (external link)
I have lots of lenses I seldom use. But when I need them, nothing else will do.

Same here. I use my 17-40L for probably 5% or less of my shots, but when I need it I need it. I could live without it if I absolutely had to pare down my lenses, but I'd much rather not.

Here ­ and ­ There
193 posts
Joined Jan 2009
Location: San Diego, CA
Apr 15, 2009 20:46 |  #42

I could live without it, but life wouldn't be as fun. :p

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Double ­ Negative
10,533 posts
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Joined Mar 2006
Location: New York, USA
Apr 16, 2009 08:20 |  #43

Live without an UWA? Hell no! I love wide. I like 14mm, 15mm, 16-35mm... No such thing as "too wide" when you need it, especially on digital crop bodies.

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TaDa cool as Perry
6,742 posts
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Joined Feb 2008
Location: New York
Apr 16, 2009 08:25 |  #44

I had a 10-22 when I owned a cropper. Had 2 17-40s for full frame. Just never used them, so I sold them. I find 24mm on my 5D to be as wide as I need for most of my shots. I am currently looking for a 15mm Fish-eye, but that's more for the niche photos, and not for my main shooting style

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Cream of the Crop
5,564 posts
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Joined Dec 2005
Location: Columbus, OH
Apr 16, 2009 08:29 |  #45

Not me. I have come to kind of see in wide angle, and capturign foreground interest while leading the eye to a larger, more distant subject is very satisfying. I really like wide angle photography, and after having an UWA for 3.5 years, I couldn't give one up now.

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Could you live w/o the UWA?
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