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Thread started 28 Jul 2009 (Tuesday) 23:51
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Upgrading to 40/50D from 20D

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Jul 28, 2009 23:51 |  #1

The question has crossed my mind multiple times.

Should I sell my beloved 20D for a 40/50D?

Eventually, I plan on adding a 5D (or 5DII) to my army, but I want a cropped sensor cam to accompany it. I don't necessarily want a backup/main camera duo, but something along the lines of "two tools that do their own thing amazingly". That being said, as much as I love my 20D, I find myself hating images with ISO >400, wanting a better and bigger LCD, sometimes wanting more FPS, and even wanting live view for macros. For the most part, I really like my 20D, but after playing around on some 40's and 50's, I really could see myself taking advantage of the upgrade for skating/moto shots, as well as my personal enjoyment of macros, and clean and noiseless indoor wedding and engagement shots that I do and plan on doing to back up my girlfriend.

If I go ahead with it, I'd more than likely sell my 20D for the purchase, so the cost won't be too bad. I might even wait until the 60D comes out so I can nab a 40/50D for an even better price. There's no rush really.
I'm asking even after researching multiple threads and experiencing the cameras personally. After everything, my mind is still wavering. It's really terrible becasue I'm typically pretty definite in what I want...
Heck, I'm even open to more options other than a 40/50D. I've considered 1D mark II's, 5D's (and purchasing the small sensor camera later), and even a T1I (although I find Rebels very uncomfortable). So any recommendation is greatly appreciated!

So I'm asking, "what would YOU do?"

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Jul 28, 2009 23:56 |  #2

I'd hang onto your 20D as a backup which I did after buying a 50D.. You won't get much for your 20D on the second hand market but in all fairness to the 20D it still delivers the goods and takes excellent images..

The good thing about having both the 20D and 40D/50D is that they all use the same accessories like batteries, grips etc..

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Jul 29, 2009 12:52 |  #3

Keep watching the Market! Two new bodies this summer (possibly) and prices are going to dropppp =) Uhh I'd hold on to your 20D xD

Oh how I tried to sell my little XTI I COULDN"T DO IT =( haha

I think you can grab a nice new 40D w/ a nice lense with it for not to much these days! When that 60D comes out HMMM might be ur best bet!

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Jul 29, 2009 13:03 |  #4

yeah with the 40D going for 650ish you can get them at a steal of a deal. Might wait 2 months though to see what is going to be out and the newest on the block causing prices to drop a bit more..

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Jul 29, 2009 14:06 |  #5

My Sig shows what I did but if you're not certain you need a new body then I'd advise you wait. The longer you put off the decision, the cheaper the current bodies will get.

It's possible that there'll be a new X0D body this Fall but I wouldn't bet on that - the 50D was announced less than a year ago and with the current economy I wouldn't be surprised if Canon extends product cycles to maximize ROI in the current bodies.

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Aug 04, 2009 13:47 as a reply to  @ sleibrand's post |  #6

I agree with most of the above. Wait as long as possible for prices to decend though there is very little markup in these cameras, new models will drive present prices down a bit.
I have had the 10D, 20D,30D and now have the 40D as my second and the 5DM2 as my primary camera and there is a remarkable difference in color between the Digic 4 and previous processors. The 3" LCD screen with close to 1million pixels was a contributing factor in my choice of the 5DM2. I would recommend your principle camera to have the Digic 4 processor and the Digic 2 or 3 on my secondary if money allows, whether that is housed in the 5DM2 or just the 50D. 6 fps is also an attribute to seriously consider on the later D models.

On a different note boys and girls, I am amazed at the horrible way LR 2.2 handles RAW & JPG compared to DPP. Is LR 2.4 any better? And does the difference translate to print?

Steven A. Jones
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Upgrading to 40/50D from 20D
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