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Thread started 04 Sep 2009 (Friday) 18:22
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I CALLED CANON requesting 5D Mark II Update - Guess what?!

"Shooting blanks"
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Sep 07, 2009 06:20 |  #31

fly my pretties wrote in post #8597832 (external link)
This simply isn't true.

Agreed. You also have to look at the historical evidence, which shows that Canon updated the firmware to enable manual exposure control in the 5D2 as a direct result of user requests to do so.

Firmware updates are an intrinsic part of computer technology.

IFYP. Firmware updates are intrinsic to almost any device that has programmable firmware, from computers to mobile phones to...guess what, cameras. Otherwise, there would be no point to using firmware, and all such devices would simply use ROM as they once did.

Don't listen to people saying that asking for extended features via firmware is fanciful thinking or being whiny, or that one has to accept the reality of newer products getting newer features. These people are living in the past and do not understand how modern consumer electronics have overwhelmingly adopted the firmware model of product development. They are ignorant of how the increasing complexity of such products has made firmware a virtual necessity. We are not talking about hardware. No one is expecting Canon to retrofit the 5D2 with the 7D's AF system for free. We are talking about code that is by its very nature designed to be rewritten and extended over time.

Also, people are missing the point when it comes to consumer feedback. So what if we call up Canon and want to suggest new hardware features as well? It's not like any rational person is asking them to change their existing hardware for free, unless it's a product defect. Canon has specifically pointed out that the very existence of the 7D, as well as its hardware feature set, is a response to consumer input. It is never a waste of time to tell a company that creates a product you care about, how to make it even better.

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worship my useful and insightful comments
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Sep 07, 2009 06:42 |  #32

Does anyone actually believe that Canon changes strategy based upon help desk calls?

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Sep 07, 2009 07:02 |  #33

Here is one guy that is not happy that his 5D Mk II has 30p video while the new 7D has 24p video. He also would like a firmwre update so it will do 24p: :D​uk …-release-of-the-canon-7d/ (external link)

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Sep 07, 2009 07:16 |  #34

^ whatever it is.... you win :-)

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Sep 07, 2009 07:29 |  #35

I believe there is a separate video encoding chip. This chip may actually be the bottleneck. TTYe firmware update is likely for the camera os only. this means if the video encoder chip does not natively support 24p there is nothing they can do. I hope I am wrong though.

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Sep 07, 2009 07:50 |  #36
bannedPermanent ban

S.Horton wrote in post #8597934 (external link)
Does anyone actually believe that Canon changes strategy based upon help desk calls?

Companies do it all the's called making your customer happy. The thought of folks returning recently purchased 5dMKIIs for 7d's won't sit very well with upper management. (external link)"I think that there will be people disappointed in any camera short of the one that summons the ghost of Ansel Adams to come and press the shutter button for them." -lazer-jock

dan ­ j
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Sep 08, 2009 14:48 |  #37

Bump :)


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Sep 08, 2009 15:00 |  #38

dan j wrote in post #8586700 (external link)
Sorry, but it's not as simple as new model v older model. This involves money, and lots of it. The 7D is newer but its also lots less money (for obvious reasons).


I wish this were the case but in the UK there is only a couple of hundred pounds between the 7D and the 5DmkII. Crazy!

Hopefully the 7D will quickly come down to a more realistic price point in the UK...:rolleyes:

Ashley Taylor
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Sep 08, 2009 15:43 |  #39

Wow - it's good to know that Canon actually has a customer support line and pays someone to listen to the input form customers.

I couldn't care less about video and microphone stuff, but I would love to see 1 series AF on the next 5 series body. Maybe if I call about that someone will actually listen and write it down.

OP, what number did you call for the customer support?

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"They're", "their", and "there" are different words with completely different meanings - please use the correct one.
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A Firm Hand on FirmWare
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Sep 08, 2009 21:23 |  #40

Another (of many, but don't post everyone to avoid bothering) example of customers sharing experience after calling:

" I just called (Technical Support) and spoke with a very friendly representative, and he said that calling in and registering this as a feature request with Canon was a great idea and it’s how manual control got in there.

So please, if you have a 5DmkII (they ask for serial), take the five minutes and call in, it CAN make a difference. "

This IS real, it IS happening.
You take your decision, if you care about 5D Mark II improvements then you join and spend a couple of minutes calling and placing your feature request, OR... just rest and do nothing (or waste time with negative thoughts and arguments that really give nothing to anybody)

For a reference list of features request (just a reminder, if you need), check:
http://5dmark2.wordpre​ (external link)

This is worldwide, and CAN help all of us.

But to achieve it, we NEED that all interested customers do call Canon. (and it only takes 5 minutes)

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Sep 08, 2009 21:58 |  #41

I thought the video features were the same. Is that incorrect? It sounds to me that some of the upgrades might be impossible because of hardware in the 5D Mark II not being the same as the 7D. I really don't expect Canon to make my camera the same as the next camera that comes out. They did a great job with the last update to the firmware and I for one am extremely happy. However, I didn't buy a digital SLR so I could shoot HD video. I bought it as a camera. The video for me is just a novelty that I might use at Christmas time at the in-Laws. Maybe a wedding! If I am going to shoot video, then I will get a video cam, they work a lot easier than a dslr. Just my opinion, take it or leave it. I am sure that most photographers that were going to upgrade to the next 5D didn't expect HD Video and didn't decide to buy it because it now had video capabilities.

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Sep 08, 2009 22:00 |  #42

uhhh yeah if a 7d with fullframe exists.... "aka 3d" i'd pay


A Firm Hand on FirmWare
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Sep 09, 2009 05:53 |  #43


No, video specs are not the same. The main difference is in the frame rates (wich means compatibility issues or not)

Hardware is a bit different (asides to the sensor size wich makes it very different), but both uses the same Digic 4 processor (as I said before, according to a Canon press conference report, a single Digic 4 can handle 24p, the dual Digic 4 is most likely used to achieve the fast frame rate and strong noise reduction that 7D have)

- Video functions might be a "novelty" for some people, but is VERY important to lot of customers and companies that use it for professional purposes.
That's why Redrock, Zacuto, Cinevate, and other designers have developed cinematography gear for DSLR...

Canon knows it, the 5D Mark II was all around Canon's booth at NAB 2009 event, and that event is for broadcasting and video!! (not photography/stills)

So you can see the video feature is REALLY important to many people and companies, it's VERY far from being a "gimmick" as some "still-only" people said when it came out.

And as someone wrote before, some photojournalists also use video today (and many more will in near future).

It will be a "must-have" feature since 2010, we like it or not (of course you always have the choice not to use it, just like LiveView, etc)

= HD Cam Team = (external link)

Cream of the Crop
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Sep 09, 2009 09:17 |  #44

I just called as well, though I am not sure if I got the right department (I went with Tech Support). Had a nice conversation with the gentleman; at first he just curtly replied to my questions, but after a bit he said "you seem to know what you are talking about", and then we got more in depth. At that point he took my name and phone number, but he didn't get my camera serial like some people here.

Anyways, I mentioned: changing 30.00 to 29.97fps, exposure shift while zooming, changing the bracketing from 3 frames to 5 frames, and manual gain on the audio. He said that Canon has heard people asking about these features, and that all we can do is watch to see what happens in the future.

That'd be legendary if on Sept 29 along with their historic announcement (1dIV) they also released a firmware update for our 5D2's. Canon fans would go nuts.

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Sep 09, 2009 16:28 |  #45

elitejp wrote in post #8586516 (external link)
If this could all be done in firmware It would have been really nice for the 50d to have gotten video as well. It wasnt long before the 50d was released that the 500d for a lesser price had video included.

I will live without the video, as they say that is adding new functionality to the product that was never there before. What I would like them to do with the 50D is to add in the better noise control in the higher ISO range that the 500D has. This is not adding any feature that is not there.. they just used a better algorithm for the 500D and that should be backwards ported to the 50D. It's not as if there are different processors, and probably the same sensor in both cameras.


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I CALLED CANON requesting 5D Mark II Update - Guess what?!
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