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Thread started 24 Oct 2009 (Saturday) 20:11
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Tenba Mixx Pouch (Medium) review -- S90 case

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Oct 24, 2009 20:11 |  #1

Note: I apologize for the white balance. I didn't bother to post-process these images at all, so if someone wants a better representation of what the "orange" color is, let me know and I'll repost.

When I "upgraded" my camera gear to the XSi and lenses from a Canon A610 and S3 IS late last year, I found that I was using the two older P&S cameras less and less. When situations arose where I might want to take pictures but was afraid to bring the XSi, I simply didn't want to bring either of the two P&S, either, because they wouldn't fit into a pocket. I wanted the Panasonic LX3 badly, but given its price and size, I simply couldn't justify buying another $600 item after dropping a ton on the dSLR kit.

Enter the S90. I was haphazardly checking various photography sites and saw some posts suggesting that Best Buy had some in stock, and though I doubted my local one would (there are no photography stores near here, so I would assume that Best Buy wouldn't carry a premium P&S, either), I called and asked if any were in stock. Lo and behold, they had them -- and after picking one [after much self-doubt about whether I wanted to spend $400], I needed a case of sorts.

The best idea, I think, for my needs is just a microfibre sleeve similar to an Oakley sunglass bag. It adds virtually no volume to the S90's diminutive size, meaning I can slip both into a jeans pocket with ease.


However, a lack of additional size to the camera means less protection, so for tossing the camera in a larger backpack, say, I wanted a bigger case that still might be pocketable if need be. Click this to see my "research" of all the cases out there that'd fit the S90.

Ultimately, I decided on the Tenba Mixx Medium. I wanted a case that wasn't too thick, as most of the time I'd probably end up carrying the S90 in my jeans' front pocket, and only a few bags met this thickness requirement (the Kata DF-402/4X; Tenba; Mountainsmith Flash S; and the Case Logic, Built Hoodie, and Wenger cases). I went with the Tenba over the Mountainsmith simply because I have a Tenba Messenger Small already; I went with the Tenba over the Kata because the Kata 402X is too small and the 404X not significantly narrower than the Mixx to make a huge difference (so I think).


The S90 fits snugly in the Mixx Medium (Mixx M from now on). There's an elastic lip around the top of the case (when you open it) that helps hold the S90 in place; there is about a finger's worth of room on the side of the camera, so the lip helps to prevent the S90 from shaking about. Other than that, the camera fits well, the flap still closes, and I wouldn't be worried about it falling out of the pouch.




As was the case with my Messenger, the Mixx M is built well. I don't see any loose threads, and the stitching looks clean.


Well, it holds the S90. :) Unlike the Oakley case, however, there is not much room above the camera to put the wrist strap; the wrist strap thus hangs outside the pouch for me (as you can see in the images). The two long, narrow sides of the bag are neoprene,
which makes me question its water resistance (something else that I was looking for in a bag and that is claimed by Tenba), but I probably won't be using a camera if it's pouring rain, anyhow.



In addition, since the "claspy" part of the velcro is on the flap and not the case, the wrist strap is prone to get snagged on the velcro -- and frays as a result. Be careful of all velcro-closure bags for this reason!

The belt loop is one aspect of the bag that I wanted to make sure I got right -- I hate taking off my entire belt just to put something on it, so I wanted a bag that had a quick-release strap of some sort to allow me to keep my belt on. This one has it.


There is a small slot that will hold a battery and SD cards. There are also two D-rings on the bag of the case for the included neckstrap. I can't speak for the other colors, but this orange is more of a light brown -- not quite as dark as my Tenba Messenger, but definitely not "pumpkin orange" or the color of the fruit.


Overall, the Mixx Medium is a great case for the S90. I wish it were a bit narrower -- I'd definitely prefer carrying the S90 in an Oakley case if I knew that I'd be pocketing it -- but it's well-built, relatively inexpensive, and offers a secure case for my S90. I still haven't figured out if the size will deter me from using it at all (in which case I may reconsider the Katas), and whether the neoprene is anything to be worried about. I really think it'd be nice if there were a bag that was 2.5" wide and that shared the two other dimensions of the Mixx Medium; both the thickness and height of the bag are perfect.

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Nov 04, 2009 17:57 |  #2

I likey.

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Dec 03, 2009 17:48 |  #3

Hey Thanks for the review... 2 things,

1) about the functionality of the belt loop, does it need that 2ndary flap (black, coming from bottom of the bag) to be secured in place? and
2) how does it sit on your belt, ie position to your stomach. A pic would be helpful. I got a little bit of flab on my sides and many pouches i tried will poke at it :)

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Tenba Mixx Pouch (Medium) review -- S90 case
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