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Thread started 09 Mar 2010 (Tuesday) 09:22
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17-55IS vs 15-85IS. Reach vs speed

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Mar 10, 2010 16:55 as a reply to  @ post 9769620 |  #46

I had the 17-55 and I don't get how it is called a "walk around lens" Imo
Is a great lens, but i think is more of a studio lens (just My Humble Opinion, please dont kill me), just like the 24-70 f2.8 on FF,
but as a only one lens for me is not wide enough for many things, is not long enough for other and even not fast enough at f2.8 as I kept using my flash indoors, not to mention pretty big and heavy for walking around.
I guess is a matter of opinion choice and style?
That is why I sold it and got the 15-85IS, I dont regret my desition.
But if studio is your every day thing on a crop I'd choose the 17-55 I guess, but even then on studio you don't really need f2.8, if you want shallow DOF i'd go for a faster prime also if you need low ligh again i'd get a faster prime but constant aperture is nice to have.


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Mar 10, 2010 17:12 |  #47

Acamacho wrote in post #9769620 (external link)
17-55 a downgrade to 18-55? @_@

I was on the fence on whether to get the 17-55 or the 15-85, but decided in the end to get the 15-85 because of the reach. So far I've been liking the output. I don't have a 17-55 to compare to mind you, but I like the quality so far.

May be a downgrade in IQ. It's obvisiously a faster lens throughout the focal range, but some reviews mention the IQ. I wouldnt' want to get a lens that is going to have the same or less image quality and just faster for the amount that a 17-55 costs. Not to mention the 15-85 has a lower focal range and thats always good for APS-C if you enjoy the wide angle. How is the sharpness wide open?

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Mar 10, 2010 18:54 |  #48

I want both, so I've got a 15-85 and 35 f/2 coming. I shoot a lot outdoors and want the reach and width, but when I'm indoors I just want aperature and 50mm is too long for me on a crop. These two together are not much more $$ than a 17-55 IS.

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Mar 10, 2010 19:13 |  #49

bobmenor19 wrote in post #9769414 (external link)
I've seen a few articles and reviews. according to them the IQ of the 17-55 is not any better and may be a down grade to the 18-55IS kit lense.

Go to and look at the reviews for the 17-55 as compared to the 18-55. At every focal length they test the 17-55 has less distortion, less chromatic aberation, when wide open at f/2.8 is at least sharp as the cheaper lens is at any aperture and then gets even sharper when closed down a little.

The 15-85 has the range that I think I would really appreciate and spend the difference between the two lense on a speedlite.

On this we agree.

-- Ken
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Mar 11, 2010 04:56 |  #50

I'm going to go with the 15-85. I know I'd find the 55mm not long enough for me - I had a 24-105 previously so an 85 is already a small compromise.

Then I'll buy a 50 1.8 and either a sigma 30 1.4 or a canon 85 1.8 to complement it. Haven't decided which yet, does the 30 1.4 distort faces on a crop or is its length ok?


no dear, it didn't cost much at all

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Mar 13, 2010 09:47 as a reply to  @ mrklaw's post |  #51

I am also on the fence with regards to these two lenses. I will pull the trigger on one of these. One week its the 17-55.the other week its the 15-85. I am torn between "reach" and "speed". However whilst out walking by the coastline the other evening I found it frustrating that I had no reach with my 18-55 kit lens. WA was perfect. My only reason for getting the 17-55 f2.8 would be mainly for portraiture.

However from reading yer views on this thread I think I will pull the trigger on 15-85mm. I will have the back up of my speedlite 430 flash when light gets a bit tricky and I think I will be better served with this lens and some primes as oppose to the 17-55 on it's own.

Thanks guys for all yer posts. Being a newbie l'm learning an awful lot from you.

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Mar 13, 2010 12:37 as a reply to  @ SwavGav's post |  #52

Well I've bitten the bullet and ordered the 15-85. I figure I've got the nifty fifty if I want to take wide aperture portrait shots, but would value the extra range and step up in quality the 15-85 gives over my 18-55. Maybe I'll add an 85 1.8 sometime in the future, but for now the 15-85 fits the bill nicely.

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Mar 13, 2010 13:55 |  #53

I'd go with the 17-55 but that's based on what I like to shoot. The IS with a 2.8.... man...

Canon 30D with a varied assortment of lenses... and growing ;)

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17-55IS vs 15-85IS. Reach vs speed
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