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Thread started 26 Mar 2010 (Friday) 20:54
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Who can POSSIBLY drop a lens?

Cream of the Crop
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Mar 27, 2010 08:13 |  #16
bannedPermanent ban

I don't use backpack. The only way I see I would ever drop a lens is actually slipping out from my hands, during lens changing.

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Senior Member
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Mar 27, 2010 08:14 as a reply to  @ post 9880811 |  #17

Had my nifty fifty do the same thing out of a back pack.

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Mar 27, 2010 12:10 |  #18

Chris11 wrote in post #9878975 (external link)
I've read the few sad tales on here about people dropping their lenses and wondered if it would ever happen to me.

Well now I know what it's like because it has.

We went away overnight to our daughter's house a few hundred miles away so I put all my gear in my camera backpack. Coming home we stopped to take some pics and I had to change lenses so I opened the bag, switched, and DIDN'T JIP THE BAG BACK UP. Once home I grabbed the bag, dragged it out of the flat back area ( Prius ) in our cement floored garage and clunk. My favorite lens, 70-200 2.8 IS fell onto the floor.

I guess the Gods were smiling on me as when it fell ( I watched it ) it landed on the plastic lens cover on the mount end. All seems well with it though. It focuses as it did before, and the IS still appears to work correctly. In fact I can't even see a mark on the plastic cover.

Hopefully this has been a cheap lesson to me to be more careful.

you shouldve jipped it up... tsk tsk tsk.


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Mar 27, 2010 15:45 |  #19

My niece managed to topple my my tripod that had a 7D and a 135L on it. I was preparing to shoot video, so it was my big Manfrotto 535 CF tripod with a huge video head on it and it smacked down on a hardwood floor. Big thud, but no damage.

The second time I myself dropped that very same 7D. I was trying to switch CF cards between the 7D and my 5D MkII holding a camera in each hand. The CF card slipped, I made a grab for it and..well, dropped the 7D. Again on a hardwood floor. It had the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 mounted on it. A rubbery thud and again no damage. The 7D is exceptionally well built and that 30mm sigma is covered in rubber as well.

I would have actually been very surprised had anything broken. IMO that is as it should be with cameras and lenses in that class.

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Mar 27, 2010 17:12 |  #20

Marloon wrote in post #9881828 (external link)
you shouldve jipped it up... tsk tsk tsk.

Damn. I pride myself on my spelling (or at least I DID.) :)

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Mar 27, 2010 17:24 |  #21

snapped ef 50 1.8 into two halves ^^ fell about 1.5 meters onto stone floor in hallway. Put it back together and it works.

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Mar 27, 2010 18:01 |  #22

What your lucky. I too dropped my 24-70L onto hard cement flooring from about 4 feet up. Cracked the UV filter. blew off the shattered class with my trusty ol Rocket blower, and its still shooting like day one. Nothing like L glass. Love it!

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Mar 27, 2010 18:01 |  #23

themadman wrote in post #9879345 (external link)
Out of pure curiosity... why do you have a 7D if you are too poor to afford better lenses than what you currently have?

Just bought a new car, lenses don't really fit in my budget atm. That and buying car parts is also another expensive hobby lol. It really makes it hard to juggle buying new stuff.

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Mar 27, 2010 18:04 |  #24

skater911 wrote in post #9879057 (external link)
Or a 85 1.2 from forthewinwin.:lol:

noting LMFAO

Get out and shoot

"I'm the original idiot"
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Mar 27, 2010 18:14 as a reply to  @ kokakaste2's post |  #25

My 24-70L got badly damaged when a local Venician tour guide shoved me out of his way while we were queing to cross a small bridge close to St Marks Sq. My wife had to calm me down big time because I was about to kill him after I was on my feet again.

Seems in Venice the locals consider queing is for the tourists not them, they push, shove, bully their way through to the front. Well not when I'm there they don't, if they are behind me, then behind me they stay. I'm very calm normally, but that's one of the few things that winds me up.

Canon took a month and replaced the front rim assembly.


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Senior Member
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Mar 27, 2010 18:17 |  #26

I had an ALMOST drop -While I was buying my 200mmm 2.8 used from a guy from craigslist. He was handing me the lens to inspect but it was still in a plastic sleeve and when he handed it to me it was so slippery it popped out of the plastic and luckily I caught it. We both looked at each other with terror and I think we both almost had a heart attack. I still can't believe he handed it to me in that super slippery plastic!

I have this kind of paranoia where I think of WCS (worst case scenarios) all the time. I rented at 70-200 2.8 IS for a weekend once to see if I wanted to buy it. Well that was well over a year and a half ago and I still have visions of myself changing that lens while on the pier photographing surfers and dropping it over the edge into the ocean. It - gives - me - chills. (also to note: this is the same reason I can't run on pavement, I think about what horrible things would happen if I tripped and fell)

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James ­ Lee
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Mar 27, 2010 19:02 |  #27

well just had my first experience, dropped the camera and lens together, Canon XSi and the 18-55mm lens, all less than a year old. Auto focus no longer works on the lens. I put the zoom on it, and everything seems to work ok, autofocus, shutter, etc. Time to take it back to BB and get it fixed thank goodness it is covered under their warranty.

Is there any kind of test I can do to test all functionality of the camera, If I don't have to send that in, I would prefer not too. Thanks in advance.

Travis ­ Forsyth
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Location: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Mar 27, 2010 22:59 |  #28

Only lens I have dropped was my thrifty 50 and it's still working just fine. But my blood turned to ice after I dropped my body from only 6 inches to the table top.

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Mostly Lurking
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Mar 28, 2010 00:04 |  #29

I opened my trunk and my backpack fell out. Everything seemed ok and a few hours later I start taking pics and looked at the front of the lens after I was done. I then see by 80 BW 77mm filter is fully cracked and has a small whole on it. I take it off my 24-70L and make sure it looks alright. I blew off all of the glass and the lens is working fine now. Luckily it didnt break I would have been soo mad haha.I guess the filter saved it??(maybe) Also -- note to self and maybe others -- make sure when you are putting down your bag that it wont fall easily... could be a handy tip :)

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Senior Member
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Location: Auckland, NZ
Mar 28, 2010 04:51 |  #30

How about this, I left my 1D and Tamron 17-35mm ontop of the car once, got in, my mate drove off (slowly I might add, we were parked on the dirt next to the road), I saw it out the window falling down with my towel (at a lake), and fall to the ground. I went to pick it up, not even a scratch.

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Who can POSSIBLY drop a lens?
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