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Thread started 25 Mar 2011 (Friday) 22:14
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benro B2 or B3 ballhead

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Mar 25, 2011 22:14 |  #1

I am looking for any info or pictures of a Benro B2 or B3 ballhead. Right now I have a 498rc2. Looking to get a B2 or B3 because of the QR plate, it will just work better with everything else that I have.

How big around is the bottom of the ballhead where it sits on the tripod?

How out of place would a B2 or B3 look on a systematic type tripod? Anyone have pictures of one on a systematic tripod?


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Shane ­ W
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Mar 26, 2011 07:48 |  #2

I got a B3 a month ago and put it on a 20 yr old Manfrotto 3221 leg set. I love it! It is big, as Im sure you have studied the specs and measurements on all the eBay vendors listings! If for some reason you have not, start looking! The balls increase in size 10mm each step up (B3= 54mm ball). It will hold my 40D w/ Sigma 150-500mm in any position yet move with just a slight effort. I could not be happier with the quality and finish. I also have a size 0 head on a set of Benro carbon legs I have had for 3+ years and it has performed perfectly also. Use the search function! I cannot afford a Kirk or RRS head and am perfectly happy spending only $110.00 with a sweet plate too.

Shane W

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Mar 26, 2011 08:40 |  #3

I changed from a Manfrotto 488rc2 to Benro B-1. All the lens/camera combo I have worked fine on the 488rc2 will work on B-1. Main reason for the upgrade is for the plate as well. The 2nd reason is weight and size reduction. B-1 is quite a bit smaller and lighter. I think it shaved off 0.75lb.

There is another option though. You can just buy the Arca-Swiss styple plate from Kirk, remove the RC2 QR plate and install the new one. Not too difficult to do.

Sorry, don't have a picture with B-2 or B-3.

Still learning
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Mar 26, 2011 14:13 as a reply to  @ liupublic's post |  #4

I got a super good deal on a Benro J1. Mine has the single locking knob rather than the B series that has a locking and tension. Don't ask me which is better.. I don't know.

I replaced a 498RC2 on my 055xprob and it looks and works fantastic.

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benro B2 or B3 ballhead
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