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Thread started 27 Jul 2011 (Wednesday) 15:13
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Best Buy Geek Squad plans?

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Joined Mar 2011
Jul 27, 2011 15:13 |  #1

Does anyone have any experience with the Best Buy geek squad protection? I think it would ease my mind about possible accidental damage my camera might suffer, particulary if it gets wet in rain or something of that nature.

Is this a good thing? or is it like so may other "extended waranty" plans that seem just a waste of money?

I am still looking at the 60d and would like to get some feedback about the plan as to its worth,.

Really appreciate any help!

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Joined Jan 2007
Jul 27, 2011 15:19 |  #2

Not sure how their accidental protection is, but if they only cover defects, etc on a brand new camera chances are your defects will show up well within the standard 1 yr. You can also look into using a credit card that will double the manufacturers warranty of any purchase.

I picked up a Mack extended warranty for my 7D, only because I bought it thru the CLP so the standard warranty is only 90 days and its a refurb camera. The Mack warranty I purchased also includes accidents, sand/grit, etc. so I thought it was worth it just for that. I dont think the camera itself will have any major issues, I mostly bought the warranty for the fact that it covered breaks from dropping, etc.

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Jul 27, 2011 15:20 |  #3

What do you expect a protection plan to give you that a Canon warranty won't?

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Jul 27, 2011 15:21 |  #4

It's like any other insurance policy. A big waste of money for 95% that never need it and a great deal for the 5% that need them. Just depends on how you feel about your odds.

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Jul 27, 2011 16:56 |  #5

I think they aren't professional at all, they are used as an image role for the company.

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Jul 27, 2011 16:58 |  #6

While I like geek squad help with pc problems, I totally agree with tkbslc - this is 95% just a con to get more money.

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Jul 27, 2011 17:04 |  #7

The protection plan works....but they wont replace it with a new will be a refurb or they will fix your current one. If you plan on having the camera for 4 years....I guess it would be worth it peace of mind to some people. Most people nowadays dont keep cameras for that long though.

I have one on my laptop and on my Ipad 2. Ive used it already for my Ipad due to me dropping it. It all depends. Are you clumsy?

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Jul 27, 2011 17:05 |  #8

I find that SquareTrade has the best 3rd party warranty extensions. Reasonably priced when coupons are applied and many great stories regarding their customer service.

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Joined Feb 2011
Jul 27, 2011 18:25 |  #9

I sell cameras at Best Buy, and the plans do as they say --- if you drop your camera, spill something on it, crack your lens (the kit lens), pretty much any non-intentional damage, it's covered. So, you can't run your camera over with your car, or shoot it with a gun.

The plans also cover a one time battery replacement, which on many SLR's is around $80 USD (RETAIL). The criteria for getting another battery is if your battery holds less than 90% of a charge. That seems to happen within the first year.

Furthermore, the plans cover sensor cleanings... 1, 2, or 3 of them; depending on how many years of the plan you get. Also, the "Geeksquad" doesn't do the sensor cleanings. The camera is sent out to the nearest manufacture service center for the cleaning.

So, the plan is definitely more than just damage protection. Also, it REALLY depends on the store/management you're dealing with as far as plan fulfillment goes. My old store replaced a 7D that was having some weird problems where the shutter would just click immediately when it was turned on, and it would do a bunch of stuff seemingly by itself... right on the spot they allowed me to just give the person another 7D. Took 2 minutes and the guy left with a brand new camera. My new store really seems to enjoy sending things out for repair and rarely gives out a new camera right on the spot, especially an SLR.

So, read into what I told you however you want.

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Jul 27, 2011 20:33 |  #10

When I got my Xti, I ran into problems with it about six weeks later. We had extended warranty through Best Buy. I took my camera into them for repairs. This is what I went through.

Drop off my camera. It gets sent to Vancouver for a diagnosis. From there it gets sent to Canon for repair. (in Calgary, less than a mile from the Best Buy we bought it at). Canon repairs my camera, then ships it back to Vancouver. Vancouver sends it back to Best Buy. In the meantime, it took 7 WEEKS. I was livid. And to top it off, it wasn't repaired. The customer service at Best Buy was terrible. They don't like to answer the phone and when they do, they leave you on hold forever. I had to fire off two emails to Best Buys head office before the store manager finally got back to me. In the end, I got a new Xti body.

If I should have to bring in another camera for repair, I'll take my receipt directly to Canon and leave it with them.

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Jul 27, 2011 22:17 |  #11

Unfortunately, i've had to call CS serveral times for different matters, and each time, i got a different answer - some where conscientious enough to say, i'm not sure let me check, some just blatantly lied on the phone...with confidence!
Because of this, when i've had to purchase from BB, i've discerned its not best to get an extended warranty as if you need it, you'll likely go through a lot of trouble to get it fulfilled.

I think it might be wise to purchase your gear at Camera STore instead, and if intersted in their warranty, consider it. At least a Camera Store will have experienced answers.

If it MUST be Best Buy, (maybe the 0% interest financing program is attractive?), I'd skip the warranty.

but, hey, thats just me.

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Jul 27, 2011 22:28 |  #12

my insurance policy through state farm covers water damage, along with other things

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nut impotent and avoiding Geoff
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Jul 27, 2011 22:41 |  #13

Bleh, never get geek-squad-anything. Totally overpriced.

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Jul 27, 2011 22:43 as a reply to  @ JustinRageth's post |  #14

Best Buy has always stood by the service plans for me. I'm running about 50/50 on having to use the plans, mostly my son's X-Box 2 out of three, 1 TV out of 7 , 1 IPod out of 8 and 1 camera out of 7. Okay, maybe not really 50/50 but still nice to have when we needed the plan.

Plus the guy that bought my 40D still has 6 months on the service plan.:) Makes selling things easier.

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Jul 27, 2011 22:49 |  #15

Zolth wrote in post #12833942 (external link)
The plans also cover a one time battery replacement, which on many SLR's is around $80 USD (RETAIL). The criteria for getting another battery is if your battery holds less than 90% of a charge. That seems to happen within the first year

Oh that's strange. I have had my XTi since 2007, have put around 50,000 actuation's on the shutter, and the battery still holds a great charge. can take 500-600 pics and still have plenty of charge.

I worked at best buy once upon a time, and I wont buy warranties from them (even on my new TV). I personally don't think they're worth it. but it's really a personal call. ;)

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Best Buy Geek Squad plans?
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