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Thread started 14 Dec 2011 (Wednesday) 11:46
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Need help shooting Video using 7-D

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Dec 14, 2011 11:46 |  #1

Hello I have to shoot video for a party this coming weekend and I have a few question I usually just take the pictures, but this time they wanted video and I wanted to know if someone could help me out.

First question does anyone have a quick easy setup they could share on using the 7-D as a video camera do's and don't would help.

Next question when I burn it to a dvd the canon 7d saves it in a .mov format? do have have change that format to burn to a dvd disc?

Last question what software would someone recommend to edit and to burn to a disc so that any dvd player will play it.

Thank in advance for any help..

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 14, 2011 11:48 |  #2

What kind of computer do you have? Yes you need some DVD authoring software, which should convert the file into MPEG2 format and burn it to the DVD.

Biggest Do - Do remeber that Canon DSLR's don't have full time autofocus and only a 14 or so minute time limit on video per file.

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Dec 14, 2011 13:39 |  #3

Win7 does NOT have a "converter", it is just capable of playing .mov files with whatever codec the 7d uses. What you will need is decent video editing software. Something like Adobe Premier Pro would suit. Making a DVD isnt as simple as just making the video mpeg 2 either. You need to use dvd creating software as well, but Premier Pro may have that built in.
As for the video, aim for something f5.6-f8 to allow for you missing focus, and try and keep the frame rate ~50fps.
Dont be scared to go high with the ISO either. You wont notice the noise to much with your 5d and at 1080 res anyway.

But should you really be doing a gig if you dont know what you are doing? I hope they are not paying for a "professional" if you are asking here how to do it.

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 14, 2011 15:11 |  #4

Yikes! I'm not saying you can't do the video, but shooting vid with a DSLR is different than shooting with a camcorder. Practice! Practice on you cat, your dog, your garden, your car, anything. There are so many things you'll learn VERY quickly by just practicing. I personally wouldn't worry about burning it to discs and such yet. That can be done after the footage is captured, but if you bomb the footage...(if you get what I'm saying).
Trust me, you'll learn a LOT every time you video something, no matter how small the project :) Better to learn how to get your exposure correct, or how to hand hold shots to look relatively stable, or panning by practicing before the event than during.

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Sleepless in Hampshire
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Dec 14, 2011 16:55 |  #5

Get yourself a Loupe viwer for the rear screen as well it will make manual focusing a lot easier, as well as bracing the camera against your face for more stability. It's editing the footage that makes a video.

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Cream of the Crop
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Dec 15, 2011 06:38 |  #6

1. You don't need stupidly expensive software like Premiere Pro. There are lots of cheaper things that will do what you want. Quite often PCs come equipped with software (Look for Nero) that will do a perfectly good job.

2. I'd recommend a small aperture to maximise depth of field - that'll help mask any slight out-of-focus bits. You also want the shutter speed to be about 1/2 of your frame rate. I'd set it to 'M' mode with auto-ISO.

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Need help shooting Video using 7-D
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