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Thread started 04 Jan 2012 (Wednesday) 19:07
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Wife Approval on 5D Mark II

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Jan 05, 2012 00:29 |  #31

Go ahead and get it. It will be a very good camera for now. And about 6-7 month later when your kids move around a lot, you will have another excellent excuse to upgrade to 5D mark III (assuming it''s out already and it carries a better AF system) as you might find the Mark II has hard time to keep up with you kids.


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Jan 05, 2012 00:44 as a reply to  @ nonick's post |  #32

I use both the ff and crop cameras, it depends on what I plan on shooting in regards to which body I am shooting - and I carry both of the with me on pretty much each trip I make.

For those who may not understand or have experienced the difference between a crop sensor and ff sensor camera, rent the ff camera. Then go out and shoot a few frames with both bodies of the same image and you will be able to experience the difference first hand.

I would be very surprised if you were not able to tell the difference between the two cameras - just remember both sensor types have their virtues.

Congrats on the wife's permission - always a good thing.

just a few of my thoughts...

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Jan 05, 2012 04:27 |  #33

I've definitely had the approval of my wife for the 5D2 and the 7D. I think she got so fed up with me going on about the 7D that she grabbed me round the throat and forced me to order it (maybe she wanted some peace). Then after a windfall I was on about going FF with a 5D2 and she talked me into it again as long as I got rid of my 550D, so I gave it to her with a couple of lenses and got on with ordering the 5D2. Best thing I've ever done was getting the 5D2 as it's such a great camera and gives me outstanding photos all the time.

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Jan 05, 2012 07:48 as a reply to  @ modchild's post |  #34

Thanks for all the great replies. I appreciate the fact that people on this forum aren't stuck in some type of 'you must have this body' mindset (which is how Nikon forums tend to be).

I really do love the XSI. It's a no frills camera, but the output as excellent.

I am not your Joe Consumer who just happens to have 2k to blow on a camera (I have friends like this, they buy a D3 and then stick a crop camera 18-55 kit lens on it - more money than brains LOL). I have used pro bodies in the past (crop) and I familiar with their pros and cons.

I think the 50 1.8 is optically excellent, hell wide-open I get stunning shots (when in focus) on my XSI. I would assume it would be even better on FF as the sensor is less demanding than crop.

I like the smaller bodies like the Rebel due to size, but I miss some of the things that I had in a pro body (big viewfinder, comfortable grip, accurate focusing, better meter). I also think FF has benefits I would appreciate: For example my 50 1.8 is a bit long indoors and I prefer the 40-50mm focal length for walk-around shooting. I also tend to be one of those people who love wide-open shooting as I am a bokeh fanatic and love what wide-open does for portraiture. I also suffer from chronic pixel-peeping, one reason the XSI suffices, it's per-pixel detail is superb at base ISO.

I did ponder 550D, but I don't know how much of an upgrade it would be (the lcd is stunning). The meter seems to be better on this model which is a plus. I kinda like the option to shoot movies as we have twins (I don't really care for movies in an SLR, but it's a bonus with a family). I am a bit concerned about the pixel density of the 18 mp sensor, though images do look wonderful from this sensor.

I also thought about the 7D, it's a hell of a body for the price especially when it's a $1000k less than the Mark II, but I wonder if the 7D would still leave me desiring full frame ?

Yes I have considered the 5D classic, but my concerns about this camera are mostly related to reliability. This camera definitely seems to suffer from a high degree of mirror failure and a $1000 is a lot to drop on a camera with 'unknowns', especially when I can pick up a 7D brand new.

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Jan 05, 2012 14:08 as a reply to  @ iamatrix's post |  #35

I think I have managed to talk myself out the Mark II (oh god hope I am not making a mistake) and might look into some glass instead. I wish I knew what to get, my head spins when I start thinking about glass.

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Jan 05, 2012 14:25 |  #36

iamatrix wrote in post #13652280 (external link)
I think I have managed to talk myself out the Mark II (oh god hope I am not making a mistake) and might look into some glass instead. I wish I knew what to get, my head spins when I start thinking about glass.

Smart man. Lens rental is a great way to get started or a local photography group or find someone willing to swap you for a while to try some stuff. Good quality glass seldom loses any value so you should also be able to buy used if you're careful about what you pay and then resell if you decide you don't like it. I've done this for years with good success.

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Jan 05, 2012 14:54 |  #37

ok I have done exactly what your thinking about doing. I had a 450d with a 50mm 1.8 and it was great until i got the 24-70 2.8 L and the quality improved I had this combo for about a year and on tuesday this week I when out and got a 5d II, the 450d seems like a toy now I just don't know why I never bought one sooner, so I say go for it.

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Cream of the Crop
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Jan 05, 2012 16:39 |  #38

Glass, Mark II, Glass, Mark II....I'm sure your head is spinning. The only thing I will say is that while the 50 1.8 is a nice little lens, I just can't understand having a $2000 camera with a simple $100 50 mm prime. That lens should just be one you have in your bag to complement a finer lens that will be more practical. The suggestion that your XSi will feel like a toy after the Mark II is prob accurate. But that is just how it feels. As we all know, it is about the image. If I could only buy one item it would be a better, more practical lens. In fact, this is what I am doing as well. I am trying to put togther a lens kit that will ultimatley be great when I finally do go for the Mark II. (BTW, my sig. is not updated! and parden the typos. At work with no spell check!)

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Jan 05, 2012 16:51 as a reply to  @ idsurfer's post |  #39

FYI, some chick beat out entries shot with 5dII, d700, d3, 7d with her Rebel Xsi in this Annual Photo Contest.

http://seattletimes.nw​ …ors2017071684/?​cmpid=2654 (external link)

just sayin'. ;)

If I were you, I'd get a 5dc and place all the savings into glass and flash. For stills, the 5d2 is not much if any better than its older brother.

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Jan 05, 2012 17:15 |  #40

If you're still wow'd by the images you're getting from your current camera I see no reason to move up to the 5D Mark ii. Seems like you just want a new toy.

Stick with your current camera body, get new glass.. this will help you get better image quality if that is what you're looking for.

There are advantages of buying a FF body, as well as disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage is cost in the long term, the lenses you'll be buying are more expensive that those you can buy for a crop, so think long term how much you want to spend and that will help on your final decision.

Best of luck

Canon Rebel T2i | 50mm 1.8

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Jan 05, 2012 17:23 |  #41

To the OP,

Here is a no "Bull" link to sensor size and how it influences your photography. Thist will shoot you straight on the advantages and disadvantages of both formats. No frills, no crap, just the information you need to make a good decision.

http://www.cambridgein​ …al-camera-sensor-size.htm (external link)

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Jan 05, 2012 19:16 as a reply to  @ davidc502's post |  #42

If you are actually happy with your pics from the XSi, I would not get the 5D until you have more lenses. A 550D or 7D (for the great AF) would be a nice upgrade + lenses, then think about FF (possibly). I have a t1i and 5DII and by far the biggest advantage of FF is that I find the ISO6400 shots acceptable for pictures of the kids that I am not going to print larger than 8 1/2x11.

For landscapes it is a bit better in the shadows, even at low ISO, but really compared to the difference between lenses, there is not that much difference at ISO100 and 200. The real benefit I have seen for me is combining it with the 17mm TS-E.

Reduced DOF can be nice, but also bad becasue you absolutely have to nail focus and you might not even get someones whole face in focus.

BUT: I do love it for exactly what it seems like you take pictures of - kids indoors becasue of the high ISO capabilities, even using a flash becasue you can shoot at ISO800-1600, use less flash power (less recharge time) and get clean shots.

Bottom line though - I wouldn't get a new camera unless you have specific issues with what you currently have and expect the upgrade to address those issues. Then you'll know what upgrade to get.

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Jan 05, 2012 20:48 as a reply to  @ post 13648394 |  #43

I solved the problem of the wife approving of me replacing my 40D with 5DII. I got her one for Christmas. ;)

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Jan 05, 2012 20:57 |  #44

Faster lenses aren't going to defeat the high iso performance the 5d2 has compared to the OP's current hardware.

Faster lenses aren't always the solution.

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Jan 06, 2012 03:58 |  #45


60D, x100S

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Wife Approval on 5D Mark II
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