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Thread started 05 Mar 2012 (Monday) 08:58
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help - going to china - zeiss or not???

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Mar 06, 2012 19:42 |  #16

I can't talk about China, but I did a two week trip to Germany last year.
As an experiment, I took my 5D2 and three lenses - ZE 2.8/21, ZE 2/35 and ZE 2/100 MP.There was little I couldn't do, but a 17mm would have been a better choice than the 21.

The 35/2 is a fine, fine lens.

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Mar 07, 2012 09:01 |  #17

plasticmotif wrote in post #14037091 (external link)
The Voigts IQ isn't that great.

If you go wider than 24 on full frame, the Olympus 21/3.5 is the only lens I'd recommend on the cheap.

Thanks for the recommendation. I've read the 20mm isn't quite as good as the 40mm, and new the 20mm cost $100 more than the 40mm. I'll have to see what the Oly goes for used plus the adapter. I have a trip coming up in May where I'd like to travel light some days.

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David ­ C
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Mar 07, 2012 15:01 |  #18

I found myself using only the nifty-fifty and a 70-200 tele during my month in China (business/pleasure combined). Never saw any need to mount a wide angle lens. Would recommend taking a pocket size camera also, because there were several times that carrying a camera bag or even a standard size camera was out of the question - several hosted dinners, parties with local dignitaries, karaoke challenges, beer parties -- note that our Chinese hosts really liked to sponsor social events in the evenings. Beer was the most preferred drink everywhere we went.

I had just bought a new Canon a week before the trip and had hoped to buy a few more accessories while traveling, but found prices 25 to 50% higher in China than back home (USA). Might help to practice eating with chopsticks before you leave. Many of the small restaurants did not have conventional silverware as an option. We also found that when eating at hosted dinners you did not ask what was being served - just eat and smile (better not to know).

Great place to visit, probably one of the world's safest places to travel today. And countless photo opportunities.

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Mar 08, 2012 15:44 as a reply to  @ David C's post |  #19

yip took a look at the voigt 20 sl , looks nice, a lot of the voigtlander lens seem under appreciated. Although recently i have fallen in love with the leica rendering. and may get myself a leica 90 2.8 elmarit R. The distagon 35 2 ze in all probability will be my wide option. And a 5d because it would be rude not to. Should i get a focusing screen, is it worth it?

so kit would be

5d + 20d
35/2 ZE , 50/1.4 ZE , Ef 85 1.8 + 135 2.8 (oh and a nifty fifty)

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Mar 10, 2012 01:41 |  #20

Im making a trip out to Beijing, Guilin & HK as well next week!!! I only have a Zeiss 35/2, Zeiss 18/3.5 and Siggy 50. I'll be mounting the Siggy or 35/2 on my 1D3 and leaving 18/3.5 on my 5D..

I did Siggy on 1D3 and my older 17-40L when I went to Xiamen and other Hakka towns and seems to work great.

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help - going to china - zeiss or not???
FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EF and EF-S Lenses 
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