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FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EF and EF-S Lenses 
Thread started 19 Apr 2012 (Thursday) 13:58
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Your top 3 "bang for buck" lenses?

Senior Member
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Joined Dec 2008
Sep 20, 2012 01:17 |  #181

1. Canon 85 1.8
2. Canon 135L
3. Canon 35L

www.opulentphotography​.com (external link)

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Joined Sep 2009
Location: South African living in Indonesia
Sep 20, 2012 01:49 |  #182

For crop cameras i must say tamron 17-50 non vc. The other 2 that come to mind are the canon 100 f2 (the 85 1.8 brother) and canon 70-200 f4 IS.

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Sep 20, 2012 04:20 |  #183

85mm f1.8, 55-250mm, 200mm f2.8 L

Canon 6D | S35mm f1.4 | 135mm f2 The rest: T3i, 20D, 15mm f2.8, 15-85mm, 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 90mm f2.8 macro, 55-250mm.
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Joined Apr 2012
Sep 20, 2012 04:41 |  #184

Canon 8-15mm f/4L - 3 fisheyes in one - FF circular, 180 degree on 1.3x & 1.6.
Canon 24mm f/1.4L II - Worth every penny and more IMHO
Canon 135mm f/2 - 70-200 f/2.8 IS II on a 70-200 F/4 budget (external link)

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Location: UK, Bath
Sep 20, 2012 09:15 |  #185

Well so far i've only got two:

Olympus OM 21mm 3.5 with EF adapter
Olympus OM 135 f3.5 with EF adapter

I would as well say Canon 100mm f2 EF USM

Both cheap and stellar to the last screw.​ima (external link)

Senior Member
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Joined Oct 2009
Location: India
Sep 20, 2012 10:55 |  #186

On crop
Tamron 17-50 f2.8 Non VC
Sigma 30mm f1.4
Canon 100mm f2

550D gripped I Sigma 50mm F1.4 (Non Art) I Canon 100mm F2.0 I Nissin Di622 Mk II I YN 622C triggers I...and few other accessories

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Joined Feb 2011
Location: Columbia MO
Sep 20, 2012 11:08 |  #187

Tough one. In my experience, I'd have to say the Sigma 50, the 70-200 2.8 non-IS and 135L. All under $1000, all pretty amazing.

Flickr (external link)

Senior Member
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Joined Aug 2012
Sep 20, 2012 16:42 |  #188

1. Canon 85 1.8
2. Canon 50 1.4
3. Rokinon/Samyang 35mm 1.4

| Bodies - 5D Mark II, T2i | Lenses - Helios 44-2, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Sigma 85 1.4, Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS, Tamron SP AF 1.4x TC | Lights - 430ex ii x2, Random 3rd party strobes

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Joined Apr 2009
Location: E-town, Canada
Sep 20, 2012 16:47 |  #189

All Canon: 50mm f/1.4, 28mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, 17-55mm f/2.8

Canon 6D | 70-200 f/2.8 I | 50mm f/1.4 | 16-35mm f/2.8 II | 580EX II x 2
Tumblr (external link)

Senior Member
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Joined Feb 2005
Location: New Mexico, USA
Sep 20, 2012 20:59 |  #190

Canon EFS55-250IS
Canon EFS18-55IS
Sigma 10-20, and perhaps
Canon EFS 18-135EFS STM

I don't own, and have never owned, any of these lenses. My opinion is based solely on comments by others in these forums. I include only moderately priced lenses in my selection.

However, I think that my lenses, see below, are pretty good, but more expensive.
15-85EFS - an extremely versatile lens for the price, and perfectly good as an only lens.
70-300EF (non-L) - a well-built quality zoom
60mm/2 Tamron Macro - perhaps not as sharp as the Canon offerings in this range, but doubles as a fast short telephoto.

If I win the next Powerball jackpot, I will probably replace only the 70-300 (with the L version.)

Canon 80D, 60D, Canon 10-22EFs, 15-85EFS IS, Sigma 18-300, Sigma 135/1.8ART, Sigma 30mm f/1.4DC, Canon 60mm EFs Macro, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, 550EX flash, Olympus TG2 underwater P&S
Postprocessing: DxOLabs 4, DxO Viewpoint 3, Paint Shop Pro 2021
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Senior Member
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Joined Sep 2012
Location: Massachusetts
Oct 07, 2012 16:58 |  #191

Alright my list :

17-40 L
70-200 L (non IS)

and finger crossed for 28-75 Tamron

Even though the 85 1.8 is very nice prime, I feel difficult to put a prime on the "bang for the buck" list since in primes are more of specialty- lens in my opinion.

Fuji XE-1, Zeiss ikon, Hasselblad; I love shooting film as a conceptual idea :)

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Location: Princeton, IN
Oct 07, 2012 19:23 as a reply to  @ vaflower's post |  #192

Back to the point of this thread..... Best bang for the buck. Those more expensive lenses may be worth the extra money but they are usually marginal improvements that cost a lot. I don't doubt the quality of L glass or the value, but when it comes to the best overall value, there are some lenses that I've run across that get some great images for great prices. This is for crop sensors by the way.

The first is my Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 DG OS HSM Macro. I also have a Canon 15-85 but this lens that cost about half as much is the one that spends the most time on my primary camera. Why? Because 1.) It is sharp enough. Not quite to the level of the Canon, but you have to get to 100% crop level to see the difference. 2.) f2.8-4 vs the slower Canon. 3.) 17-70 is enough zoom range and pairs well with my 17-70 f2.8. 4.) MACRO. Sure, it's not a true macro, but the ability to focus as close as 2 inches to the front element gives some perspectives to shots that you just can't get with the 15-85. Overall it is an incredible lens and at a cost of just $469 new, it just can't be beat. Samples here: …read.php?t=7909​64&page=35

Next is the Canon 55-250 IS (Nifty 250). This thing is SHARP once you get out of the widest end. Color and contrast are also excellent. It is light and best of all can be had for just $200! Unless you have a need for one of the better f4 or f2.8 lenses, this will handle the long end for any crop user.

Sigma 30mm f1.4 - This one is less than $500, gives you a field of view on a crop similar to what 50mm gives you on a full-frame. That wide f1.4 is awesome for narrow DOF. The sharpness is incredible, the build is great and in the US it has a 5 yr warranty. Granted, there is a lot of agreement that they have a QC issue on this lens so when you order one, there is a slim chance it may be out of calibration, but considering that the next comparable lens is nearly twice as expensive, it is well worth it even if you have to send it in for recalibration or exchange it for a new one.

Honorable mention goes out to the Canon 50mm f1.8. It is incredibly sharp and even at f1.8 it isn't too shabby. There is actually some debate as to whether the f1.8 is actually sharper than the more expensive f1.4. Granted, f1.4 isn't possible, it has a slow, loud AF compared to the 1.4 which is USM, and it is light and cheap feeling. But it is still very impressive; all the more so because it can be had for less than $100.

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Canon 7D and a bunch of other stuff

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Location: Dallas, TX
Oct 07, 2012 21:19 |  #193

Rokinon 35mm f1.4
Canon 17-40L

Fly me away.

Senior Member
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Location: Wake County, NC
Oct 07, 2012 21:29 |  #194

lyttleviet wrote in post #15017680 (external link)
1. Canon 85 1.8
2. Canon 135L
3. Canon 35L



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Oct 07, 2012 21:32 |  #195

50 1.8
Tamron 28-75
Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8

I have owned the last 2 and wow. Bang for buck when compared to their market counterparts. I love my 50L but I want the 1.8 for it's practicality and "normal" 50. Honorable mention goes out the 85 1.8.

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Your top 3 "bang for buck" lenses?
FORUMS Canon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon EF and EF-S Lenses 
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