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Thread started 04 Dec 2005 (Sunday) 17:34
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STICKY: Member introductions

El General Moderator
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Location: Hellsinki, Finland
Dec 04, 2005 17:34 |  #1

I thought I'd start this thread where everyone can introduce themselves, tell something about what you are in real life, photography history, what interests you, whatever you want to say about yourself! As a reminder of Internet security keep details like street addresses and bank accounts out of it.

(see also​ad.php?t=64774 which explains meaning of our usernames)

I'm a Finn, born in -60-something, living in Helsinki with a lovely lady on a house with patio and fireplace, near the sea. I am professional musician (been since 1985), and have played classical 5-string double bass with Finnish Radio Symphony orchestra since -89. You can see the instrument I play in​​php?photo=282

My first digital camera was Olympus C2000. Yep, Olympus. It was not a bad camera, but I needed something will less noise and hotshoe so I got Canon G1. It really kicked my creative senses. My G1 gallery got quite popular and one day I got this idea of my own Canon forum where we could talk about Canon digital cameras (I was fed up with attitude people had in dpreview). So I started the forum and it has been growing since. I'm really glad it has become the favourite place for many, and I intend to work hard keeping the site up and evolving. I have got wonderful people to help me with moderating and taking care of the forum, and with them and great members we have (I mean it) I think we may enjoy this community a long time.

Today I photograph with 1D Mark II and few nice lenses (85/1.2L, 70-200 f/2.8L IS, 50/1.4, 17-40L...). I have had Canon D30, D60 and 10D before it but one day I decided to jump out of the yearly upgrade routine and get something I could work with longer, continuously. I like to shoot mostly environmental portraits and PR-style documentary - music, people, events. Mostly "ISO 1600 stuff" - I usually avoid flash. I do not shoot daily - I shoot when I have a good reason to shoot and when it is fun - this approach has proven to be very productive. I want to keep photography as a dear hobby (which sometimes pays) and not kill the enthusiasm with too much work and worry. I believe that each halve of the brain and each sense needs to be worked out equally to build a balanced person.

I always shoot RAW (since G1), and use C1 Pro and currently Rawshooter Premium and Color Engine for conversion. I have a big PC with two Eizo LCD's for photo work and about 3000 Gigabytes of storage (I like to back up on several hard disks instead of just DVDs). On the road I back up to Nexto CF and LG LW20 laptop.

I also program with PHP and MySQL and design websites etc. My main interest is Exhibit Engine gallery application which builds my gallery​ which will get a big update hopefully before Chistmas (both EE and the gallery).

If you have any worries, problems, comments or suggestions about this forum, feel free to PM me!

The Forum Boss, El General Moderator
AMASS 2.1 Changelog (installed here now)

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Joined Oct 2005
Location: London
Dec 04, 2005 17:43 |  #2

My name is Josh Dailey, I am 17, a senior in High School. I shoot with a 350D for anything school-related. I live in Surrey, England and will be going to GSU in Statesborro, GA at the end of this school year. I'm not very musical, but I like to listen to music loudly. My driving is considered by some to be erratic, or scary... Depending of whether or not you keep your eyes shut. I think I drive perfectly fine, but whatever. I'm interrested in sports photography, but can't be arsed to do sports myself. My only "sport" I participate in is snowboarding, and that is merely a hobby that I partake in at Xmas time in various ski resorts. I fream of big, white glass, but my wallet doesn't. Not quite a autobiography, like Pekka wrote, but that's it.

20D, BG-E2, 24-70/2.8L, 70-200/2.8LIS, 430EX

Senior Member
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Location: North Carolina
Dec 04, 2005 17:59 |  #3

Hi I am a plumber by trade. I started in photography in the 6th grade, I had a dark room and did black and white for years. Now I use my DSLR and photo shop. I found this site and have had a good time reading.

here is my visa number 85756 and my bank account number is 101099928 my address is 1122 somestreet ....oh wait I forgot about internet security.

There are 10 types of people in the world:
Those who understand binary, and those that don't.
My Wish List (external link)

Cream of the Crop
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Joined Nov 2004
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Dec 04, 2005 18:11 as a reply to  @ wannasmaxx's post |  #4

Good topic Pekka!

Well, as many know already, I'm part of the Great Kiwi group of members here at POTN. We seem to have taken over the boards recently... Now if only all of us had as many posts as Tim. :lol:

Anyway, my name is Warren Williams, and I'm a full time worker in a local bank, Westpac, doing Customer Service/Sales etc. I was born in the early 80's ;)

I'm an avid Aviation spotter, (when I actually have time for it, and the weather is ok!), I put a few of my shots on
http://www.airliners.n​et …liams&distinct_​entry=true (external link)
However, I do have many many more, that I simply don't have the time to share on 56K! I'm one of the poor ones who has lived with this since getting the net back in 1996.

My favourite form of photography is landscapes, however every subject I've photographed, I seem to have enjoyed doing, and the results haven't been too bad. I currently own a Canon 20D, with a few minimal lens, and only one L.

In between photography and working full time, I manage to play some computer racing games, which I've had some success in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (the 5th version in a series, which is currently up to # 9 - "Most Wanted"). I administered the main statistics page on a website, and won a few prizes along the way in worldwide racing competitons.

In the future, I plan on developing my photography knowledge, particularly in Portrait/Lighting Studio Work/ and photograph more weddings.
I plan on travelling back to England sometime soon, however that's still just talk, and really need to plan it better. Travelling Europe would be awesome. Also a safari tour through Africa with a 500mm f4 would be a dream.. If anyone wants to lend me their lens.. They're more than welcome to. ;)

That's enough of my history. Thanks Pekka for your story, and keeping this place alive.

BTW, I also have my own personal website, which is only aimed at my friends..
Just sharing some of the recent shots I've done, and challenges.

http://wazza.nfscity.c​om (external link)

New Zealand Photography Tours (external link) | Williams Photography - Queenstown Wedding Photography (external link) |
Instagram (external link) | Facebook - Weddings (external link) | Facebook - Landscapes + Tours (external link)

Ronald ­ S. ­ Jr.
Prodigal "Brick" Layer
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Joined Aug 2005
Location: Sayre, Pennsylvania
Dec 04, 2005 18:20 |  #5

Well, I think you all know my name. I'm 21 years old, and I know where. I operate, alongside my failing mother (physically), an "assisted living" type facility here in our house. I love photography, however with the "biz", I find less than enough time for it. Unfortunately, I find myself having to refuse paid jobs now and again because I have such a commitment here. That's how it is, though. I'm more interested in helping my family than my bank account. I also play lots and lots of video games (still a kid, you know!), and I'm a bit of a chef myself (look out, Dante! ;-)a ). Most anytime someone would see me, they'd see me with an animal. I have 5 dogs and 4 birds, which is a lot less than I used to. I usually have one of my chihuahua puppies in my arm :-D

I also am a musician. That's my other passion. I play the guitar, trumpet, and piano. Started guitar at 5, piano at 6, and trumpet at 8. My trumpet spends most of its time (when it's warm!) in my car. On my days off, I go off into nowhere and play as much and as loud as I like.

And now I'll shut up. :-D

Oh, and here's a shot of my house. Some people around here gawk (kinda poor area), but it's just enough for what we have. 23 rooms, 10 bedrooms, and 6 1/2 baths.

Adios. (oh yeah, I'm trilingual, too ;-)a )

please log in to view hosted photos in full size.

Mac users swear by their computers. PC users swear at theirs.

Perfect Anti-Cloning Argument
2,988 posts
Joined Jan 2005
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Dec 04, 2005 18:48 |  #6

I wish I could go back to the day I signed up for the forum and change my screen name. AYOTNOMS is bass ackwards for my name, S. Montoya. :)

I am a native of New Mexico now living in Northern California for the past 26 yrs.

I have two adult children (a son and a daughter), a wife who was kind enough to pass on her good looks to my kids, and one grandson. They have made the occasional appearance on some of the photos I've posted here.

I work in downtown San Francisco as a network analyst. The day job offers me the chance to post a few comments during the work day, but don't tell my boss :)

I started with photography the day after my daughter was born in 1980. The camera, of course, was a Canon. The venerable AE-1. It still works! My first plunge into the digital world was when Sony began selling their Mavica still camera in 1997. I was sooo impressed with images that were a whopping 640 X 480. Boy, have times changed.

After getting everything I wanted out of the Sony, there was a 4 yr gap before I bought my second Canon SLR, the 20D. The interval was filled by one Nikon CoolPix and a Canon G5. The G5 is now the wifes camera....she doesn't like all the nerd knobs on the DSLRs.

Photography, in addition to being a creative outlet, has truly helped me view the world differently. There are many times I wish I could fly with a jet pack just to get new angles and perspectives that are denied us earthbound photographers. On the other hand, I'm convinced that people are tiring of me and my camera in their faces all the time.

I am glad my interest in photography was rekindled with my 20D and I am equally glad that I found this forum so that I might learn and share experiences with others who share a passion for cameras/lens/photos. thanks Pekka for taking the initiative and starting POTN. It's fun to be part of this fun, creative, and truly global community.



Cream of the Crop
Honorary Moderator
5,342 posts
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Joined Dec 2003
Location: Lancaster, Ontario
Dec 04, 2005 19:06 as a reply to  @ Ronald S. Jr.'s post |  #7

I'll be the first Canadian to add to this post. Born in 50 something (sorry about the copycat test Pekka:)) and have lived in Montreal for 95% of my life. Spent a couple of years in Toronto but moved back here due to the lack of a good poutine. Been with the same lady for the past 10 years. We live in what is called the West Island of Montreal. I currently work as a Territory Manager for a major bicycle company. I've been involved in sporting goods one way or another most of my life. I got into photography in my early 20's after a major skiing accident put an end to my racing career. Being laid up in bed for 6 months put an damper on many activities so I decided to record my recovery on film. Worked my way through Pentax K's and Olympus OM-1's. Always had a camera handy wherever I went. Decided to go digital about 2 years ago and have been shooting Canon ever since. Started with a Rebel and am currently shooting a 1dMKII. Wildlife is my favorite subject and my travels give me plenty of shooting opportunities.
Past experiences include, member of the Canadian National Smallbore Rifle Team (prone), Diawa Pro Staff member, Canadian IBO Champion, owner/operator of a guiding service (sold in 1989, chase them now with the MKII), DJ (CFOS Owen Sound/CFOX Montreal), unsuccessful downhill ski racer:o.
When not working or logged onto POTN, you can find me out fishing, chasing wildlife with the MKII, puttering in my workshop (I'm a very good putterer), tending to Gitzo or cutting grass/shoveling snow (depends upon the season.)
Pekka, I've said it once before and I'll say it again, thank-you for your unselfishness in developing POTN. It is an honor to be a member.

Ian (®Feathers & Fur)
Have You Hugged Your Mallard Today?
More Images- (external link)My Gear

Light Bringer
50,923 posts
Likes: 336
Joined Nov 2004
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Dec 04, 2005 19:41 |  #8

I'm Tim (duh!), i'm 28 going on 12 ;) I live in New Zealand, the only other Kiwi member i've met so far is Wazza but I have plans to make a trip up to Auckland to meet the rest of them before too long. My primary trade is J2EE software development, which i've been doing for about 8 years. It was my Mum who suggested I do more photography, an innocent comment something along the lines of "you seem to like taking photos, maybe you should get into photography".

Well that comment was the start. A year ago I was asking if a DSLR could take video, then found this place and was suitable educated by the likes of Bob, Scott, Bloo Dog (sigh), and numerous others. In the past year i've upgraded to a 20D, gotten a rather large bunch of lenses from 12mm to 200mm, including the lovely 70-200 F2.8 IS, 50mm F1.4, Tamron 28-75 F2.8, Canon 100mm F2.8 macro, and the Tokina 12-24. I have a couple of flashes, a couple of studio lights, and a whole bunch of other stuff too, including a second 20D. A 1 series camera is probably in my future, though i'm holding off to see what Canon comes up with in the next year or so, as the 20D's are doing great for me right now - the limitation is still my skill or lack thereof, not the cameras.

To my suprise, one year after buying an SLR i'm now a "professional" wedding photograper, in that people pay me to do their wedding photos. I love doing wedding photography, as challenging as it is. I also do a little bit of modelling photography for fun, and some experimental stuff when I get time. I'm still amazed how quickly i've gone from n00b to "pro".

Photography for me is a joy, an obsession, and a love. It takes up a huge fraction of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. At some point I may consider going full time pro, but it seems hard to make a good living doing that. Until then i'll keep one foot in each field (IT/photography) and enjoy the best of both worlds :)

Many thanks to Pekka and the mods for providing such a great place for us all to learn and hang out with like minded people. POTN and the members here have helped my photographic development more than any other influence :)

Professional wedding photographer, solution architect and general technical guy with multiple Amazon Web Services certifications.
Read all my FAQs (wedding, printing, lighting, books, etc)

Grumps ­ Photo
Suffering Keyboard in Mouth desease
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Joined Oct 2004
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Dec 04, 2005 20:02 as a reply to  @ IanD's post |  #9

My name is Jim Stevenson, and JAZZ is a play on my initials, JAS and digital graphics and photography.

Another Canadian, and a relative newbie compared to most so far as a photographer. While it had always interested me, I never got into it (with one useless excuse after another).
In real life, I'm an RF (radio frequency) tech with some wonderful work experiences, which have led to the current position as manager of a tech troubleshooting team for a major 911 and radio equipment manufacturer. When 911 stops working, we get called. I've travelled in most of my work, and it is a requirement for me to work somewhere. I like to travel.
I got into photography when I was working with a company that does the special effects for the NASCAR broadcasts. the real time position on track and arrows effect. I had a little spare time, and money, and spent time with the pros and learned what I wanted and how-to's, and got to do some work as well.
Developed many side interests: travel photography, landscapes, flowers, protraits, etc. Swore never to do weddings, though.:lol:
I'm in my late 40's, and I've been married for 28yrs to my final high-school sweetheart, with two adult children, boys, of whom only one is threatening to make me a granddad. (I'm lucky, the daughter in law is not ready:lol: )
I've based out of Ottawa for most of my life, and have absolutely enjoyed it. The smaller size and the cleanest, greenest space in Canada. And a very good supply of Poutine, that would make even the Montrealer's happy :D .

I found POTN on my own, and have brought it to many that I have run into. I hope to one day share as much as I have learned here, though not to the degree that Pekka (and the mods and pro's) has given to us all.

Thank you all.

(aka Jim or JAZZ D.P.G.)
1DsMKIII, 1DMKIII, T6s, D60, L's, DO, USM, other lens, flashes, studio gear (but no studio!) Olympus TG3

Senior Member
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Location: Lynchburg, VA
Dec 04, 2005 21:40 |  #10

My name is Brian Trent, 20 years old, and I live in south/central Virginia. I am a full-time student at Lynchburg College; a local liberal arts college with around 1,500-2,000 students. I am majoring in Environmental Science with hopes to work for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in the Pollution Response Department or Norfolk Southern in their Environmental Division. In my summers and spare time between semesters, I work for a local Hazardous Materials Response Company; cleaning up anything from grain spilled from train cars, diesel fuel from wrecked 18-wheelers, to acid and the's a really interesting field that I would have never dreamed of being in when I was a child (or should I say a younger child, since I am still young). My hobbies include fishing, hunting, basically anything outside, music (I play trumpet and piano), working on cars or anything mechanical, and recently found a love for railroads and trains so now I enjoy railfanning any chance I get.

I have always enjoyed photography since my parents purchased me a Kodak P&S a few years ago for Christmas. After attending a practice round of the U.S. Open this summer in Pinehurst, NC, I finally realized the limitations of a P&S and became very frustrated. After researching on the internet and finding this wonderful website, I decided to purchase a digital SLR. During the summer I became the proud owner of a 20D, 70-200mm f4 L, kit lens, and recently purchased a 50mm f1.8.

I enjoy photographing trains and railroad subject matter, landscape, and various other subject material. I am still a novice, but by reading and discussing with the great minds of this forum, I can see my work getting alot better when I compare images taken when I first got my 20D to present.

Body: 1D MKII
Lenses: 24-105 f4 L, 70-200mm f4 L, 50mm f1.8
Other: Epson P3000

Senior Member
274 posts
Joined May 2005
Location: Kent, WA
Dec 04, 2005 21:41 as a reply to  @ Grumps Photo's post |  #11

The name is Jake Tiefel. I have been married 35 years and work as an NC machine programmer at the Boeing Wind Tunnel, in Washington state. Yep, I help make all the models for the tunnel. I have worked for Boeing for 33 years.

I just got my master's degree earlier this year--better late than never. I also teach three classes for a local college: machining, Catia V5, and a tooling class. I don't have too much time for any other hobbies than photography.

I was born and raise in Texas and I think my heart is still there.

There are two grand kids and one on the way and probably one next year.

I've had a Pentax with screw mount (does this date me or what). This was bought by another sailor on my ship, but he wanted to go on liberty (read: go to bars), so I bought the body, 50mm 1.4 lens and 135mm lens for $50. Then came an Olympus OM-1 and OM-2 with several accessories but I soon lost interest in photography.

My wife bought me a P&S that was almost like DOS in boot-up and write speed and it had a rather *large* 8 meg card.

Fortunately before I bought anything I discovered this forum.

When I looked at the newest technology along with this groups pictures I was enthralled. I had seen Canons before but never paid much attention. Then I started reading this forum and I was hooked.

This is a very moderate and understanding group and I appreciate that. But, you cost me way too much money. Then again, I buy "right" the first time.

Jake Tiefel

"I quit smoking dope"
9,562 posts
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Location: Between here and there
Dec 04, 2005 22:29 as a reply to  @ Ronald S. Jr.'s post |  #12

here goes, my name is Sara. I'm from just outside of Boise Idaho. I work in a hospice like program during the days, and waitress and bartend at nights. I'm a student majoring in social work at boise state university. and during my spare forty-five minutes a day I like to take photos. I bought my first camera (a point and shoot) a year ago to take with me to the East coast and caught the bug at the statue of liberty. Not a lot to say, I think music tends to be a theme on the forum. I occasionally sing and have a bit of training in Opera, but I tend to like the music more than the stage.... my work makes me feel productive and as though I'm contributing to the rest of humanity around me. My camera just makes me happy. Not exactly earth shattering but that's me. interesting thread by the way.... looking forward to more posts. Sari.

Canon 30D BG_E2 Grip Rebel XT BG-E3 battery grip
Canon 50mm f1.8 Tamron 17-50 f2.8
Canon 70-200f4.0L 100-400L aka (Chuck)
a couple of bags and a lot of big ideas
"The shot is in my head before it's in front of my camera...."

Cream of the Crop
42,735 posts
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Joined Jul 2003
Location: 92210
Dec 04, 2005 22:57 as a reply to  @ saravrose's post |  #13

Belmondo here.

Actually, my real name is Tom, and I much prefer being called that. I took the pseudonym Belmondo because I thought......well, I thought we were supposed to.

I am temporarily retired, in my early sixties, and I live in the California desert, about ten miles west of Palm Springs. My wife of almost 44 years and I moved here about 5 years ago when we finally grew tired of the cold, wet winters in the San Francisco Bay Area where we had lived for the preceding 30 years.

We're still trying to decide whether or not to have children, and expect we'll have to make up our minds before too many more years. In the meantime, our cat Dollie, the eating machine, keeps us company.

My education is mechanical engineering, and I actually did work in that field for a few years specializing in explosives and aerospace ordnance. In the early 1970s, I gave up honest work and became a real estate broker, eventually opening an office in Silicon Valley which we operated until we retired.

I have always had cameras, but have gone through extensive periods of inactivity. To be honest, I probably took more Polaroids than anything else in the years before digital. My first digital camera was something by Kodak that produced a whopping 640 X 480 pixel image, My first 'good' digital camera was a Nikon 995, followed shortly by a Canon G2. Questions about the G2 led me to the forum, and that's when I got the 'bug.' Within a couple days of becoming a POTN member, I bought a 10D with the 28-135 IS lens. I've been buying, selling, and swapping ever since, and now find myself at the point where I've simply run out of excuses. I'm going to have to start taking pictures eventually.

I'm very proud to be a member, and most of all, to be entrusted with being a moderator here. This is a great group of people, and it's getting better by the day.

I'm not short. I'm concentrated awesome!

33 posts
Joined May 2005
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Dec 04, 2005 23:18 as a reply to  @ Belmondo's post |  #14

Hi my name is Anthony.I was born in 1968 and live in Brisbane Australia. I am a builder by trade and am a supervisor/estimator for my father in laws company,which has me working on my computer about 6- 8 hours a day.
I dabbled in photography when I first got married 15 years ago when I had a eos 630,but I slowly lost interest.
I took it back up again mid this year when I suffered from depression and needed to get a hoby to take my mind off work.I found this site the day I bought my 350 D and have learnt more in 6 months from you guys than I thought I ever would.So thank you to all, you have helped me so much and didn't even know it.

1,551 posts
Joined Jan 2005
Location: Wyoming, MI
Dec 04, 2005 23:44 |  #15

Johnnybfan here. My name is Jim. I am a Johnny Benson (NASCAR) fan, hence my forum name. I am in my early 50's and live in Wyoming, MI, with my wife of 25 years and two children (18 & 20). I worked for 18 years as a boat builder - a combination of carpenter, plumber, electrician, and inspector. About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Something called "Fibromyalgia" which is a soft-tissue pain disease. I cannot work for more than a few hours without the onset of severe pain. So I now get to say that I'm unwillingly "retired". Thank God that I can still take pictures. Some of the people in my support group can barely take care of themselves.
I have had cameras for most of my life. I can't even remember what my first camera was. But I can remember my first serious camera - a Minolta SRT201 with a 50mm f1.4, a 28 mm f2.8, and a 70-200mm zoom. I've had it for about 35 years and learned a lot with it. My wife didn't have a clue about how to use it (and didn't want to learn how) so we bought several point & shoot film cameras, too. My first digital camera was a 2 MP Olympus p&s with 10x zoom lens. That worked well until my oldest (son) tripped and fell on it in Yosemite a year ago. When he got up the camera looked like it could shoot around a corner - lol - & was dead. I really did appreciate it because it gave me an excuse to buy my dRebel. :) :) :) I have also convinced my wife that it is easy to use and she has taken a few pics with it. I don't take as many pics as I would like but I'm working on that. I really enjoy the forums and read them much more than I post on them. Pekka, thanks to you for the forums and thanks to all of the moderators, too. You all do a great job on the forums. I proudly wear my POTN camera strap and, although I haven't met any members in person, I feel that I know a lot of you and look forward to meeting some of you in person.


40D w/Grip X 2, Canon 10-22, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L
, Canon 100-400L IS, Nifty Fifty, Canon 430 EX Flash

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