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Thread started 31 May 2012 (Thursday) 10:16
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Need bag recommendations

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Jun 05, 2012 11:58 |  #16

Dingbat Shutterbug wrote in post #14534522 (external link)
Awesome, that's good information. Thanks.
I don't see myself needing to carry the 70-200 with the 7D mounted, in the bag. I should be able to get by with the camera mounted to a smaller lens, and having the 70-200 on it's own. Generally, if I have the 70-200 mounted, it's on a strap around my neck. My whole objective with the casual bag is to have something just big enough to serve my need, and no bigger. So I think the Retro 10 sounds about right. Thanks for the great assessment.

I have the Restrospective 20. While it can carry my gripped 5D with the 70-200, I find the other compartments to be too deep for my other things. I often find myself digging inside to find stuff. If it were possible, I would want to switch for the 10.

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Jun 05, 2012 19:01 |  #17

ahendarman wrote in post #14528620 (external link)
I have Kata 3n1-22 for my backpack and Think Tank Retrospective 10 for my shoulder bag. I can highly recommend both of them for your need. You may want to adjust the size up and down in their series to fit your exact need.

I am not big fan of Kata 3n series....big name cheap quality...seems like kata is outsourcing their bags now. I bought Kata 3n-1-33 but I am not happy with the pruchase as the quality of this bag is not up to the standards....I am in the market for another bag and will sell my Kata which is just sitting in my closet.



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Jun 06, 2012 10:29 |  #18

If you are tall I need to put a plug in for the Timbuk2 Snoop Backpack.

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Jun 06, 2012 17:49 |  #19

For a large bag the Lowe Pro 300 works pretty well

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Jun 07, 2012 10:55 as a reply to  @ TPhantom's post |  #20

Depending on budget I have an f-stop Tilopa backpack and it would easily hold what you want and more. I have the medium ICU to keep space for other stuff when I travel. It's a well-made, comfortable bag with plenty of straps etc for clipping additional things on.

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Jun 07, 2012 14:55 |  #21

Thinktank's Retrospective 7 may be a good option. I loaded mine with a 7D/28mm attached, 17-55is, 70-200 II, and Macbook Air 11 for the photos. It will also fit an iPad and/or a Bose QC15 headphone in the front pocket. With this setup it will be heavy but the strap is extremely comfortable when worn in the messenger bag style. If it weren't for wanting the option of having an iPad/Macbook Air slot, I would have settled on the Retro 5.

FYI, did a 3hr walk through downtown Sydney with a 5D and 24-105 w/hood attached. It rained off and on but I didn't feel the need to use the rain cover. I'm thinking of spraying Scotch Guard over the fabric to add some H2O resistance. Got one comment on the "cool looking" bag.

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Need bag recommendations
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