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Thread started 15 Jul 2012 (Sunday) 14:32
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Another 7D v 5Diii but with a different twist

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Location: Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK
Jul 15, 2012 14:32 |  #1

Please don’t be put off by the length of this post

2 things on my mind
First; if I take a picture with a 300mm lens on either a full frame or a crop the resulting image on the actual sensor will be the same size. This means that a full frame will have more space around the point of interest than the crop if its at the extreme of the zoom
So if I enlarge the point of interest to the same size – say fill an A4 sheet with a building 400m away the enlargement will be the same on both full frame and crop as the image was the same size on the sensor.
So take the case where the image size on the sensor measured 20mm – almost filling the crop viewfinder but just over half of the full frame available size - then I am going to have substantially more pixels on the point of interest with the crop than the full frame as the pixel density on the crop is much higher than the full frame. For example the 7D is 18Mp on 22.3x14.9 (around 54000 pixels per square mm) and on a 22Mp 5Diii at 36x24 (around 25500 pixels per square mm). I know the 5D pixels, being better spaced are of better quality than the 7D but are they twice as good

Second; the 7D has been out for a few years now and electronics etc have advanced a lot since its introduction. Will a 7D bought today have exactly the same circuitry etc as one manufactured a few years ago or do Canon introduce minor improvements during the life of the camera as most of industry do. For example have they slightly reduced the triple A filter strength due to criticism or is it the same as on the initial cameras

I’m trying to decide/justify looking at the 5Diii and I am having ‘issues’ convincing myself its worth the cost difference. I currently have a 50D

I would appreciate some feedback and either agreement with what I say or reasons why I’m wrong because it does seem to simple to be correct



My Gear: 5D mk iv, EF 24-105L, 70-300L, 100L IS Macro, 17-40L, 100-400L mkii

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Jul 15, 2012 15:30 |  #2

I own both cameras. IMHO the 7D is very sharp compared tothe 5DIII. The difference comes in when you enlarge to print. The 7D will begin to show more noise than the 5D III at larger print sizes.

As for question number two, there have been no hardware changes on the 7D since inception, but several software changes. The soon to be released software update will actually make the burst rate longer and add some additional functionality. A first for Canon.

Colin in Oklahoma
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Jul 15, 2012 16:07 |  #3

it really depends on what you shoot...

Looking at your signature, you'd have all of 1 lens that works on a 5D, the 70-300L, and thats it... The rest of your gear would have to be sold off or be used only with the 50D...

In your case a 7D and some more/better glass is a better option...

As for the AA filter thing... I have no issues with sharpness on my first-run 7D..

IMAGE LINK: …unetsukiphoto/7​340160514/  (external link)
Blue Blue Jay 1 (external link) by Kenjis9965 (external link), on Flickr

-note this is a heavy crop-

IMAGE LINK: …unetsukiphoto/7​577352528/  (external link)
Tiny Purple Flower (external link) by Kenjis9965 (external link), on Flickr

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Jul 16, 2012 09:37 |  #4

It all depends on your priorities, what you shoot and your plans for your shots.

Great cameras, both.

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Jul 16, 2012 10:18 |  #5

Here we go.............again.

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Another 7D v 5Diii but with a different twist
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