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Thread started 31 Aug 2012 (Friday) 18:18
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Canon Service, I'm impressed.

Stuart ­ Leslie
Senior Member
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Joined Sep 2008
Location: New York
Aug 31, 2012 18:18 |  #1

Have to give credit where it is due on this one. Always wondered what I would do without my equipment if something ever needed repair and must say I am very impressed with Canon Service now that I actually needed them.

Was on Safari in Africa and managed to drop my canon 300mm f/2.8 on the floor of the jeep while switching out bodies as a large lion was walking directly at me! Was pretty heart broken to realize that it had landed on the end that attaches to the camera and I found a couple little electrical contacts on the floor of the jeep, and the mounting ring dinged up pretty good. No more use of that lens, but had my 70-200 and managed a lot of nice shots.

Took the lens to the Jamesburg, NJ service center after I returned on Monday at noon since I happened to have a meeting in the area. While I was there, I decided to bring my 5D III to see if they could fix the "light leak" issue (never a problem for me, but since now it is an issue I knew I would have to fix it if I ever sold it). Also brought along my 5D classic that I bought used to check if the mirror fix had ever been done.

They told me to leave the 5D and 5DIII and they would ship both back to me with the lens. They couldn't tell if the 5D had been fixed but no worries, they would look and ship back free either way. Well, on Wednesday by lunch time I had my lens and both bodies in my hand! They delivered fedex both bodies to my office in NYC no charge, had fixed the 5DIII "issue" with a bunch of parts, replaced a couple parts and made the fix on the 5D, and replaced 5 parts on the 300 f/2.8 along with bringing all to original factory spec. Yes, the 300mm was way out of warranty so they charged me for that fix but I was really impressed to see how quickly they turned everything around.

Very nice to know I can count on Canon to keep me shooting!

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Senior Member
367 posts
Joined Dec 2010
Location: What exit?
Aug 31, 2012 19:21 |  #2

The way they handled the grip recall was very professional as well. I've seen posts bashing their service, but I thought they were excellent.

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Senior Member
350 posts
Joined Oct 2004
Location: Belpre, OH
Aug 31, 2012 20:58 as a reply to  @ kenshap's post |  #3

I personally think that Canon service is top notch. They've always been great when I've needed them. I love to hear stories like these, you always hear the bad ones, not too many share the good ones.
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Cream of the Crop
6,495 posts
Likes: 24
Joined Jun 2009
Location: Cleveland, OH
Aug 31, 2012 21:18 |  #4

Canon NJ has always done amazing service for me.

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Senior Member
787 posts
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Joined Nov 2010
Location: Independence, KY
Aug 31, 2012 21:33 |  #5

Always good service..

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Senior Member
417 posts
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Joined Apr 2011
Location: DFW Metro
Aug 31, 2012 22:17 |  #6

CPS has been awesome for me. I wish other service orgs did it that way.

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Canon Service, I'm impressed.
FORUMS Cameras, Lenses & Accessories Canon Digital Cameras 
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