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Thread started 20 Sep 2012 (Thursday) 17:07
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I started my quest today....

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Sep 20, 2012 17:07 |  #1

I want to start shooting concerts and performing arts either freelance / on assignment, etc. Whatever will get me credentials to use my gear and start putting the learned skills to use, etc. Recently I was able to get some shots at Preakness Infield of national artists, most notably Adam Levine, Little Big Town, Wiz Khalifa (I walked right past the gate with a full pack of gear and nobody said anything!) and I think they came out pretty well shooting with the Mark IV and 70-200L. So as I see it its the beginning of a portfolio because no way can I get those shots of national acts in any other venue without credentials due to gear restrictions. It's a catch-22 so those infield concerts were an opportunity as I saw it to build a portfolio.

So having read the many threads and FAQS I got off my arse, processed some images, and started writing e-mails to local magazines and papers with a few sample images (watermarked of course). OK, so I only sent one so far, but now that I sent one, I have a template. I am a lawyer in my day job, I am the founder and President of my firm of 7 lawyers, and I have no intention or desire to change my career. However I want to start shooting events and I want to be published for no other reason than I think it would be an awesome experience. I am not doing it for the money but don't worry I will not give my skills away either.

I was honest in my e-mail, introduced myself, was professional, and asked if there was mutual interest. My plan will be to keep sending these e-mails to all of the papers and magazines in my city and we shall see what happens.

I did feel somewhat intimidated sending that first e-mail but I figure there is absolutely NO harm in sending these out. Worst case is that its a waste of time. But, I am tired of thinking about it and today I did something about it.

If this develops into anything I will post updates here. Not that anyone cares of course except me. But its fun to document the experience with fellow POTNers.



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Sep 20, 2012 17:13 |  #2

I think that's a great way to start. I've gotten offers from a promoter whose a friend of mine to shoot clubs/events that he puts on and only pay me a small fee. Other than that I can't comment on whether what you did is the way to go but it can't hurt. The hardest part is always pressing the send button for the first time. Good Luck!

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Oct 01, 2012 16:29 as a reply to  @ unc818's post |  #3

Get a cool name and a website (photoshelter, zenfolio, etc...) with a custom URL (nothing says 'amateur' like a flicker page or smugmug website...). If you want to be treated as a professional you have to present as a professional. Refer back to your website as your online portfolio.

When you put up your online 'portfolio' put only your very BEST shots up there...

Don't get fixated on major venues and big name bands; find a local club or two and contact a few local bands that might appreciate a little photographer attention, and shoot them at the club - some of my best shots are taken in small clubs and I shot A LOT of little no-name bands in little clubs before I started getting access to the big shows...!

Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!!

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I started my quest today....
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Discussion Performing Arts 
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