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FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos RAW, Post Processing & Printing 
Thread started 07 Dec 2012 (Friday) 16:13
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5D II RAW colors

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Dec 07, 2012 16:13 |  #1


i have been using 5D and 5D II for a long time now and facing the same challenge for a long time.

i'm shooting RAW 90% of the time.

the issue is the color cast of the 5D II, which produce a reddish \ magenta kind of deep color cast over the images.

of course, the RAW files are right of the camera and requires further post processing, but,

when i compare the RAW files from the 5D II to those of the old 5D there lies the question.

the 5D RAW files are much less "reddish\magenta",

i find it almost impossible to get rid of that cast when it comes to skin tones, where with the D RAW files the job is much easier.

need advice.

and\or if anyone knows a good forum where i can post a "problematic" RAW file and get actual LR advice?

thank much


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Dec 07, 2012 16:20 |  #2

Why not posting a raw file here ???

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Dec 07, 2012 16:20 |  #3

When you are viewing them they are processed somehow, are you certain that everything is the same? When you open a raw file in a converter you are viewing a preview (often based on a interpretation of the picture style settings when taken) so there is a bias involved. So are your picture style settings in the camera the same?

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Dec 07, 2012 21:48 |  #4

1) What software are you using?

2) Post some examples showing us clerly what you're talking about

3) Post a Raw file to and we can look at it.

4) Go to your profile and turn on "IMAGE EDITING OK"!

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Dec 07, 2012 23:18 |  #5

It is possible to have a bad sensor in a camera, such that it produces an abnormal color cast. However, that is extremely rare and highly unlikey. I can only recall one story over many years where the user reported fixing a color problem by having the sensor replaced.

Cameras of the same make and model can produce slightly different colors under identical conditions. However, those differences are usually very slight and insignificant.

Cameras of different makes OR models usually produce different colors, and those differences can be significant. Different sensor technology can contribute to those differences, but again only slightly. The main differences comes in the camera profiles used to process the raw files.

In spite of Adobe's best effort, and regardless of their often repeated claims otherwise, the "canned" profiles they distribute for each camera make and model are not consistent. They are definitely not consistent across different makes (Canon vs Nikon), and they are not consistent across different models of the same make (Canon 5D vs. 7D, vs. 5D2).

And while the Adobe canned profiles are advertised as emulations of the in-camera jpeg shooting styles, they are usually quite different. The numerous forum posts asking how to process a raw file to look like the in-camera jpeg is the strong evidence of that.

Some recommendations for you:

First, using one of your raw shots, cycle through the various camera profiles in ACR. Do they all look "magenta" to you.

Second, shoot some RAW+jpeg, using the various in-camera jpeg styles. Do the jpegs look magenta to you? If they do, then you may have a serious sensor defect. If they don't, that proves the sensor is OK. The problem is in your raw conversion. Carefully review all the ACR settings, including camera profile, to make sure you aren't picking up some wierd default settings for the 5D2.

Third, search and download some 5D2 raw files from another source (dpreview has some in the camera reviews). Process them on your system. Do they have the magenta cast? If yes, that's more evidence of bad default settings for the 5D2 in your ACR config.

Cream of the Crop
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Dec 07, 2012 23:30 |  #6

Do you have a calibrated color management workflow established?
Have you used DNG Profile Editor to generate custom camera profiles for each camera?
Do you have Lightroom or whatever processor you are using apply the same develop presets to both camera raw files?
There are several trouble shooting options available but, like any trouble shooting process it is best used to find a deviation from a known process. So, first you have to establish, for your own understanding a common color managed workflow for both cameras that get the images to the same state.
The baseline testing is best accomplished using the same lens on both cameras shooting a test subject, that includes a color checker, in the same lighting conditions.

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Dec 08, 2012 03:56 as a reply to  @ dmward's post |  #7

In DPP its a simple matter to select a different "preset". I tend to use "Landscape" as I prefer the colour rendition before I start post processing. However why not try "Natural"? The differences are dramatic and you try each in turn.

If you are using non Canon RAW conversion software then all bets are off and its all down to how you post process. And as already mentioned, you do need a colour managed workflow because otherwise theres no guarantee that prints will look anything like what you see on screen.


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Dec 08, 2012 10:12 |  #8

I get the same thing.. Your friend is the camera calibration window at the very bottom (right-side bar) in LR's develop module. Play with the red priority sliders.

Choosing different camera profiles as well will help, and if you're adjusting exposure at all and skin tone starts to go out of whack, check out invariate and untwisted camera profiles. Though this all depends on what you have your in camera color profile set to. I use sRGB for everything, but you might have different needs. And, of course, unless your monitor is somewhat close to calibrated, all that's for naught.

Example.. slightly more desaturated than I would normally do, but just for example purposes.

5D2 SOOC (Adobe Standard - Process 2010 - sRGB)


5D2, SOOC, (Adobe Standard - Process 2010 - sRGB) - Red Primary at +12 Hue, -33 Saturation.


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Dec 08, 2012 10:25 as a reply to  @ BrandonSi's post |  #9

I remember a while back when i updated ACR, one of the updates was to correct a magenta hue phenomenon with 5Dii cameras.See that your RAW editors are up to date and see if DPP gives the same hue or not?Also i have cheap studio strobes that give off a strong magenta hue. Could be many things and you should give more details about the problem.

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5D II RAW colors
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