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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Bird Talk 
Thread started 31 Jan 2013 (Thursday) 19:39
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How do they video this???

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Jan 31, 2013 19:39 |  #1 …o?feature=playe​r_embedded (external link)

I haven't a clue how they video these. I remain in awe.

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Jan 31, 2013 19:51 |  #2

That's so effin cool! Great post!

Ron Snarski
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Jan 31, 2013 20:54 as a reply to  @ EightEleven's post |  #3

One thing, the Osprey that gets the flounder, that is a completely different flounder. They have compiled footage they took underwater and made it look more linear after putting it all together. They use more than one shooter too, I'm sure, from different vantage points, and MAGIC! heheh
Don't get me wrong, they work VERY hard to do what they do, they have sometimes months of sitting and waiting, and sporadic shooting, it's a really tough job.
The rest, that's stuff they take and keep in their file probably, they get really lucky too, but most of it's skill, these guys go through hell to get a few minutes of footage.
I saw something once on T.V. that showed the steps they go through, it was similar to this, but nowhere near as cool.

I have seen this one before (linked from here somewhere) and I thought it was in HD, maybe not.

Thanks for posting it again though, that is REALLY impressive stuff...


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Jan 31, 2013 21:04 |  #4

If you go to youtube and look up some of the NatGeo behind the scenes stuff you'd be amazed. building blinds and lugging superteles in the treetops. rigging remote cameras all over the place; and then shooting for months to get "the shot". (external link)"Vacuous images for the Vapid consumer"
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Feb 09, 2013 04:53 as a reply to  @ Scatterbrained's post |  #5

Very impressive!!

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Feb 09, 2013 05:19 |  #6

Amazingly beautiful footage. As with most nature photography, there's no trick to it but hard work, patience and incredible skill. The two things that stand out the most to me in this clip is the fantastic tracking and focus, and the underwater shot.
Winning shot is definitely near the end, shot head-on, when the one bird catches a fish that's clearly too heavy for him, and you see him struggling to keep it while the fish' tail is still slapping the water.
One claw comes loose and I was hoping so hard for him not to drop it.

Some of my lenses focus beyond infinity...!
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Feb 10, 2013 03:14 |  #7

I wouldn't be surprised if the underwater shot was taken in a netted in area near shore to keep the flounder from escaping out of the view of the camera. Even though flounder are bottom feeders, they still move around a lot with the tide.

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How do they video this???
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Bird Talk 
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