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Thread started 23 Feb 2013 (Saturday) 21:52
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Does anyone use a iPad or other tablet?

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Feb 26, 2013 00:54 |  #61

Africanphoto wrote in post #15652424 (external link)
Okay. I mainly want to use lightroom so I can just transfer from camera to tablet and the possibly to a hard drive. Can you use hard drives to connect? I'm sorry for all these questions I'm about as tech savy as a rock...


Yes, any Windows 8 tablet based off either an Intel Atom or Core processor is basically an ultrabook without a keyboard, so you can install all the same Windows software and connect to all the same hardware as any other Windows 8 laptop or desktop.

An Atom-based device will generally be thinner, lighter, get longer battery life, and will be less powerful. A Core-based device will be a little heavier, less battery life, but will be more powerful.

So you need to decide what's more important. If weight / battery life is a prime concern, go for an Atom based device (Like Lenovo Tablet 2, Asus VivoTab, Acer Aconia 510, etc). If you want power and battery life isn't as important, go for a Core based device (like Surface Pro).

Some devices, like the Asus VivoTab and Acer Aconia, have keyboard docking stations that have 2nd batteries in them. So you can use them as a tablet while on the go, and then dock them into the keyboard and you've basically got a laptop and they claim around 18 hours of battery life, since you've got 2 batteries.

Also note that some devices, like the Asus and Acer, are so thin that they don't have room for full sized USB ports so they have micro USB ports with a short dongle to convert to USB. Just something to think about since that's something else you need to travel with that could potentially get lost.

Personally I have the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 and I love it. It's both thinner and lighter than an iPad, yet it's a "real" computer. I get 9-10 hours of battery life, runs all Windows software like Lightroom, etc., has a USB port, has an HDMI port to connect to external monitors and hotel TV's when I travel, has a micro SDHC slot which I have a 64 GB card in, has a digitizer pen, and one of my favorite features, it charges via micro USB so I can charge it with the mobile phone chargers and cables that I already travel with so there's no extra cables to carry. And I can charge it with the phone charger in my car.

The ONLY Windows 8 devices that have software limitations are Windows RT devices. Windows RT devices are based off the ARM architecture, which is basically the same architecture that iPads and Android tablets use. Existing Windows software is not designed to run on ARM, so a Windows RT device will be limited to only using apps delivered via the Windows Store.

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Feb 26, 2013 01:18 |  #62

I watched a youtube vid of a guy who uses a wifi memcard ( you know the SD cards with WIfi in em?) in his cam and then loads direct to his ipad tablet. He then gets an instant preview in a large format when shooting. I bet you can find it over there if you search a bit with some key phrases like your title...

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Feb 26, 2013 17:36 |  #63

I use my Nexus 7 with an OTG cable (rooted, with stickmount). I can view and transfer as I see fit. I much prefer it to my old netbook.

If I was doing any photo work for a living, I would buy a Surface Pro.

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Feb 26, 2013 19:16 |  #64

I just (yesterday) got a Lenovo IdeaPad 2 to tether to my 60D. Light and thin, full windows 8 and came with LR4 preinstalled for well below retail. Light, thin and quick, looking forward to getting it up and running for tethered shooting.
MSRP is around $1500 in Canada or about half that if you order direct from Lenovo.

Oh, and if you're looking into Windows tablets, make sure it's full windows 8 and not RT. RT isn't compatible with ANYTHING.

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Does anyone use a iPad or other tablet?
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