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Thread started 04 Jun 2013 (Tuesday) 17:43
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6d + 7d or 5dmkiii

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Jun 05, 2013 07:17 |  #16

kcbrown wrote in post #16001473 (external link)
From what I've seen, the difference in images posted to the forum are almost entirely attributable to the differing capabilities of the photographers in question, rather than the camera body they're using. The one exception to that is when a photographer makes really good use of ultra-shallow depth of field. That's generally not something that can be replicated on a crop camera.

Beyond that, you have to see large versions of the shots to really see the image quality differences, or in the case of high-ISO shots, you have to either be examining images of the same scene taken by both cameras or examining batches of them (so as to get a "feel" for the differences).

Don't get me wrong, the image quality of full frame is better than what you'll get from a crop camera, but you have to look really closely to see that unless you're talking about depth of field differences (full frame wins there for wide angle and prime work).

It's funny. I've been shooting crop cameras for a long time (well, since the 30D came out, at any rate), and have a (hopefully) decent understanding of the physical mechanisms behind this stuff, and on that basis, I've been saying the above for quite some time. Then I started shooting full frame and you know what? I haven't changed my views. The one thing I will say about full frame is that it is impressive how easy it is to capture excellent sharpness and detail. With a crop camera, you have to have really good glass (but such glass nowadays is common, so this isn't the problem it used to be). With a full frame camera, well, you basically just need glass! :lol:

yup... my thoughts exactly :)

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Beachcomber ­ Joe
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Jun 05, 2013 08:34 as a reply to  @ MikeBurtonPhillipson's post |  #17

I shoot a variety of subject matter including a lot of birds in flight and landscapes. For the BIF and other wildlife I find my 7D ideal as it provides both increased reach and depth of field compared to a FF camera. With a long lens lack of DOF is generally an issue which will be exacerbated by a FF camera. Reach is another issue. If I crop a 5D Mk III image to match the 7D's field of view on a given focal length I wind up with a 10MP or so image.

For landscapes, portraits and events I use my 6D as my primary body. For these types of shoots the advanced AF of the 5D MkIII is gross overkill. IQ and noise are on a par with the 5D MkIII and the frame rate, DOF and reach advantages of the 7D are not needed. The 5D Mk III does offer much more robust construction but at the price of weight, size and initial investment.

The combination of my 7D and 6D gives me the best of both the crop and FF worlds while providing me with the back up body I require for the work I do. For me, the combination is a far better choice than either a single 5D Mk III or a 5D Mk III combined with an older XXD or Rebel body.

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Jun 05, 2013 11:11 |  #18

I think in terms of performance, the 5D3 is a combination of the 7D and the 6D. You get amazing AF system and full frame sensor, but with the 2 bodies you have a different system. 2 bodies serve different purposes and have a back up body if need be. You can carry 2 lenses armed ready to go, where as with 1 body you only have 1 lens.

I say, if you dont NEED a 2 body system, get the 5D3, but if you want the versatility of 2 bodies, as well as crop factor of the 7D, get the 2 bodies. You can't go wrong either way! Also, the 6D has built in WIFI and its a very useful feature!

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Cream of the Crop
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Jun 07, 2013 04:57 |  #19

Lucy Brown wrote in post #16000042 (external link)
Kicking this idea around. Just got a 7d and thinking about adding a full frame 6d or exchange the 7d for a 5dmkiii. While I must admit having 2 bodies would be cool I think I would wind up using one body much more than the other and for the same price I could have the 5dmkiii. Opinions welcome.

if you just got the 7d why not hold onto it for a while. Sure, full frame is nice but more expensive and probably have to upgrade the lens

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Jun 07, 2013 07:13 |  #20

The wife's refurbed 5DIII arrived and she is trilled. We can now sell her 5DII. That is better than trading it in at Canon USA for an extra 15% off the 5DIII.

The combo of 7D and 5DIII is the next best thing to 5DIII and 1DX. ;)

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6d + 7d or 5dmkiii
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