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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Urban Life & Travel Talk 
Thread started 29 Aug 2013 (Thursday) 15:16
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Straps and carrying methods

Mostly Lurking
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Joined Jan 2012
Location: South Africa,Boksburg
Aug 29, 2013 15:16 |  #1

I have seen a lot of people asking about different lenses and memory cards even safety in different countries, but after a recent trip to UK for 3 weeks came back with a real pain in the neck (literally). I did not realize how heavy my 60D with a 15-85 lens would become walking around day after day.
Could all the experts/pro's who carry their gear around everyday give us minions some good advice on which is the best most economical camera carrying system to get that will take the strain off the neck and put the weight on the shoulders

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Cream of the Crop
5,701 posts
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Joined May 2010
Location: Chicago
Aug 29, 2013 15:22 |  #2

I would say the best option for just a camera on a lens is a Grand rapids strap or cinch where the camera runs across your body and hangs at your side taking the weight off your neck

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a mere speck
6,843 posts
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Joined May 2011
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Aug 29, 2013 15:37 |  #3

I have a Luma Cinch 1 and my wife uses the Cinch 2. With my 60D and 70-300L combination, I've had 4 hour shoots with no discomfort. When using my 15-85, I've been out for 6 hours and it hasn't caused any pain.

Straps seem to be a personal thing, however. There are lots of good strap setups out there. I'm sure you'll hear about most of them in this thread. (external link)

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Senior Member
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Joined Jul 2005
Location: Houston (Friendswood), TX
Aug 29, 2013 17:51 |  #4

You should see this 2 page thread asking about everyone's favorite strap. Lots of interesting info. …/showthread.php​?t=1274122

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Joined Apr 2011
Location: Nanaimo, BC Canada
Aug 29, 2013 23:21 |  #5

I love the spider holster myself. The weight is on my hips.

...never exercised in my life
2,685 posts
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Joined Jan 2011
Location: Boston, MA
Sep 01, 2013 11:48 |  #6

No matter which strap you will end up with (both my wife and I have BlackRapid), it will make a huge difference over a regular neck strap. I travel a lot, and my neck and back used to hurt a lot after a few hours of walking in a city, to a point when I thought of giving up a DSLR for a P&S. Not anymore.

Looking for the light first
559 posts
Likes: 99
Joined Feb 2011
Sep 06, 2013 02:03 |  #7


Not an expert, but just one suggestion…
[I always try to be pro-active rather than reactive; after observing a few veteran professional photographers who have occupational neck, back or shoulder ills, from decades of improper ergonomics, bad habits carrying cameras, (or lugging gear including tripods, etc. that are more than 10-15% of their body weight)].

Perhaps consider a “shooting” bag (if you don’t already have one) for photo walk-a-bouts or touring trips, NOT a “storage/carrying” bag.
Of my bags(& a lot of bag & waist belt modular systems iterations) I prefer the Think Tank SPEED FREAK V2.0 bag for a true all day shooting bag, which enable you to rest your camera in the bag (with a nifty retractable waist belt which when combined with its shoulder strap nicely and comfortable distributes most of the photo gear weight to around your waist).

Think Tank SPEED FREAK v2.0 bag:​/watch?v=Hjgizafd9l4 (external link) (39 second product video)
http://www.bhphotovide​ …reak_V2_0_Black​_Gray.html (external link)
Think Tank CITY WALKER 10 or 20 bag (both City Walkers have one of the most comfortable shoulder straps of any bag I own):
http://www.bhphotovide​ …_Citywalker_10_​Black.html (external link)
http://www.bhphotovide​ …_Citywalker_20_​Black.html (external link)

Else, if its a two camera application (1DmkIII & 5DmkIII) then I utilize a COTTON CARRIER vest & holster:​/watch?v=53d0vcZ51FE (external link) (4:09 minute product video)
(product video filmed in my city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer)
http://www.bhphotovide​ …_Camera_Vest_fo​r_All.html (external link)

Good luck on finding a solution that suits YOU and your travels.



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Straps and carrying methods
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