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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
Thread started 19 Sep 2013 (Thursday) 16:04
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Football Focus Question - Please Help!

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Sep 19, 2013 16:04 |  #1


I shot my son's football game last weekend and had some issues maintaining focus. The attached images illustrate the trouble I had with shooting as the play came down the opposite sideline. I used the following equipment and settings:

Mark III 1D
300mm f2.8
Back Button Focus
Center AF point with inner 9 points
Tracking sensitivity slow

What can I do to avoid this in the future? How can I maintain focus throughout the sequence? I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, or comments to help ensure this doesn't happen again!

Thank you so much,

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Sep 19, 2013 16:11 |  #2

In both shots, to my eyes, it looks like it focused exactly where the center AF point was, ie: on the guy in blue in shot 1
On the fence in the back ground in shot 2.

At the risk of sounding obvious, to avoid this try to keep the AF point on the area you would like to see the focus.

this may also be a case for a faster tracking sensitivity.. but don't hold me to that one.

It will happen again, a lot. The idea is to get better and try to reduce the percentages of tossers.

Practice and try to improve your keeper rate.

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Sep 20, 2013 01:45 |  #3

First change CFn so that it will focus with single AF point without surrounding points (doesn't need to be center one, since you get crappy composition, and all 45 af points of 1d are more then capable of tracking things WHOLE LOT faster then kid running ;) ). You use surrounding points when there's single object with sort of clear background, where you don't give chance to camera to focus to something else accidentally. When there's 2 or more players, and cluttered background camera can decide to start tracking something else what has more contrast and is in range of one of assistant points. For soccer, basketball, handball and even cycling, I always switch camera to use single af point without assisting points. For things like alpine skiing, I normally use surrounding points as assist points.

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Cream of the Crop
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Sep 20, 2013 07:34 |  #4

ggod tip primo
I would like to use the center points for focus on my 1d2 to see if it works better
and if thats possible
but Im to dumb to figure it out
monopod helps IMHO
Im more of a sniper Im not a drive by shooter

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Sep 22, 2013 09:03 |  #5

Track your subject as it moves. I leave tracking sensitivity normal in most cases. The camera tracks as well in all cases but this setting determines how fast the camera switches to something else, like the player in front or the fence in back.

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Sep 23, 2013 19:07 |  #6

Try using AF tracking, it tracks your subject and you won't have to move your camera as much as using a single focus point.

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Football Focus Question - Please Help!
FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk 
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