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Thread started 30 Apr 2014 (Wednesday) 17:06
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6D or 5Diii

Cream of the Crop
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May 01, 2014 12:11 |  #31

Personally I'd sell the 24-105L and buy an X-T1 kit based on your needs. Otherwise, the 6D should serve you just fine.

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May 01, 2014 12:36 |  #32

rantercsr wrote in post #16874054 (external link)
i'm in the same boat...
buying refurbished $1600 vs $2800..
i'm afraid of buying the 6d and then walking around wondering if i should have just gone all the way..
but still $1200 difference is an additional new lens.. or nice used L lens

With their current refurb sale i got the 6D for $1397 shipped after tax. so deduct 200 from that 1600 for a new lens OR go get a refurb kit from BH/Adorama for $2100

Dave Jenkins wrote in post #16874612 (external link)
There's a troll under every bridge.

How is that a troll? Don't let the Canon fanboy-ism mentality tell you that Canon can't be outdone. Read some blogs/test about 6D vs D600/D800 and it comes down to personal preference.

gjl711 wrote in post #16874854 (external link)
No trolling, but if starting from scratch, why not look at the whole field. But as it turned out, the OP is not starting from scratch so the point is moot.

+1 especially considering they offer better sizes/weight tradeoffs

Like Pentax, Olympus and Sony. It's crazy seeing how competitive the other companies are becoming and TBH I was hesitant on making my next DSLR purchase this last week because I felt that other companies had just as good of offerings hitting the table.

Fuji almost took me with the X100s and calling it a day but I decided I wanted more flexibility (I like shooting w/ primes, I like the challenge) and then I saw they had the XPro1 sitting there with a **** eating grin... But I just decided to stick with Canon for it's used lens availability (Like POTN/FM)

I honestly see no reason or need to jump from Canon -> Nikon or Nikon -> Canon when you're not doing it professionally.

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Listen! .... do you smell something?
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May 01, 2014 12:57 |  #33

Dave Jenkins wrote in post #16874612 (external link)
There's a troll under every bridge.

gjl711 is no troll. He had a valid point.


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May 01, 2014 13:16 |  #34

What are the other two lenses you have? Maybe between the replacement 24-105 and your other two, there may be no need for another lens...this might invalidate the 6D + Lens suggestion.

I was recently considering the same choice. Like you, I'm mostly just an amateur and when I shoot for fun, it's landscapes and upland bird hunting/hunting dog action. Although landscapes are (still) my passion, I'm finding that I spend more time shooting my family (2 kids under 3) many times more often than anything else these days.

If I were back in the good 'ol days when it was no big thing to leave for a weekend on a whim, be out at sunrise or not home until well after dark on a regular basis, I may have chosen the 6D for it's smaller size and cleaner low ISO/shadow recovery. I'm also curious about it's ultra-sensitive center AF point.

However, that's not the case anymore...I have a few more responsibilities with work and kids these days. Since I'm spending so much time with my family and the kids are my main subjects, I would always question the capability of my AF system if I didnt go with the 5DIII. It doesnt matter if that's a valid concern or not, the 6D may be entirely capable...but I'd always wonder. For a one-time expense of an additonal 1k when I don't upgrade bodies often, that is a price I was willing to pay for my peace of mind.

I won't urge you one way or another, just offer you my experience. Good luck!

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Lone ­ Rider
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May 01, 2014 14:20 |  #35


Canon 5D3 24-70L 70-300 DO IS 18-55 Sigma 10-20 430EXII BACKUP: 550D

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May 01, 2014 14:49 |  #36

I have both Nikon and Canon systems, but the Pentax k-3 is a nice backpacking camera. It's a crop sensor, but small/packable, and has robust weather sealing (arguably the best of the main stream dslr's). I'm involved with the outdoors quite heavily, and the majority of my hiking/climbing buddies that are into photography shoot with the older k5 or k7. Their results are quite remarkable as well. Could just be a coincidence or peer influence.They also bring their cameras out in weather I wouldn't consider doing, and have not had a failure yet.

Just thought I would throw that in the mix!

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May 01, 2014 14:52 |  #37

OP, I think what you said was exactly what you need to do. If money is not an issue, go hold each camera, get a feel for them, and study the controls of each. Buy the one that fits you best. There are differences between the 2 cameras but for your uses the differences may not matter. What does matter is how the camera feels in your hands and how the controls work for you. After checking them both out, if you still are undecided I would say buy the 6D. I have never held a 6D so I can't really make comparisons but everything I have read says it is a great camera.


"I wish to be spared"
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May 01, 2014 16:09 |  #38

I chose the 6D and I bought a nice fast prime with the saving. I had a T4i (650D) before buy my 6D and I have no complains about the autofocus. I have tested and MFA my lens to my body.
Any issues I have with AF at wide open are my own fault. (user error)
It seems the responders are split right down the middle.
If you have used a 7D then you expect that 19+ point AF, If you come from the XxxD or XxD line, then the 6D is not lacking in any way and it will save you $1,000
The only question is, if you got the same 60D as a replacement, would you be unhappy compared to the 5D III's AF system?
If that was a limitation in you 60D, then you may have the same limitation in the 6D
Best of luck on your choice.

James Patrus
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6D or 5Diii
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