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FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos Presentation & Building Galleries 
Thread started 25 Dec 2014 (Thursday) 01:12
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Need a WordPress theme like this 500px photog's site

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Dec 25, 2014 01:12 |  #1

Happy Holidays all!

I'm on a quest to create my own photography website in the new year for the purposes of:
1) Showcase my galleries in an elegant and professional manner.
2) If a visitor sees a photo they like (for example a landscape) when they browse my galleries, they have the option of buying a digital file or print of that photo. In other words, my site needs to have eCommerce functionality.

I've looked at many photographer's websites in my research. The vast majority are portfolio-type sites that are simply showcases, but no eCommerce function.
Finally I ran into this site which does exactly what I'm envisioning:
http://lisabettany.500​ (external link)

Design-wise, I like everything about it:
- Transitioning background images
- Easy to navigate
- Nice orderly thumbnail display
- Elegant transition to bigger files when clicking on thumbnails, and navigating between images
- Elegant un-obnoxious "Buy Canvas" and "Buy Download" links at the bottom of certain photographs.

That last point is probably my favorite. I've seen some sites where each photo thumbnail is accompanied with a "Buy now" button. This just seems tacky to me. In this site, the buy links are only visible when the visitor viewing bigger photos (not in the thumbnails page) in a gallery. And in fact the buy options are only there for certain photos, not all. It emphasizes the elegant presentation of photos first, and selling second. This is exactly what I'd like to go for.

So now I'm at the stage of selecting a WordPress theme that best suits the above goals (and best approximates the example above), and so far it's more difficult than I anticipated. That photog (lisabettany) probably paid for the premium 500px account with the personalized portfolio features. I already have my own domain and hosting, so it's not an option for me to get a 500px account. (For similar reasons, I've ruled out sites like zenfolio, smugmug, etc)

There are many WP photography themes suitable for portfolio presentation, but few options exist for a theme with built-in eCommerce that works well with photos.

I've researched the WooCommerce plugin which is supposed to enable the selling of anything and is compatible with any WP theme, but it is not photography-focused, and is clunky when implemented. Basically, it requires creating a separate "Store" page on top my existing galleries, and I need to individually create products (1 product for each photo). It is not integrated at all with existing galleries (like in the 500px example).

Finally I come across Photocrati, which is photography focused AND has built-in eCommerce features with photographers in mind. It ticks off many of the features that I liked about the 500px site example:
- Transitioning background images
- Simple site navigation
- Thumbnail page design
- Navigation of images
- Has built-in cart features, BUT....

Unfortunately, its eCommerce function also require the making of a separate stores page, with ostentatious "add to cart" buttons under every thumbnail of the store page. This is apparent in every demo in the site.

I might not have much luck with this question, but does any one have any WP theme suggestions that does match the design of If not, I think I might have to settle for Photocrati and work within its limitations.

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Dan ­ Marchant
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Dec 25, 2014 11:18 |  #2

Unfortunately there are limits to most themes as well as restrictions on what is available on the all in one image sharing/ecommerce sites. Ultimately you could get someone to create a wordpress theme that does exactly what you want but that will probably be more expensive than using something like Photocrati.

Like you I would like a more seamless way of informing people that prints are for sale while they brows my gallery. Sadly I haven't found it yet and am using Photocrati but with the Ecwid ecommerce system. I was able to integrate it into my site and get it to match my theme but it is still separate. (Currently isn't publicly accessible as I am testing it).

Dan Marchant
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Dec 29, 2014 14:23 |  #3

It's difficult to find that perfect all-in-one solution (especially if you're insistent on using wordpress, which is just a square-peg in a round-hole for portfolios, as far as I'm concerned). I personally went down that route for a quite some time and gave up.

I compromised and settled with one specific 'Prints' gallery that is enabled for e-commerce. I've since had people request other photos to purchase, and I just copied them over to that gallery for them.

I hope you can find a perfect solution, but IMO it's a long road of frustration with nothing but compromise at the end of it.

If you're interested in something like I did I can certainly provide more details (site is in my signature).

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Jan 04, 2015 10:29 |  #4

If you have a specific list of features that you must have oftentimes you need to get a custom made solution. Lets compare buying a house to getting a Wordpress website. With a house you have a lot of different options with the design and layout. This is the same with a lot of different themes offered in Wordpress. You have to look thru a lot of different options until you settle on something that you picture your website would look like. From that you can customize your new house by repainting it to different colors (changes colors of your website), rearrange furniture (move things around on the website), build new rooms (add design / layout features previously not available in the theme), etc. Wordpress also has thousands of plugins which add a variety of new features to your websites. Contact form plugin would allow you to receive emails sent by your customers. There is a FREE version with limited features (ie. USPS) and than there are PAID versions (ie. UPS & Fedex). There are also FREE & PAID versions of gallery & ecommerce plugins but they may or may not have the exact features that you need. You will either have to accept the features or make customizations / modifications until you are satisfied.

Wordpress is a great foundation to build your website on and Photocrati is a good PAID theme to start with. One major flaw in my opinion is the fact that Gallery & Ecommerce are not integrated. There is no existing Ecommerce Wordpress solution for my current needs and the only solution would be to do a custom plugin. Sounds like a new web project for 2015 ;)

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Jan 04, 2015 13:36 |  #5

Might have a look at theme forest: …&utf8=%E2%9C%93​&view=list (external link)

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Post edited over 6 years ago by Road2Show.
Feb 02, 2015 11:53 |  #6

There are some themes out there to get started with. A couple of them come to mind with your requests.

Graph Paper Press has a pretty solid foundation with photographers. They also partner with PhotoShelter for some direct integration. I'd probably point you towards the theme Lookbook. There are integrated commerce options, ability to customize a look and feel and might ticks several boxes for you. The "buy images" link in the demo seems to look a lot like the 500px link you shared: http://graphpaperpress​.com?ref=175103 (external link) (full disclosure, I am a customer and this is a specific referral link. Feel free to just hit their website directly)

Another one I like but have not done much with is from My Theme Shop. I think there are some limitations, but they might be able to be overcome. The specific theme I was looking at is Portfolio. Not sure about the commerce options. http://demo.mythemesho​​io (external link)

Hope this helps a bit. BTW, these are both paid options

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Feb 04, 2015 10:38 |  #7

Example of Potn members site:http://www.emilkarapho​ (external link)

The thehe: …e-wordpress-theme/9545812 (external link)

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Need a WordPress theme like this 500px photog's site
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos Presentation & Building Galleries 
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