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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Vs. Camera 
Thread started 09 Mar 2015 (Monday) 17:00
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If you have Full Frame, did you still keep your Crop Body?

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Post edited over 5 years ago by Roxie2401.
Mar 09, 2015 17:00 |  #1

My first digital camera was the Canon 40D with the kit 17-85 and I took all types of photos - landscape, motor sports, etc.

But then I saved the money and got the Canon 5D MK III (and sold the 40D and the EF-S lenses). I admit I have been missing that extra "reach" of the crop body (and seeing the capabilities of the 7D MK II), it has me thinking and wondering what others have done.

Did you keep a crop body and why? If all you have is Full Frame, would you consider adding a crop? Does it make sense to have both bodies in your "kit" - as a backup or other types of photography?

Be really interested in what others may have done when the "Full Frame" bug bit. :-)

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Mar 09, 2015 17:53 |  #2

When I moved to FF it was the 5D3 (well, in digital photography anyway). I kept my 7D because it was still a great wildlife body. I sold it because I was shooting wildlife less. Now that I'm shooting wildlife again I have added a 7D2. Both formats have their place.

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K ­ Soze
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Mar 09, 2015 18:15 |  #3

I sold my T2 for my 5DMKiii never looked back..... Then, as a second body, I bought a 7DMKii for sports and wildlife. Now I chose the right tool for the right job. Two bodies that together cover almost all, and a little more in some ways, a 1Dx can do. Love the combo I have now. I justified the 7DMKi to myself as much cheeper than a lens that got me that many pixels on a target. The 1.6 decrease n the angel of view makes my 200 to 400 zoom really reach out there.

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Mar 09, 2015 18:31 |  #4

After owning the Rebel 500 and hanging out on this forum for a couple of years, I HAD to get a full frame camera. When I bought my 5Dii a few years ago, I sold the T1i and EF-s lens. It wasn't long before I realized the extra weight of my new set-up and I debated for over a year about selling and going lighter. And I went through a few small cameras, looking for a quality P&S and ending up with the EOS M.

A year ago, I did sell the 5Dii and almost returned to crop (70D); but at the last minute, a killer deal sold me on the 6D and 24mm-105mm. And I am very happy that I went with the 6D, it is an outstanding camera. Yet I was still longing for a smaller, quick camera. I gave up using the EOS M, as I didn't like shooting with the LCD screen at all, finding it almost impossible in the bright sun. Recently I sold it and purchased the SL1.

I feel like I have come "full circle", gotten over the gear envy syndrome and no longer feel an urge to upgrade. I am very happy with the SL1, the capabilities, the size, just everything about it. But I am keeping the 6D for the "good stuff". I think both will find a happy home with me.

This weekend I am taking out the 6D with the 100-400mm and the SL1 with the 55-250 STM and see how they hold up against each other in my birding, wildlife shooting. :-D

So in answer to your question, I have full frame yet returned to crop body as well.

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Cream of the Crop
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Mar 09, 2015 18:39 |  #5

When I upgraded from a 50D to a 5DII I initially wanted to sell the 50D body. I had no EF-S lenses anymore so did not need it. On second thoughts I kept the 50D as a back up camera. After I started shooting more birds and wild life I also started using the 50D again. But although theoretically it gives me more reach with the longer lenses I got (recently bought a 150-600 Sigma sport), in practice it does not give me much more. The 50D is only 15Mp and the 5DIII 22Mp so in the end, after cropping you end up with more or less the same pixel density . Also the low light capabilities of the older 50D are a lot poorer than the 5DIII.
This of course is different when you use one of the newer crop sensor models like the 7D and 7DII. Both higher pixel density and better low light capabilities.
That is why I am thinking of selling the 50D and getting a 7D or 7DII (used) for back up.

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Mar 09, 2015 18:43 |  #6

I wasn't planning on selling it but ended up swapping it (back to Canon) for a 135L. My crop is now a Fuji that I use when I get to enjoy taking time on a shoot.

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Mar 09, 2015 18:57 |  #7

Since switching formats my 7d has been a paperweight.

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Mar 10, 2015 05:31 |  #8

When I got my first digital FF body, it was a 5D and my 1.6X body was the 30D. I preferred the 5D images so much over the 30D, and their feature sets were so similar otherwise, that I sold the 30D within a couple months.

But this doesn't apply to all such situations. Today I have a 5D Mark III, but when I got it (to replace that original 5D) I was mostly shooting a 1D Mark IV, and I have kept the 1D Mark IV. It isn't so much for the reach, but because the 1D4 images are about the same quality and I sometimes use the features (10 fps, weathersealed) of the 1D.

Last note, your 40D has only the barest of reach advantages over the 5D Mark III. If you shoot with the 5D3 and crop all the way down to the reach of the 40D, you still have 8 MP which will not look much different from the 10 MP of the 40D. I wouldn't keep a 40D for 'reach' as it doesn't offer much.

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Mar 10, 2015 06:33 |  #9

I always had between 2 or 4 cameras until i saw how less they got used.

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Mar 10, 2015 06:56 as a reply to  @ davidfarina's post |  #10

You realize you have three cameras in your sig line, right?  :p

I have both just because I need a back up if something goes wrong on a shoot. The XSi/450D is a nice little camera that is easy to take along most places, I just need to buy the pancake lenses.

Also just bought a S100 that came in yesterday. That's my first PS since a Nikon 990 circa 2000.

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Mar 10, 2015 08:33 |  #11

I've been shooting with 5D cameras since the first one--upgrading from 10D and 20D. But I've just recently picked up two 70D bodies to move more into video.

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Mar 10, 2015 09:03 |  #12

I just recently upgraded from the 40D to the 5D Mark III. I debated on what to do with the 40D and ended up handing it over to my 10yo daughter. I haven't even had the urge/need to pick up the 40D since upgrading. I take a lot of pictures (family/sports (indoor & outdoor) and my main reason for wanting the 5D Mark III was that I can do all I personally need to do with just one camera.

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Cream of the Crop
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Mar 10, 2015 09:38 |  #13

My first FF was a 6D. I kept my 7D and gave my T1i to my nephew. Then I bought a 5D MkIII. A few months ago I bought an SL1 because it was a good deal and I wanted something lightweight. So now I have 2 FF and 2 crops. But I haven't touched my 7D in about a year and will probably sell it soon. I alternate frequently between the 6D and 5D MkIII depending on conditions. The 6D is still my go-to body for low light. The 5D MkIII is my birding camera. The SL1 is my low profile, lightweight rig.

Mark J.

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Mar 10, 2015 10:05 |  #14

I upgraded from a 350D to a 6D and soon after I sold the 350D. Then I came across a hard-to-refuse-priced 700D and bought that – for various reasons. The 6D and 700D is a good combination and having the 2 bodies is quite useful. The 700D is great as a lightweight setup with STM lenses for video but I wish I had something a little bigger than the 700D and something a little more refined such as a 70D but I am really tempted with the 7D Mkii!

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Steve ­ Ruddy
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Mar 10, 2015 10:53 |  #15

I have full and crop sensors. I like the combo when shooting events. I fit the full with my 24-105 and the crop with a 70-200.

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If you have Full Frame, did you still keep your Crop Body?
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