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Thread started 03 Mar 2017 (Friday) 17:37
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Canon 6D shutter RIP @ Carnaval after 2 years & 20 days :-( Anyone let his shutter repair allready?

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Post edited over 4 years ago by CanonYouCan.
Mar 03, 2017 17:37 |  #1

My waranty of 2 years was just over, and 20 days later bingo... just like that Canon measured it perfectly not having to give waranty :(
Since 2 years I use it for HDR photography (3 pics at once), I didn't check the shuttercount.

At carnaval I took a serie of pics fast (I always select the multiple pic option) and suddenly I saw a black line in my sensor, it was one of the shutterblades that got loose :(
I sent it in for repair, it would cost me around €270 + €35 for a "luxurous sensor cleaning".

The guy from the repairstore called me allready 3 hours after he received my 6D by post and he said he thinks there are some scratches on the sensor.
He will take pictures and email them to me, then I can decide to pay for the repair, or if it isn't worth anymore I can leave it there and then I don't need to pay for the repair and they use it for spare parts.
Strange that they use secondhand parts for other repairs.
Also it's difficult to know if they send the pictures of my cam, they can as well send them from another cam...

Anyone else had to repair his shutter also and how was the state afterwards, any visible scratches on your sensor and disturbing ?
He said if there would be scratches it would be most noticable at higher apertures.

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Mar 03, 2017 17:59 |  #2

I have not had a shutter repaired myself. It is a fact that sometimes when the shutter fails the sensor can be scratched (not really the sensor, the filter above the sensor). I don't think it's strange to use second hand parts for repairs. I think it's very common.
It's true you can't be sure the repairer is honest so if you want to be sure, pay for the body to be sent back to you. I'd take the option of trusting them.

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Mar 03, 2017 18:07 |  #3

you'll have to wait and see. I have a totally scuffed up sensor cover on one of cameras, and if I didnt tell you, you'de never find out. F22 shot in the sky, and cant find it, but using a loup, it's all over. For some reason, the scuffs dont show up, but sensor dust spot will immediately.

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Post edited over 4 years ago by ejenner.
Mar 07, 2017 22:47 |  #4

Yea, looking at your lenses, if you don't go narrower than f8, you won't see small scratches. However, although I haven't heard this happening, I could imagine the shutter scratching up the 'sensor' pretty badly if it actually came loose.

I would ask for photos of the sky at f11 unless you regularly shoot narrower. If you can't see them at f11, then on the occasion you go to f16 or even f22 you might just have a bit of touch-up to do in sky or blank areas.

Also, just like with cars here, very usually to use used/refurbished parts to save money. You have a dead camera because of a circuit board failure - use the other parts that are just fine. Not like a sensor cover is going to get worn out.

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Mar 08, 2017 00:14 |  #5

Go get the camera and send it to Canon.

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Mar 08, 2017 02:40 |  #6

Given the sensor assembly should take around 10 minutes or less to remove and check for damage, I'd be very wary that the "repairstore" hasn't done a proper job.

Are they claiming to have already replaced the shutter? if not then I'd be asking them to send it back to you and charge only minimal labour for inspecting the camera.
If they have replaced the shutter, I'd be asking for a photo or two of the broken one, just to see their response...

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Canon 6D shutter RIP @ Carnaval after 2 years & 20 days :-( Anyone let his shutter repair allready?
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