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FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
Thread started 24 Jul 2017 (Monday) 22:36
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TOGGLE RATINGS BETWEEN ALL AND mfturner (showing now: mfturner)
Overall Rating8
Overall Image Quality9
Value for Money7
Must Have7
Suitability to Intended Use9
Got What I Expected9
AF Performance7
Handling and Ergonomics8
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List all reviews of Canon PowerShot G5 X

Canon PowerShot G5 X, reviewed by mfturner

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Location: Longmont, CO
Jul 24, 2017 22:36 |  #1

I didn't see a review for this camera, so here are my two cents. We bought the camera for my wife last year, and she's been pretty happy with it aside from some frustration with getting it to fill flash like my 60D. It is much better in every way than any cell phone we've tried (including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG and Motorola phones of various sorts) except for one way, that one way being if you don't have the camera with you you probably do still have a cell phone, so it is worth learning to use the best you can, but I digress.

Compared to my 60D, it is:

lighter/smaller/much more portable, a second battery would take no space
similarly has raw, and better pixel density in good light
similarly good IQ with similar kit or mid-range zoom lenses in the 24mm-100mm FF equiv focal length range
similarly very good auto exposure modes
similarly very good AF in good light, but only mediocre to poor in dim light where the 60D wins
similarly useful flippy back screen, allowing overhead/groundlevel/s​elfie viewing modes etc
Good control in Av/Tv/M modes with a C programmable custom mode that became my default mode
Good front wheel for the right index finger for Av mode aperture control

well lit EVF, hard to control diopter adjustment, works OK for what it is, some noticable lag, better in our opinion than the Sony RX 100 iv's that we compared it to, better located, not flimsy feeling, easier to see through, easier to use with both eyes, similar lag. This is what sold us on the G5 X over the G9 X or other competitors under $1K (new) at the time.

noticable shutter lag, not terrible but it has to think about it, anything moving will not be well timed
worse AWB in fill flash modes (FEC set to -1 2/3 gets flash WB, very yellow in mixed faux tungsten lighting, but solved by raw)
weaker built-in flash, with worse control for fill flash unless you are in Av/Tv/M modes using negative FEC but may be user error
Clunky zoom adjustments with either the lens wheel or the index finger switch
Clunky touchscreen that changes things when I'm looking through the EVF, so I had to keep it flipped around most of the time
Terrible lens cover that I'm afraid I'll break just by looking at it.
Terrible battery life, solvable by throwing money at a handful of batteries.

More than a day away from power, the 60D wins without a handful of batteries.
For anything that is a long way away, or needs a unique FOV, the 60D wins with interchangable lenses.
For anything moving faster than a slow walk, the 60D wins hands down with OVF and phase detection AF.
Off camera flash, or an external flash bigger than the EX 270, the 60D wins with a more robust body to hold the gear and built in master.
In any kind of abusive environment, sand, moisture, vibration, the 60D wins without the terrible lens cover and constantly moving zoom.
Low light, nighttime, the 60D wins with better focus control including MF

But for great portability within its limits, it is a good little camera with a lot of capability, approaching APS-C IQ with kit lenses or a little better, on relatively non-moving subjects, if you have time to set it up and learn its menus. We need to buy some more batteries...

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Canon PowerShot G5 X, reviewed by mfturner
FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
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